2 Illumined by the light divine,
Let thy own light to others shine;
Reflect all heaven's propitious rays,
In ardent love and cheerful praise.

3 Lord, I my vows to Thee renew;
Scatter my sins like morning dew;
Guard my first springs of thought and will,
And with Thyself my spirit fill.

4 Direct, control, suggest this day,
All I design, or do, or say;

That all my powers, with all their might,

In Thy sole glory may unite.




[L. M.]



1 FORGIVE thy foes;

nor that alone;

Their evil deeds with good repay,
Fill those with joy who leave thee none,
And kiss the hand upraised to slay.

2 So does the fragrant sandal bow,

In meek forgiveness to its doom;
And o'er the axe, at every blow,
Sheds in abundance rich perfume.


* Translated from the Persian.


[S. M.]

God's Compassion.

TUNE" Boylston."

Vide Nason's "Vocal Class Book," p. 158.

1 THE pity of the Lord

To those that fear His name,
Is such as tender parents feel;
He knows our feeble frame.

2 He knows we are but dust,

Scattered by every breath;
His anger, like a rising wind,
Can send us swift to death.

3 Our days are as the grass,
Or like the morning flower,

When blasting winds sweep o'er the field,
It withers in an hour.

4 But Thy compassions, Lord,
To endless years endure;

And children's children ever find

Thy words of promise sure.



[C. M.]

Our Guiding Star.

TUNE-" Andover." "Byrd."

1 BRIGHT was the guiding star that led,

With mild, benignant ray,

The Gentiles to the lowly bed
Where the Redeemer lay.

2 But lo! a brighter, clearer light

Now points to his abode;

It shines through sin and sorrow's night,
To guide us to our Lord.

3 O haste to follow where it leads;
The gracious call obey;

Be rugged wilds or flowery meads,
The Christian's destined way.

4 O gladly tread the narrow path,
While light and grace are given;
Who meekly follow Christ on earth,
Shall reign with him in heaven.



[7s & 6s.]

Hymn at Sunset.

TUNE-" Romaine."

1 THE mellow eve is gliding
Serenely down the west;

So every care subsiding,
My soul would sink to rest.

2 The woodland hum is ringing
The day-light's gentle close;
May angels, round me singing,
Thus hymn my last repose.

3 The evening star has lighted
Her crystal lamp on high;
So, when in death benighted,
May hope illume the sky.

4 In golden splendor dawning,
To-morrow's light shall break;

O! on the last bright morning,

May I in glory wake.




The Lark.

[88 & 7s.] TUNE-" See Juv. S. School." p. 122.

1 Lo! the blithesome lark is soaring,
Far away through morning skies;
Songs of grateful gladness pouring,
Higher, higher, see him rise.

2 Every mountain altar blazes;

Incense sweet to heaven ascends;
Meadows waft their silent praises;
Every flower adoring bends.

3 Man! awake from heavy slumbers,
Morning breaks serenely bright;
Songs of praise in tuneful numbers,
Raise to HIM who rules the night.

[L. M.]




1 THERE is a mild and tranquil light Which sheds its gentle influence round, Ere day recedes and solemn night

In silent stillness reigns profound.

2 In darkness mingling with the ray
Which lingers still on evening's breast,
That gives this tinge of sober gray,
And lulls the balmy air to rest.

3 Just such a light, so sweet, so clear,
Sheds its soft influence on the mind,
When Heaven in pity pours the balm
Of holy hope on hearts resigned.


[C. M.]

Habitual Devotion.

TUNE-" Brattle Street."

1 WHILE Thee I seek, protecting Power! Be my vain wishes stilled;

And may this consecrated hour

With better hopes be filled.

2 Thy love the power of thought bestowed
To Thee my thoughts would soar;
Thy mercy o'er my life has flowed
That mercy I adore.

3 In each event of life, how clear
Thy ruling hand I see!

Each blessing to my soul most dear
Because conferred by Thee.

4 In every joy that crowns my days,
In every pain I bear,

My heart shall find delight in praise,
Or seek relief in


5 When gladness wings my favored hour,
Thy love my thoughts shall fill;
Resigned, when storms of sorrow lower,
My soul shall meet Thy will.

6 My lifted eye without a tear, The gathering storm shall see;

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