Our hearts in love around thee cling,
Exulting in the joys you bring.


3 From icy caves and regions drear,
From crystal grottoes, cold and clear,
I've gathered many a radiant gem,
To glitter on this diadem.


4 Through many a clear and happy day,
O'er earth and sea shalt thou bear sway;
And we our voices glad will raise
To swell the chorus of thy praise.

[blocks in formation]

AIR-See Baker's "School Music Book," p. 134.

1 Summer is breathing

Sweets on the gale;

Roses are blooming

Fresh in our vale;

The sunbeams are playing

O'er the blue sea;

Bright as the glances


eye gave me.

[blocks in formation]

Sing of the happy and free;
Where, while the ray is declining,
While its last roses are shining,
Sweet shall our melodies be
Under the broad Linden tree.

2 Come where the zephyrs are straying,
Where mid the flower-buds playing,
Rambles the blithe summer bee.
Let the lone churl in his sorrow,
He who despairs of the morrow,
Far to his solitude flee,
Under the dark cypress tree.


"List, 'tis Music Stealing."

TUNE-See "Vocal Class Book," p. 84

1 List, 'tis music stealing

Over the rippling sea;

Bright yon moon is beaming

Över each tower and tree.

The waves seem listening to the sound,
As silently they flow,
O'er coral groves and fairy ground,
And sparkling caves below.

2 Music sounds the sweetest,
When on the moonlit sea;
We sail our bark the fleetest,
To a sweet melody.

Then as we're gently sailing,

We'll sing that plaintive strain,
Which memory makes endearing,
And home recalls again.

List to the convent bells.

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