Carlyle's Works, Volumes 15-16

Internat. Book Company, 1869

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Pagina 423 - Judge forthwith put on his cocked hat (which answers to the black cap in England), and pronounced the sentence of the law in the usual terms — " To be hanged by the neck until you be dead ; and may the Lord have mercy upon your unhappy soul...
Pagina 400 - Cobbett also, as the pattern John Bull of his century, strong as the rhinoceros, and with singular humanities and genialities shining through his thick skin, is a most brave phenomenon.
Pagina 436 - We might say in a short word, which means a long matter, that your Shakspeare fashions his characters from the heart outwards ; your Scott fashions them from the skin inwards, never getting near the heart of them!
Pagina 406 - Greys), with a small cocked hat deeply laced, an embroidered scarlet waistcoat, and a light-coloured coat, with milk-white locks tied in a military fashion, kneeling on the ground before me, and dragging his watch along the carpet to induce me to follow it. The benevolent old soldier, and the infant wrapped in his sheepskin, would have afforded an odd group to uninterested spectators. This must have happened about my third year (1774), for Sir George M'Dougal and my grandfather both died shortly...
Pagina 78 - Whereby were it not reasonable to prophesy that this exceeding great multitude of Novel-writers and such like, must, in a new generation, gradually do one of two things : either retire into nurseries, and work for children, minors and semifatuous persons of both sexes ; or else, what were far better, sweep their Novelfabric into the dust-cart, and betake...
Pagina 444 - Anne; an impoverished, an embarrassed man, deprived of the sharer of my thoughts and counsels, who could always talk down my sense of the calamitous apprehensions which break the heart that must bear them alone.
Pagina 64 - Might and Right do differ frightfully from hour to hour; but give them centuries to try it in, they are found to be identical.
Pagina 305 - ... hear the Rossini-and-Coletti Psalm, you will find the ages have altered a good deal. . . . Nor do I wish all men to become Psalmist Asaphs and fanatic Hebrews. Far other is my wish ; far other, and wider, is now my notion of this Universe. Populations of stern faces, stern as any Hebrew, but capable withal of bursting into inextinguishable laughter on occasion : — do you understand that new and better form of character ? Laughter also, if it come from the heart, is a heavenly thing. But, at...
Pagina 155 - The Lieutenant of Ireland (Strafford) came but on Monday to town, late ; on Tuesday, rested ; on Wednesday, came to Parliament ; but, ere night, he was caged. Intolerable pride and oppression cry to Heaven for vengeance.
Pagina 408 - I've seen him in a' moods in these jaunts, grave and gay, daft and serious, sober and drunk — (this, however, even in our wildest rambles, was but rare) — but drunk or sober, he was aye the gentleman.

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