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The References are to the Play, Aft, Scene, Page, Column, and Line: D. P. stands for
Dramatis Perfona, and ch. for Chorus.

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All's Well. 1
Twelfth Night.1 4 310140

Abafe. And will fhe yet abase her eyes on me, that cropp'd the golden prime of this fweet prince

Richard iii. 12


Abate. O weary night, O long and tedious night, abate thy hours
Abated. Deliver you as most abated captives

Mid. Night Dream. 3 2
Cor. 3 3


7261 5

Abatement. There's great abatement of kindness

Lear. 1 4

9351 54

Abbies. Our abbies and our priories fhall pay this expedition's charge
Abbots. See thou shake the bags of hoarding abbots

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Ibid. 3


Richard ii. 1

Abel. Which blood like facrificing Abel's cries

3992 5 14142 24

Abergavenny, Lord. D. P.

Henry viii.


Ibid. 1

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1674 134

Abet. And you that do abet him in this kind cherish rebellion, and are rebels all R. ii. 2
Abborred. It is I that all the abhorred things o' the earth amend,

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There's no virtue whipp'd out of the court; they cherift it to make it stay there,

[blocks in formation]

Ability. Out of my lean and low ability I'll lend you fomething
Any thing, my lord, that my ability may undergo and nobleness impofe Wint. Tale. 2 3
Abifm of hell

Abjure. Here abjure the taints and blames I laid upon myself

[blocks in formation]


Macbeth. 4 3 381230
Lear. 2 4 9456

Abjured. For whofe dear love, they say she hath abjur'd the fight and company of men

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Abrabam. O father Abraham, what these christians are

[blocks in formation]

2 Henry iv. 3 Mer. of Ven. 13


4912 20

Richard iii. 4 3

Romeo and Juliet.

2012 46 4322 12 65918 967

2 Gent. of Ver.3 3

35 214

Sweet peace conduct his sweet soul to the bosom of good old Abraham Richard ii. 4 1
The fons of Edward sleep in Abraham's bofom

Abram. D. P.

Abridge. Staying will abridge thy life

Abridged. So we are Cæfar's friends, that have abridg'd his time of fearing death

Abridgment. What abridgment have you for this evening

Jul. Cæfar. 3753123 Mid. Nigbt Dr. 5 1 1922 19

- This fierce abridgment hath to it circumstantial branches, which distinction fhould be rich in

Look where my abridgment comes

Cymbeline. 5 5 927225
Hamlet. 2 21014221

Abroach. Alack, what mischief might he fet abroach, in shadow of such greatness

-The secret mischief that I set abroach, I lay unto the grievous charge of others

[blocks in formation]

Abrogate. So it shall please you to abrogate fcurrility
Abrook. Ill can thy noble mind abrook the abject people gazing in thy face 2 Henry vi. 2
Abruption. What makes this pretty abruption

Abfence. I will not be absence at the grace

Her husband would be absence from his house His abfence, fir, lays blame upon his promise Abfent. An abfent argument of my revenge

Macbeth. 3 4 375237 As You Like It. 3 2 234 127

Abfolved. Whilft your great goodness out of holy pity abfolv'd him with an axe

Henry viii. 3 2 961118

Abfolute. Be abfolute for death; either death or life fhall thereby be the fweeter

[blocks in formation]

Abstract. He hath an abftract for the remembrance of fuch places
This little abstract doth contain that large which dy'd in Geffrey
You fhall find there a man who is the abftract of all faults that all men follow

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Abufed. Though all the world could fee, none could be fo abus'd in fight as he

[blocks in formation]



868 234

960 238

992 33 100 1 19 487120

578 240 3 621129

Othello. 1 310512 8

Ibid. 4 2 1070 151

Ibid. 4 3 107324

[blocks in formation]

bufed. I am mightily abus'd

Thy face is much abus'd with tears

her delicate mouth with drugs or minerals that weaken motion 'Tis better to be much abus'd, than but to know 't a little -The Moor's abus'd by fome most villainous knave

[blocks in formation]

21046 2 22 3 1063145 Ibid. 4 2 1071249


Abuses. If thefe be good people in a common weal, that do nothing but ufe their abuses in common houses, I know no law

For the poor abuses of the time want countenance

Cries out upon abuses, seems to weep upon his countries wrongs
It is my nature's plague to spy out abuses

Meaf. for Meaf2 802 I 1 Hen. iv. 1 2 444219 Ibid. 4 3 466 244 Othello. 3 3 1061114

Abufing. Here will be an old abufing of God's patience, and the King's English

M.W. of Wind 14 509

Abutting. Whofe high upreared and abutting fronts, the perilous narrow ocean parts afunder

[blocks in formation]

Henry v. 1cb.

5092 4

Mid. Night Dr.3
Ibid. 3


1862 32 2188 124

2 2127

Love's Labour Loft-4
Mid. Night Dr. 5

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removed a dwelling

As You Like It.

And with an accent tun'd in felf fame key, returns to chiding fortune Trui. and Creff.
If but as well I other accents borrow, that can my speech diffuse

→ He that beguiled you in a plain accent, was a plain knave
-Thefe new tuners of accent !-

Accept. If you accept them, then their worth is great

Accepted. In most accepted pain

Acceffible is none but Milford way

Accidents happened

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Lear. 14 934146

Ibid. 2 2 941|2|24 Romeo and Juliet. 2 4 978212 Tam. of the Shrew. 2 126113 Troi. and Creff33 8751 6 Cymbeline. 3 2 908 1 12 Tempeft. 5 I 21233 Ibid. 51 I 22211

Meaf. for Meaf.4 396 129

Much Ado About Nothing. 2

But as the unthought-on accident is guilty to what we wildly do

Prizes of accident as oft as merit

Accite. We will accite, as I before remember'd, all our state
Accited. He by the fenate is accited home

Winter's Tale. 4
Troilus and Creff 3

2 Henry iv. 5

I 127119

3 354 2 59



2 503231

18321 3

Ibid. 32489227

Titus Andronicus. I

Accites. And what accites your most worshipful thought to think fo
Accommodated. A good foldier is better accommodated than with a wife
Accomplished. In fuch a habit, that they shall think we are accomplished
we lack

Accomplishing the knights

2 Henry iv. 2

with what


2 481249

of Venice. 3 4 213215 Henry v. 4cb.

Accomplishment. Turning the accomplishment of many years into an hour-glafs Henry v. cb.
Accord. For your fathers remembrance, be at accord

You to his love must accord, or have a woman to your lord
You must buy that peace with full accord to all our just demands
How can I grace my talk, wanting a hand to give it that accord
Jove's accord, nothing fo full of heart

5271 4 509 214

As You Like It. 1 I 2241 24
Ibid. 5 4 249|1|51

Henry v.5 2 538243
Titus Andron.5 2 852110
Troilus and Creffida. 1 3 863 253
Hamlet. I 21002 235
Much Ado About Nothing.1 2 124217
according voice

This gentle and unforc'd accord of Hamlet fits smiling to my heart Accordant. If he found her accordant

According. Within her scope of choice lies my consent, and fair

Romeo and Juliet. 1
All's Well. 2

Accordingly. He is very great in knowledge, and accordingly valiant
Accords. [Hufbands] Are mafters to their females and their Lords: Then let your
will attend on their accords

Acceft. Good mistress Accost, I defire better acquaintance

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2 970130 289134

1106 115

3 309113 Ibid. 1 3 309117

Much Ado About Nothing.2 11261 8

Ibid. 41 1140132

That to stand high in your account, I might in virtues, beauties, livings, friends, exceed account

Sir, their speed hath been beyond account

Merchant of Venice. 3 2 211129 Winter's Tale. 2 33432 34

Richard iii. 3 2 650256

The princes both make high account of you,-for they account his head upon the bridge -When he shall come to his account, he knows not what I can urge against him Cor.14 6 732/2/20 Account.

Account. And about his shelves a beggarly account of empty boxes Romeo and Juliet.
No reckoning made, but sent to my account with all my imperfections on my head

Accountant. Peradventure I stand accountant for as great a fin
Accurft. I am accurft to rob in that thief's company
Accufation. Be thou conftant in the accufation

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A. S. P. C. L. 994 39

[blocks in formation]

1 Henry iv 2 2 449136

Much Ado About Nothing. 2 2 129127

We come, not by the way of accufation, to taint that honour every good tongue


Accufe. By falfe accufe doth level at my life

Accus'd. For, as she has been publickly accus'd, so shall she have a juft and open trial

Accufer. My accufer is my prentice

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Accufing. That he had received a thousand ducats from Don John, for accufing the Lady
Hero wrongfully

Ace. An ace for him, for he is but one

Lefs than an ace, man, for he is dead

Much Ado About Nothing.4 2 140231
Mid. Night Dream. 5 1
Ibid. 5 1

Much Ado About Nothing.5 1

Acb. Charm ach with air-and agony with words
Acheron. At the pit of Acheron meet me i' the morning
I'll dive into the burning lake below, and pull her out of Acheron by the heels

The starry welkin cover thou anon with drooping fog as black as Acheron


1951 31


Macbeth. 5 377 1 8
Titus Andronicus. 4 3 848160
Midfummer Night's Dream. 3 2 188150
Timon of Athens.I 1 806 142
Othello. 4 2 10711 16
Much Ado About Nothing. 1
Troilus and Creffida.

Aches contract and starve your fupple joints!—
Smells fo fweet, that the sense aches at thee
Achiever. A victory is twice itself, when the achiever brings home full numbers


Achilles. D. P.

Whofe fmile and frown, like to Achilles' fpear, is able with the change to kill and cure

- a drayman, a porter, a very camel Achitopbel. A whorefon Achitophel

Aconitum. Shall never leak, though it do work as strong as aconitum, or rash gunpowder

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[blocks in formation]

- I faw him hold acquaintance with the waves, fo long as I could fee Twelfth Night. 1 Acquittance. Now muft your confcience my acquittance feal

[blocks in formation]

Is wicked meaning in a lawful deed, and lawful meaning in a lawful act: where both not fin, and yet a finful fact

So fhould I be a great deal of his act

It fhall become thee well to act my woes

That all your acts are queens

All's Well. 3 7 2952 6 Ibid. 4 3 297153 Twelfth Night.1 4 310147 Winter's Tale. 4 3 351120

The dignity of this act was worth the audience of kings and princes; for by fuch was it acted

The tyrannous and bloody act is done

Ibid. 5 2 360 228 Richard iii. 4 3 658225

Hamlet. 5 11033141

And an act hath three branches; it is, to act, to do, and to perform :-
Act of darkness. Serv'd the luft of my mistress's heart, and did the act of darkness with

[blocks in formation]

A of Sport. When the blood is made dull with the act of sport

Ataon. Prevent, or go thou, like Sir Acteon he, with Ringwood at thy heels

Lear. 3 4 948 240 Oibello. 2 11053236

[blocks in formation]

Afted. How many ages hence, fhall this our lofty scene be acted over in ftates unborn, and accents yet unknown

Julius Caefar. 31 Measure for Measure. 2 Action. If he took you a box o' the car, you might have your action of flander too Ibid. 2

Acting. Or that the refolute acting of your blood

753132 1 80119

81235 Action.

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