Englische Studien, Volume 38

Eugen Kölbing, Johannes Hoops, Reinald Hoops
O.R. Reisland, 1907
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Pagina 75 - DIRGE IN WOODS A WIND sways the pines, And below Not a breath of wild air; Still as the mosses that glow On the flooring and over the lines Of the roots here and there. The pine-tree drops its dead ; They are quiet, as under the sea.
Pagina 83 - He used often to say, that if he were to choose a place to die in, it should be an inn; it looking like a pilgrim's going home, to whom this world was all as an inn, and who was weary of the noise and confusion in it.
Pagina 84 - Whoe'er has travelled life's dull round, Where'er his stages may have been. May sigh to think he still has found His warmest welcome at an inn.
Pagina 85 - Now I further saw, that betwixt them and the gate was a river ; but there was no bridge to go over ; and the river was very deep. At the sight therefore of this river, the pilgrims were much stunned ; but the men that went with them said, You must go through, or you cannot come at the gate.
Pagina 75 - SONG IN THE SONGLESS They have no song, the sedges dry, And still they sing. It is within my breast they sing, As I pass by. Within my breast they touch a string, They wake a sigh. There is but sound of sedges dry; In me they sing.
Pagina 83 - O churl! drunk all, and left no friendly drop To help me after? I will kiss thy lips ; Haply some poison yet doth hang on them, To make me die with a restorative. [Kisses him. Thy lips are warm.
Pagina 84 - Loath to wade through, and leather to go round : Then dipping in his staff, does trial make How deep it is, and, sighing, pulls it back : Sometimes resolved to fetch his leap ; and then...
Pagina 279 - English, that they forget altogether their mother's language. And I dare swear this, if some of their mothers were alive, they were not able to tell what they say : and yet these fine English clerks will say, they speak in their mother tongue, if a man should charge them for counterfeiting the King's English.
Pagina 166 - I would haue it cast beames as fast, I tell you playne, As doth the glittryng grasse after a showre of raine.
Pagina 160 - I durst adventure the losse of my right hande, If shee dyd not slee hir other husbande : And see if she prepare not againe to fight. M. Mery. What then ? sainct George to borow, our Ladies knight.5 45 R. Royster. Slee else whom she will, by gog she shall not slee mee.

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