When the Saints Aren't Saved: Praying for God Books

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 84 pagina's
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This book is designed for the layman as a readable text to expose one's self to the wisdom writings of Ben Sira. It is in a simplified format so as not to be so intellectual that it becomes a scholar's reference. I want the average person to be able to concentrate on the wisdom and its reverberating thought and not other writings which could distract from the essence of thought that Ben Sira is propagating. It is taken from the original text in the King James Version of the Holy Bible and can be used as a family study guide or classroom lesson. It constitutes the wisdom writings of Ben Sira in the Apocrypha, which were translated into Greek by his grandson in the 2nd Century BCE.

Unfortunately in life, most people seem to go through a stage where they learn from their hard mistakes, but here Mr. Sira gives you the ability to forgo this process by giving you the formula to avoid it. It can be said that from these writings: "Why experiment with one's own life when the lessons had already been learned and tested many thousands of years ago?"

Sira's wisdom, if incorporated at an early age, will help all of us avoid the pitfalls of this wrong decision making process which leads to grief, sorrow, and in many cases a wasted life or death. Do not get frustrated if you do not understand a phrase or saying; be patient and read it again, for the essence of the wisdom will come upon you. It is not to be read as a judgment or condemnation nor should it be construed as ancient babble or chauvinistic idealism, for these wise writings are as pertinent today as they were then. The lessons they teach, together with the powers that emanate from those lessons, will have an everlasting positive effect on one's spiritual being by showing the way to deliverance from the bondage in which this culture attempts to ensnare all.

May God bless you,

John Eric Sparacio

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