proprietor that her father took an opportu- of her brother now in the field — for those nity one day, while entertaining Kuragine whom she had injured, and a tender feeling in his ancestral halls, to let that fascinator for Bolkonsky, whose affection she had so know that he must either marry or die. ill requited, arose within her heart; for He elected to marry, but kept his union a those who had injured her, and she uttered profound secret. And now he was about a special prayer for Anatole Kuragine. to deceive Natasha by a pretended mar. Under the influence of sorrow,

her appear. riage, having provided an interdicted priest ance had altered greatly. Her cheek was at a country house not far from Moscow, thinner and paler ihan it had been wont to and fast horses to carry her there. Na- be, and if her eyes shone now, tears intasha was ready when the appointed hour stead of mirth were the cause of their came, and with it Kuragine and Dolokhof. brilliance. But in the opinion of one old But Sonya had warned the stern old lady frieod of hers she was more attractive than in whose house she and Natasha were at ever. This was Pierre Bezukhof, whose the moment staying. The plot failed. matrimonial troubles and other disappointKuragine fled, and soon afterwards Na. ments had rendered him more than usually tasha learnt from Pierre Bezukhof the his- sympathetic. It was he who took her part tory of his secret marriage. The blow on all occasions, and who, when he spoke was too great for her to bear, and a long with her, would not allow her to give utterillness ensued. When she recovered, the ance to the feelings of shame and contrirecollection of her utter folly, the thought tion which she entertained. On one occathat she had lost the affection of Bolkon- sion, when she was saying that all was over sky, to whom she had always been sin- for her in life, he suddenly broke out with, cerely attached, almost drove her to de- -"All over ! why, if I were not what I spair. In religion alone could she find am, but the handsomest, wisest, and best consolation. In the early mornings, before man in the world, and if I were free, ? daybreak, she would rise and dress hur- would go down on my knees this very mo. riedly and hasten off to matins. As she ment, and ask for your hand and love." stood amid the few worshippers, and gazed Natasha burst into grateful tears, glanced upon the dusky visage of the Virgin, feebly at Pierre, and left the room. As he walked illuminated by the burning tapers and the home, Pierre looked up with awe at the cold light of the dawning day, a feeling of clear starlit sky, across which blazed the peace long unknown to her began to still great comet of 1812, the forerunner, in her beating heart. And when she listened popular belief, of woe to nations, if not of to the words of the service, joining in it the approaching end of the world. It was when she understood them, and accepting in the early part of the year, before the them as all the more sacred when they invading army was set in motion, but the were unintelligible to her, but especially air was thick with rumors of war. when she took part in prayers expressing Pierre's eyes, however, the comet seemed repentance, holy balm seemed to be poured to shed, not a baleful glare, but a kindly over her wounded soul. As she hurried light, leading him onwards, perhaps, to the home through streets in which she met happiness from which he had so long been only the earliest of workmen, a faint idea severed. of the possibility of a new life, cleansed On the Sunday rendered memorable by from the stains of her former faults, and the prayer composed by the synod, Pierre perhaps even brightened by a stray gleam dined at the Rostofs' house, and brought of happiness, began to dawn upon her with him the manifesto just issued by the mind. Especially on one occasion did she emperor Alexander. Sonya read it aloud, feel carried out of the little circle of her and it produced a profound impression on own troubles, and forced to sympathize the whole party. The old count wiped his with the emotions which were thrilling tearful eyes, and exclaimed, “ Only say the other hearts. It was on a Sunday in the word, Sire; we will grudge nothing - I summer of 1812, when during the service sacrifice all.” Natasha Aung herself into was read a prayer, just issued by the Holy his arms with a touch of her old vivacity, Synod, for the salvation of Russia from and her young brother, Petya, announced the armies of Napoleon, who was then bis firm resolve to be nothing but a soldier. commencing his fatal invasion. The mag. As Pierre went away that evening, he nitude of the evils which were hanging registered a vow that he would go to the over her native land seemed to dwarf her house no more. For he felt that he was own troubles, and she prayed with fervor more in love with Natasha than a married for Russia, for all who loved her – and man should be. Besides, he had other she thought of her family, and especially matters to attend to. He had lately been



devoting great attention to the subject of of God was solemnly led along the lines, the beast of the Apocalypse, and had been - all these things, but more especially the much struck by the discovery that, accord- expression which every visage wore, the ing to the numerical alphabet he employed, faces of a few German officers excepted, the words “ L'Empereur Napoléon " yield of a cɔnsciousness of the solemnity of the ed the number 666, and that therefore the moment, of a determination to accept French invader was evidently Antichrist. calmly whatever might happen, concurred But what made a still greater impression on to strengthen in Pierre's mind the desire him was the fact that his own name might, which had for some time been agitating it, if written“ L'Russe Besuhof,” be resolved to take some part himself in the great into the same number. From the moment struggle between his native land and its when this great truth flashed upon his invaders, to achieve the task for which he mind, he began to consider limself as was elected by the power which so omi. linked by destiny with the French em- nously linked his name, through the mystic peror, and probably intended by Provi- number of the beast, with Antichrist, dence to put an end to that potentate's otherwise Napoleon. And still more was existence. It was therefore with a special his spirit stirred within him during the interest that he followed the events of terrible day of Borodino, whether he rode the day. The emperor Alexander visited along the line, grasping the mane of his Moscow, and a vast crowd assembled in horse with one hand, and holding his specthe Kremlin to receive him. Young Petya tacles on with the other, or stood upon the Rostof was in it, and was almost squeezed mound which formed a point of incessant to death. But his pain yielded to rapture attack, so free from fear that the artillerywhen the emperor came out on the balcony, men around him treated him with the visible to all. A piece of biscuit fell from kindness which soldiers pay to the dog or the imperial hand, and was scrambled for goat or other animal which often attends a by the populace. The emperor called for regiment. more biscuits and tossed them among the Meanwhile, in another part of the field, crowd, who fought for them wildly; but Prince Andrew Bolkonsky's regiment was Petya had the almost overwhelming joy of exposed for hours to the crushing fire of securing one. Three days later the Krem- the enemy's artillery. He had passed a lin saw something like a revival of the long restless night, thinking involuntarily of

, obsolete States General. The nobles as- Natasha, remembering one evening in parsembled in one chamber, the traders in ticular when she tried to tell him how she another, to consider what sacrifices they had once lost her way in a forest, and what would make for the fatherland. Into each an effect its quiet majesty bad produced room came the emperor and uttered a few upon her, and then had blushed and bewords. The nobles voted a levy of re. come confused, saying that she could not cruits. The merchants freely opened their express herself properly, and he would not purses, one of their chief representatives be able to understand her. “But I did sobbing like a child as he cried, “Take understand her,” he said to himself; and both our lives and our goods, your Majes- then he thought of Anatole Kuragine, ty!” As to Pierre, be began by raising a whom he had been vainly seeking ever question as to the benefit of a general since the news of his behavior to Natasha arming, and ended by enthusiastically vol- reached him. Next day, hour after hour unteering to raise a regiment. Some time went by, and his regiment remained inacpassed and the invaders drew nearer. tive, exposed to the terrible fire of an Pierre visited the Russian camp, and all invisible foe. The men sat about on the that he saw impressed him profoundly ground, occupied with anything which The string of carts which he met, convey could take off their attention from the poing from the front wounded men, who sition in which they were placed. Prince turned towards him their pale faces, and Andrew walked up and down, counting bis wiih lack-lustre eyes gazed steadfasily at steps from rank'to rank, now and then his white hat and green coat; the bands waiching the lines cut by the shot through of armed peasants working with a will the grass. “I cannot, I will not die ; I at making entrenchments; the religious love life, I love this grass, this earth, this fervor shown alike by peasants and soldiers air," he was thinking, when a storm of and officers, when the sound of church grape came tearing by, and he fell. When music was heard, and, preceded by priests he recovered consciousness he was in the bearing banners and incense, followed by hands of the surgeons. Their task over, a vast crowd of all manner of men, the mi- he sank into a reverie, and experienced a raculous Smolensk picture of the Mother I feeling of peace long unknown to him.

VOL. XXVI. 1327



All the happiest moments in his life re- But he would not tell, and the carriage curred to his memory, especially his far- passed on without its occupants obtaining off childhood, when his nurse used to un- any clue to his intentions. What he had dress him at night and put him to bed, and resolved to do was to stay in Moscow, and then croon bim to sleep with plaintive to seize an opportunity of killing Napoleon song. From this he was aroused by the the Antichrist. So he provided himself loud lamentation of the patient in the next with a dagger, and bided his time. But bed,whose leg had just been amputated that time never came. The French ar. The voice seemed familiar to him. He rived, the fires broke out, and, in saving a listened, and recognized in his fellow-suf- child from a burning house, Pierre excited ferer bis enemy, Prince Anatole Kuragine. suspicion, and was put in prison. Thence But no longer as an enemy did he consider he was taken out, only to accompany the him. Compassion filled his heart instead retreating army as a prisoner. Undergoof enmity. Then came a recollection of ing every kind of privation, suffering from Natasha as she had been when first he saw cold and hunger, he yet not only kept alive, her, and the thought filled his mind of how but he scarcely felt the hardships under different his life might have been if he had which his companions broke down. He felt before as he did then.

even experienced, in spite of them, a men

tal calm, a contentment with himself, to After the battle of Borodino and the which he had long been a stranger. Movevents which followed, great numbers of ing slowly on, along the dreary roads, from wounded officers were brought into Mos- one burned and sacked village to another,

Natasha, looking out of window one scenes of human suffering perpetually day, saw a file of their carts standing in around him, his own troubles seemed to front of the house, and a crowd gathered dwindle away and at last to vanish. His around them. Running down-stairs, she theories about the Apocalyptic beast, his hastened to the officer in charge of them, intention to kill Napoleon, his former inand begged that the wounded men they dignation against his heartless wise, all contained might be brought into the house seemed like ideas belonging to a world of and there cared for. It was done; her dreams. The false views of life and lapfather absently giving his consent, his mind piness he had entertained when he was being occupied by the news he had just cradled in luxury changed into a truer perheard, that Moscow was to be given up to ception of the ends and aims of human the enemy, and that he and his family must existence, now that he was exposed to leave next day. Among the wounded was physical suffering, but freed from any kind Prince Andrew Bolkonsky, unconscious, of responsibility, any necessity to make and not recognized by any one in the Ros- plans as to the morrow. And to this time tofs' house. Next day all was packed, and of captivity he almost lovingly long looked the family were on the point of starting for back after he had been set free by an atthe country, when Natasha asked what was tack upon bis French escort made by to be done with the wounded. They were Denisof and Dolokhof, in which the sixto be left in the house, was the reply. Off teen-year-old Petya Rostof, Natasha's she rushed, with all her old impetuosity, to younger brother, as he led on the troops, remonstrate with her parents, or rather full of life and joy in the fight, was shot with her mother, for her father had from dead. the first wished to take charge of his helpless guests. Gaining her point, out she When the Rostofs left Moscow, on the went into the courtyard, ordered the carts eve of the French occupation, they travto be unpacked, furniture, glass, and china elled by slow stages towards Yaroslaf on to be flung on one side, and the wounded the Volga. During the course of the secmen to take their place. At last the train ond day Natasha learned that Prince Anstarted, including the carriage in which drew Bolkonsky was one of the wounded travelled, still unconscious, Natasha's once who were travelling with them. For a affianced lover.

long time after receiving the information As the carriage in which the Rostofs sat she sat without moving in the cottage in was slowly driving through the crowded which they were to spend the night. It streets, they caught sight of Pierre Bezuk. was nothing to her that the horizon was hof, on foot, and in the dress of a laborer. lighted up by a lurid glow, at which the Natasha instantly recognized him, looked rest of the party gazed with awe, knowing at him with a smile which long afterwards that it arose from some great fire in Moslived in his memory, and called to him to cow. Silent, looking vacantly before her tell her what he was doing in that costume. I into space, she brooded over the thought


of him whom she had driven from her, and gered on, unable to speak so as to be unwhom she now so strangely found near her. derstood; then a slight change took place, The travellers lay down to rest; but Na and he recovered his speech sufficiently tasha did not sleep. She listened to the to mention his son, and to thank his various sounds which reached her ears from daughter. When she told him that her without the clamor of peasants in the brother was at Smolensk, he said quietly neighboring pothouse, the steps of passers- and clearly, “ Yes; Russia is lost! They by in the village street, the groaning of one have ruined her!” Then he began to of the wounded in another cottage. She sob, and tears flowed from his eyes. He heard her mother's evening prayer, and tried to say something more. Marya the creaking of her bed as she lay down, thought he was speaking about her, or and at last the regular breathing which her brother, or Russia, or his approaching showed that she was asleep. By this time death, and could not understand what he her cousin and the governess who shared said. But the old servant who lovingly her room slept also. All became still, ex. waited on him interpreted his words. cept that a cricket chirped as if in triumph, “ Put on your white dress : I like it,” he a cock crew in the yard and was answered said. These were the last words Marya from far away, and the groaning of the heard from her father's lips. Soon afterwounded man went on unceasingly. Then wards he tranquilly died. Scarcely had at last she rose, with noiseless steps Marya recovered from the shock caused reached the door, and felt her way into the by his death, when she found herself room in which she had been told that Bol threatened by an unexpected trouble. konsky lay. By the feeble light of a can. The peasants of the estate to which the dle placed upon a bench she could dimly old prince had retired, in order not to rediscern a form lying on a mattress in the main in the line of the advancing invaders,

Ever since she had heard that he were a morose and stubborn set of men, was near her she had been cherishing the among whom had spread an opinion that hope of visiting him. But now that she was the old order of things was about to give close to him, fear came over her, and she place to a new, and who were inclined to scarcely dared to find out for herself what take advantage of the death of the stern change his terrible wound might have master they had feared, in order to set the wrought in him. Still, a force she could authority of his representatives at defiance. not resist urged her on. She drew near to One morning Marya received from her where he lay, and saw that his face was French governess one of the manifestoes altered only in that it wore a softer, more which the invaders were circulating among youthful expression than she had ever the peasants. Becoming suddenly aware seen on it before. She sank on her knees of her danger, she determined to fly at beside him. He smiled and stretched out once, and sent for the village headman to his hand. From that time she spent with tell him to get horses ready. He de. him every hour which the doctor would clared that none were to be had. All the allow her to dedicate to him. Every even- fodder was gone, he said, seized for the ing she sat by his side, screening from his use of the army. And so the horses had eyes the light of the candle, and knitting been turned loose. Th

peasants ther socks; for he had happened to say that selves, he added, were starving from want old women who knit socks make the best of grain. Marya immediately ordered the nurses, and that there is something which seigneural stores to be thrown open, and soothes the patient in the sight of the their contents distributed among the starvnurse's knitting. He was very quiet and ing villagers. But they were not starving patient. All his old troubles and vexations at all. The story of their want was, a had left him, he knew nothing now of his pure invention; and the gift of corn, informer discontent with life, or of the fear stead of rendering them grateful, merely of death which he had sometimes experi- added to their belief that the moment of enced. At last all his friends and attend their own strength, of their proprietor's ants came to take leave of him; and they weakness, had arrived. News was brought brought with them his boy, and he kissed to Marya that they were assembling outthe child and gave him his blessing, and side and wished to see her. Her servants then lay back and quietly passed away. begged her not to go out to them, but she in

sisted on going.

Our needs are the same, During Bolkonsky's last hours his sister and we will share all things in common. Marya also was with him. Her stern old All that I have is yours," she said, gazing father had been suddenly struck down at the faces of the men who stood near by paralysis. For some little time he lin- I her. They in turn looked steadily at her,


with an expression common to all of them, | days of his life. Sometime later, when but whether it was one of curiosity, devo Moscow began to rise again from its ashes, tion, gratitude, or of fear and distrust, she Pierre Bezukhof returned there, and there could not tell. No answer came from the found the Princess Marya and Natasha crowd. Again she spoke to them, urging Rostof. He was now a widower, and them to leave their homes, to which the therefore he did not think it so necessary enemy were drawing near, and to avail as before to avoid Natasha, with whom, as themselves of the provision she promised well as with the sister of his friend Anin her brother's name to make for them drew Bolkonsky, he had many things to elsewhere. Still no man came forward to talk about. His harsh experiences of life reply. Only voices were heard in the had changed him much. Even his appear. crowd, vaguely hinting that she had ance had altered. What was foolish and spoken cunningly, and they were to give frivolous or even vicious in him appeared up their homes and go into slavery, for- to have been burnt out of him by the fires sooth! Disappointed and sad, she went of adversity, and only the nobler elements to her solitary chamber, and the house was of his character to have remained. He closed. The next morning, when the car- seemed, as Natasha said to Marya, with riages were packed, and the princess was one of the now rare smiles of old, “to ready to start, the villagers sent to say have come out of a bath - morally, you that they would not allow her to leave. know, out of a bath.” She also was very Just at this time young Nicholas Rostof, different from what she had been. But with one of his comrades and a couple of gradually, with the color to her cheek, soldiers, happened to visit the village on a came back some of the former life and foraging expedition, his regiment being. brightness to her mind. To Pierre she quartered not far off; and before long he seemed even more charming than she had had been informed by the Princess Marya ever been. of what had taken place. The romantic nature of her position, and the appealing glances of her fine eyes, produced a pro- It can scarcely be necessary to add that found impression upon the young hussar. Pierre married Natasha, and Marya BolThe tears came into his eyes as he offered konsky became the wife, and saved by her her his services. Then he left the house, wealth the ruined property, of the young and with swift steps strode up to the hussar who had rescued her from the muassembled moujiks. “Where is the head. tinous moujiks. The epilogue to the story

" man?” he cried.

Why do you want describes the wedded life of the two young to know?” was beginning, one of the couples, and gives, in the pictures of the crowd who stood nearest, when Rostof's heroines in their happy homes, two charmclenched fist sent his hat flying and ing portraits of perfect wives. Widely stopped his speech. “ Hats off !" cried different are their characters from that of Rostof, who had now worked himself Anna Karenina, the very imperfect wise into a rage. Then seizing by the collar from whom Count Tolstoy's other great the man who had answered him, he called work takes its name. But of Anna Ka. on the soldiers to bind him. They did so renina we have no longer time to speak. instantly. The headman's turn came next;

W. R. S. RALSTON. two of the crowd at once obeying Rostof's orders to them to take off their sashes and tie his hands. “Now, listen to me!"cried Rostof, turning to the moujiks.

“ March

From The Cornhill Magazine. off home instantly, and don't let me hear a word more.” "We never meant to do

JEROME BONGRAND'S HERESY. any harm. It was only our stupidity. It was all nonsense they were doing.” Such were the utterances of the crowd, each man blaming his neighbor. The mutiny It was two o'clock on the afternoon of was quelled. A couple of hours later the a Sunday in May, when a rosy, little blackvillagers were zealously assisting in pack eyed man bitched his pony's bridle to the ing the carriages, their labors superin- rail of the Pré Communal of Farigny in tended by the headman, who, at the special the Jura, and, throwing his coat over the request of the princess, had been freed railing, stretched his muscular arms as from his boods. A little later she was able though to defy any one to pretend that he to join her rescuer's family, and with them was growing a little fat. Nearly at the to watch over her brother during the last same moment an active, fair-haired young



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