rejoice with holy confidence in the sufficiency of that sacrifice by which you may have pardon of all your failings, and right to the inheritance of the saints in light? If you will do these things sincerely, you will show that you value Christ and salvation, else not.

Dearly beloved in the Lord, I have now done that work which I came upon; what effect it hath, or will have upon your hearts, I know not, nor is it any further in my power to accomplish that which my soul desireth for you.

Were it the Lord's will that I might have my wish herein, the words that you have this day heard should so stick by you, that the secure should be awakened by them, and none of you should perish by the slighting of your

salvation. I cannot now follow you to your several habitations to apply this word to your particular necessities; but that I could make every man's conscience a preacher to hiinself, that it might do it, which is ever with you: that the next time you go prayerless to bed, or about your business, conscience might

. Dost thou set no more value on Christ and thy salvation ? That the next time you are tempted to think hardly of a holy and diligent life, (I will not say to deride it as more ado than needs,) conscience might cry out to thee, Dost thou set so light by Christ and thy salvation ?' That the next time you are ready to rush upon known sin, and to please your fleshly desires against the command of God, conscience might cry out, “Is Christ and salvation no more worth, than to cast them away, or venture them for thy lusts ?'

That when you are following the world with your most eager desires,

cry out,



forgetting the world to come, and the change that is a little before you, conscience might cry out to you, • Is Christ and salvation no more worth than this ?' That when you are next spending the Lord's-day in idleness or vain sports, conscience might tell you what you are doing. In a word, that in all your neglects of duty, your sticking at the supposed labour or cost of a godly life; yea, in all your cold and lazy prayers and performances, conscience might tell you how unsuitable such endeavours are to the reward, and that Christ and salvation should not be so slighted. I will say no more at this time, but this, It is a thousand pities, that when God hath provided a Saviour for the world, and when Christ hath suffered so much for their sins, and made so full a satisfaction to justice, and purchased so glorious a kingdom for his saints, and all this is offered so freely to sinners, to lost unworthy sinners, even for nothing, that yet so many millions should everlastingly perish, because they made light of their Saviour and salvation, and prefer the vain world and their lusts before them. I have delivered my message, the Lord open your hearts to receive it. I have persuaded you with the word of truth and soberness, the Lord persuade you more effectually, or else all this is lost.


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