The Radcliffe Quarterly, Volume 3

Radcliffe College., 1918
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Pagina 33 - Economy, physical training, or business training. She must be at least twenty-two years of age and a member of a Protestant Evangelical church. Address the Personnel Bureau of the National Board of the YWCA, 600 Lexington Avenue, New York City.
Pagina 93 - ... sed nil dulcius est, bene quam munita tenere edita doctrina sapientum templa serena, despicere unde queas alios passimque videre errare atque viam palantis quaerere vitae, certare ingenio, contendere nobilitate, noctes atque dies niti praestante labore ad summas emergere opes rerumque potiri.
Pagina 96 - Our brave young soldiers, womanly and kind! Sweet as the glorious youth of heart and mind, The years of promise they so gladly gave. And they have wound the ribbon of their love About and through the nations sundered far, Drawing them close; each with a golden Star Setting her seal on bonds that time shall prove. For one, a Briton born and Island bred, Chose for America to serve, and bless Our wounded with her strength and steadfastness. She sleeps in France among her Yankee dead.
Pagina 5 - ... research are required for all candidates for the fellowship. For the past five years the successful applicants have been women with some graduate training or experience. The research fellows are expected to devote their entire time for ten months to the training given by the Department of Research. Training is given in the making and criticism of schedules, in field work, in the construction and interpretation of statistical tables, and in the literary presentation of the results of the investigation....
Pagina 49 - Strength tests conducted by the Forest Products Laboratory, of the United States Forest Service, at Madison, Wis...
Pagina 70 - Girls, 19 miles from New York. College preparatory and general courses. Music, Art and Domestic Science. Catalogue on request. Miss Miriam A. Bytel, Principal, Garden City, Long Island, New York.
Pagina 5 - College who have served in any capacity with the American Expeditionary Force and who have snap-shot photographs, taken in France, forward copies of all such photographs, together with the necessary explanatory information to be used as captions, to the Officer in Charge, Pictorial Section, Historical Branch, War Plans Division, General Staff, Army War College, Washington, DC These photographs are requested for incorporation in the permanent pictorial files, which will serve as the official photographic...
Pagina 90 - Our movement here was of the simplest nature, and it seemed strange that no one had made it before. My object was to get the collegiate instruction for women, and at the same time conciliate both those who wished women to be immediately admitted to the classes with the young men and those who wished them never to be so admitted. In order to accomplish these desirable ends, •without which all former attempts had failed, I determined not to mention the subject of "co-education," as it was then called,...
Pagina 5 - May 1 to the Department of Research, Women's Educational and Industrial Union, 264 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts.
Pagina 63 - The third great branch of the work of these commissions "consists of the mobilization of the social resources in the neighboring communities so as to be of the greatest possible benefit to the officers and men.

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