329 & 331 PEARL STREET,



Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand

eight hundred and fifty, by

HARPER & BROTHERS, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Southern District

of New York,

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First unfurling of the Union Flag-Return of Colonel Knox

from the North with heavy Cannons and Howitzers-Plan

of Attack on Boston-Re-enforcement of the Army-Council

of War-Number of Troops-Situation of Washington-Con-

dition of the British Troops in Boston-A Farce, and its Term-

ination-Bombardment of Boston-Industry of Patriots-As-

tonishment of the British-Insecurity of the Fleet and Army

-Preparations for bombarding Boston - Condition of the

Patriots there-Tacit Agreement to spare the Town-Can-

nonade renewed-Commission to plunder-Bad Conduct

of the British Troops-The Embarkation-Entrance of the

Americans into the City-The Refugees-Condition of Bos.

ton after the Evacuation-Troops sent to New York-Linger-

ing of British Vessels--Final Departure-Capture of Camp.

bell and Store-ships-Effect of the Evacuation of Boston-

Medal awarded to Washington-Denunciations by John

Wilkes-Boldness of Common Council-Governor Penn-

John Horne Tooke-Strength of the Americans-Political

Change in the London Common Council-Persecution of

Stephen Sayre-Tenor of the King's Speech-His false Hopes

-Warm Debates in Parliament-Duke of Grafton in Opposi

tion-The Colonies placed under martial Law-Augmenta

tion of the Army and Navy-Proposition to employ foreign

Troops-Reasons for employing German Troops-Opposition

to it in Parliament-Terms on which the Mercenaries were

hired-Parliament alarmed by a Rumor-French Emissary

in Philadelphia-Official Announcement of the evacuation of

Boston-Royal approval of Howe's Course-Opinions of the

People-Position of the Colonies-Count Rumford-Fortifi-

cations-Boston Harbor- Remains of the Revolutionary

Fortifications around Boston-The "Convention Troops"

Their Parole of Honor-Picture of the Captives-Burgoyne

in Boston-Expedition against Penobscot-Its Failure-Gen-

eral Phillips-General Wadsworth-Close of the Chronicles

of Boston
.. Page 9-26


Departure from Boston-Scenery on the Route-Cochituate
The Quinebaug-Tradition of Mashapaug-Arrival at Nor-
wich-A literary Friend-Indian History of Norwich-Uncas
and Miantonomoh-Surrender of Miantonomoh to the En-
glish-Unjust Decision-Murder of Miantonömoh-Settle-
ment of New London-Settlement of Norwich-Mohegan
Cemetery-Uncas's Monument-Revolutionary Spirit-Owa.
neko-Norwich Liberty Tree-Celebration under it-Hon-
ors to John Wilkes-Patriotic town Meeting-Benevolence
of the People-March of Militia to Boston-General Hunting-
ton-The French Officers-Benjamin Huntington-A pre-
cious Heir-loom-The Road to Lebanon-Bozrah and Fitch-
ville-Situation of Lebanon-Governor Trumbull-His Char
acter and Services-His Dwelling and War Office-Settle-
ment of Lebanon-Lauzun-The Alden Tavern-General
Prescott horsewhipped there-The Williams House-The
Trumbull Vault-Return to Norwich-Destruction of the
Yantic Falls-Birth-place of Arnold-Inscription upon the
Trumbull Monument - Arnold's early Years- Attempt to
commit Murder-A Ringleader in Mischief-His Mother-
-Scorching Acrostic-Residence of Governor Huntington-
Unpublished Letter written by Washington-Family Vault

of Governor Huntington-Tomb of General Jabez Hunting.

ton-His five Sons-The old Burying-ground-Captain Per-

kins-Old Men of Norwich-Greenville-Tory Hill-Letter

of General Williams-New London-Its Settlement-Forti-

fications- The Harbor-Revolutionary Movements - Forts

Griswold and Trumbull - Prizes - Clinton's Designs-Ar-

nold's Expedition-Naval Force of Connecticut-Landing of

the Enemy-March toward New London-Destruction of

the Town-Property destroyed-"Fire Lands"-Infamy of

Arnold-Attack on Fort Griswold-Its Defense and Capture

-Murder of Colonel Ledyard-Cruelties at Fort Griswold-

Fanny Ledyard-Departure of the Enemy-Events in 1813

-Arnold's Dispatches-The Groton Monument-Inscription

upon it-Ascent of its Stair-case-View from the Top-A

Retrospect-The Pequots-English Expedition against them

-Attack on their Fort-Pequot Hill-Destruction of the Fort

-Terrible Massacre-Departure of the English-Another In-

vasion-Destruction of the Pequots-Mrs. Anna Bailey-Her

Husband at Fort Griswold-Her Mementoes and her Politics

-Her Patriotism- Landing place of Arnold-Bishop Sea-

bury's Monument-First Printing in Connecticut.. Page 27-50


Voyage to Rhode Island-Stonington-Arrival at Providence

-Roger Williams's Rock-" Water Lots"-Proposed Dese-

cration-Arrival of Roger Williams-His Character-Narrow

Views of the Old Puritans-Zeal of Roger Williams-Dis-

turbance at Salem-Williams arraigned for Treason - His

Banishment-Flight to Seekonk-Landing at Providence-

Commencement of a Settlement-His Negotiations with the

Indians-Ingratitude of the Massachusetts Colony-March to

and Encampment of the French Army at Providence-Site

of the Encampment-Remains-Departure of the French

from Boston-Governor Cooke's Monument-La Fayette's

Head-quarters-Roger Williams's Spring-Old Tavern in

Providence-Its Associations-Destruction of Tea in Market

Square-Rhode Island Historical Society-Valuable Manu-
scripts-A telescopic Peep at the Moon and Stars-Bryant's

"Song of the Stars"-Voyage to Gaspee Point-The Gaspee
-Conduct of her Commander-Sketch of Gaspee Point-
Governor Wanton-Montague's insolent Letter-Wanton's
Rejoinder-Captain Lindsey's Packet chased by the Gaspee
-Expedition against the Gaspee-Her Destruction-Efforts
to discover the Incendiaries-The Commissioners-Return
to Providence-Visit to Mr. John Howland-His military
Career in the Revolution-Departure for Newport-Appear-
ance of Rhode Island-Mansion of Governor Gibbs-Old
Tower at Newport-Its former Appearance-Attempt to de
stroy it-Obscurity of its Origin-First Wind mill at New.
port-Inquiries respecting the Tower-" Antiquitates Amer.
icana"-Inscription on Dighton Rock-Prescott's Head-quar
ters at Newport-Old Cemetery-Perry's Monument-Runic
Inscriptions elsewhere-"Tonomy Hill-Hubbard's House
and Mill-Inscription on Perry's Monument-Oppression of
the Whigs by Prescott-View from "Tonomy Hill-Mrs. Hut-
chinson and Sir Henry Vane-Persecution of Mrs. Hutchin-
son and her Friends-Settlement of Rhode Island-Its first
Constitution-Royal Charter-Toleration in Rhode Island--
Separation and Reunion of the Plantations-Newport-De-
struction of the Sloop Liberty-Admiral Wallace in Narra


ganset Bay Disarming of the Tories-Skirmish in the Har
bor-Engagement at Sea-Continued Hostilities in Newport
Harbor-Privateers-Arrival of a large British Force-Con-
duct of the Enemy.
..Page 51-73



Condition of Rhode Island in 1777- Re-encampment of the

British-General Prescott-His Character and bad Conduct

-Colonel Barton's Plan for capturing him - Biographical

Sketch of Barton-Expedition to capture Prescott-Pres-

cott's Quarters-A Sentinel deceived-Names of Barton's

Men-Entrance to Prescott's Room-Seizure of the Gen-
eral and his Aid-de-camp-Barton rewarded by Congress-
Predatory Excursions-French Fleet for America-Count
D'Estaing-France and England-Excitement in Parliament
-The King's Speech-Boldness of the Opposition - The
British and French Fleets-Sandy Hook and Amboy Bay-
General Spencer's Expedition against Rhode Island
Resignation -French Fleet off Newport-American Land
Forces-Destruction of British Vessels-Landing of Ameri-
cans on Rhode Island-Naval Battle-Great Storm-State
of the American Troops-Refusal of the French to co-operate
-They sail for Boston-Protests-Retreat of the Americans
to Butts's Hill-Battle of Quaker Hill-Scene of the Engage-
ment-Loss of the Belligerents-Evacuation of Rhode Island
by the Americans-Return of La Fayette from Boston-Ex-
pedition against New Bedford - Murmurings against the
French-Evacuation of Rhode Island by the British-Severe
Winter-Sir Robert Pigot-Return of La Fayette to France
-His Zeal and Success-Washington appointed Lieutenant
General by the French King-Good Tidings brought by La
Fayette Their Effect--Arrival of the Allies-Encampment
at Newport-British blockade of Narraganset Bay-Clinton's
Expedition-Death of Ternay-Washington in Newport-
Property destroyed in Newport-Ride to Butts's Hill-Hos-
pitality-Fort on Butts's Hill-View of the Battle-ground-
North View from Butts's Hill-The Narraganset Country-
Massasoit and his Sons-King Philip-His Jealousy-Treaties
with the Whites-Curtailment of his Domains-His chief
Captains-John Elliot--Enlightenment of the Indians-Sassa-
mon-Rising of the New England Tribes-Daniel Gookin-
Philip's Appeal-Condition of the Indians-Commencement
of Hostilities-Canonchet-Mather's Magnalia-Indian Meth-
od of Warfare-Destruction of New England Villages-Ter-
rible Retaliation by the Whites-Decimation of the Indians
-Strifes among them-Philip a Fugitive-His Death-His
Son-Captain Church-Sufferings of the Colonists-A happy
Change-Capture of the Pigot by Talbot-His Promotion-
Departure from Newport-Adieu to New England-Halleck's



The Hudson Highlands-Newburgh-The Indian Summer-Its

Character-The "Hasbrouck House" and Vicinity-Its in-

terior Construction-Purchased by the State-Ceremonies

at its Dedication-Washington's Dining-hall-Anecdote con-

cerning it-Lady Washington's Gardening-Settlement of

Newburgh- First Settlements in Orange County - Indian

Wars-Sufferings of the People-Attack on Minisink-Intem.

perate Zeal of the Volunteers-Unwise Decision-Battle of

Minisink-Its Location-The Massacre - Brant's Defense-

Effect of the Massacre-Salvation of Major Wood-Interment

of the Remains of the Slain-Monument-Cantonment of the

Army near Newburgh-Head quarters of the Officers-Nico-

la's Proposition to Washington-Washington's Letter of Re-

buke to Nicola-Patriotism of the Chief-Discontents in the

Army-Memorial to Congress-Resolutions of Congress re-

specting Claims-The Army still dissatisfied-Action of the

Officers-Major Armstrong-Meeting of Officers privately

called-Anonymous Address to the Army-Dangerous Tend-

ency of its Recommendations-Bold Tone of the Address-

Similar Opinions held by Hamilton-Washington's Counter-

action-Second anonymous Address-Meeting called by

Washington-Major Burnet's Recollections-Washington's

Address to the Officers-Action of the Meeting of Officers-

A strong Resolution-Record of Proceedings sent to Con.

gress-Washington's Opinion of Armstrong's Motives-His

farewell Address-His Tour to the Northern Battle fields-

Called to Princeton-A Statue ordered by Congress-Gen-

eral Clinton-A very little Maiden-Her Dignity - Plum

Point-Fortifications there-An Acrostic-Redoubt on Plum

Point Chevaux-de-frise Anecdote - Head quarters of

Greene and Knox-Ball at the Quarters of Greene and Knox

-Signatures of young Ladies-Washington on Dancing-

The Square A Spy in the American Camp-Dispatch in a

silver Bullet-Name and Fate of the Spy-Site and probable

Form of the Temple-View from it-The Camp Ground and

Vicinity-The Temple, as described by Major Burnet-Two

living Patriots-Visit to Major Burnet-Public Life of Major

Burnet and Sergeant Knapp-Washington's Letter to Greene

-The Commander-in-chief's Guard-Its Organization, Char-

acter, and Uniform-Its Officers-Sergeant Knapp-Return

to Newburgh-Departure for Fishkill-Return of the Com-

mander-in-chief's Guard-Fishkill Village-The "Wharton

House"--Enoch Crosby-The "Spy Unmasked"-Exploits

of Crosby-Incidents of his Life-Ancient Dutch Church-

Fishkill Village--Escape of Crosby-His Exploits at Teller's
Point A very old Man and rejected Lover-Trinity Church
-Printing of the first Constitution of the State of New York
-Head-quarters of Baron Steuben-Anecdote of the Barou
-The Society of the Cincinnati-Final Proceedings in the
Organization of the Institution-Plan and Name of the So-

ciety of the Cincinnati-The Constitution-Opposition of

Judge Burke and others-Certificate of Membership of the

Cincinnati-The Design and Engraving- Alteration of the

Plate-The Order of the Society-The successive Presidents

General-Departure for West Point
.. Page 98-129


West Point and its Associations-Mrs. Faugeres-Sufferings of
Mrs. Bleeker-Scenery around West Point-The military
Establishment-Wood's Monument - Interesting Relics-
Size of the Mortars and Chain-Position of the Chain in the
River-Other Relics-Kosciuszko's Monument-His Garden
-Other Localities-Fort Arnold-Fort Putnam-View from
the Ruins of Fort Putnam-Names of the Highland Peaks-
Drake's "Culprit Fay"-Fortifications in the Highlands or-
dered-Action of the New York Assembly-Fort Constitu
tion-New Forts in the Highlands proposed-West Point se
lected-Radière and other Engineers from France-West
Point in 1780-Construction of the great Chain-History of
the Work-Map of West Point-The Chain weakened by
Arnold-Importance of West Point-Establishment of the
military Academy there-Forts Webb, Wyllys, and Putnam
-Visit to Constitution Island-Remains of Fort Constitution
-Buttermilk Falls-A venerable Boatman-Beverly Dock
and Robinson House-Arnold's Willow - Arnold in Phila-
delphia-His Extravagance-Marriage with Miss Shippen-
Memoir of Beverly Robinson-Arnold's Residence and Style
of Living-His fraudulent Dealings-Charge of Malfeasance
preferred against him-Arnold ordered to be tried by a Court-
martial-His Trial, Verdict, and Punishment-Its Effects-
Interview with Luzerne-His Wife and Major André-Sym-
pathy of Schuyler and Livingston-Visit to the American
Camp-Washington deceived by him-Obtains the Com
mand at West Point-Correspondence of Arnold and André
-Proposed Plan of the British to gain Possession of West
Point-Andrè appointed to confer with Arnold-An Inter-
view proposed by the Traitor-Letter to Colonel Sheldon-
Effect of Andrè's Letter to Sheldon-Arnold's attempted In-
terview with Andrè-His Letter to Washington-Joshua H.
Smith-Further arrangements for an Interview-Arnold's
Correspondence with Beverly Robinson-Washington on his
Journey-Again deceived by Arnold's Duplicity-Smith em-
ployed to bring Andrè from the Vulture-His Difficulties-
Refusal of the Colquhons to accompany Smith-Final Com-
pliance-Landing of Andrè, and his first Interview with Ar-
nold-Arrival of the Conspirators at Smith's House-The

Vulture fired upon-Plan of Operations arranged-Colonel

Livingston-The Papers taken from Andrè's Boot-" Artillery

Orders"-Forces at West Point-Villefranche's Estimate--

Return of the Ordnance in the different Forts at West Point

-Arnold's Description of the Works-His Pass-Smith's Re-

fusal to take Andrè back to the Vulture-His insufficient Ex-

cuse-Andre's Exchange of Coats-He and Smith cross the

Hudson-Smith's Letter to his Brother-Ambiguous Mem-




Arnold's Composure in presence of his Aids-Washington's re-

turn from Hartford-His Approach to Arnold's Quarters-

His Delay in reaching Arnold's Quarters-Announcement

of Andre's Arrest-Flight of Arnold-His Wife and Son-His

Passage to the Vulture-Treatment of his Oarsmen-Wash-

ington's Visit to West Point- Discovery of the Treason-

His presence of Mind-Condition of Mrs. Arnold-Attempts

to "head" the Traitor-His Letters from the Vulture-Bev-

erly Robinson's Letter to Washington--The Army at Tappan

put in Motion-Andrè ordered to West Point-Ride to Fort

Montgomery-Mrs. Rose-A speculating Daughter-Sites of

Forts Clinton and Montgomery-Lake Sinnipink-Beverly

Garrison-His Recollections-- Captain Molly"-Character

of Forts Clinton and Montgomery-Chevaux-de-frise-Con-

dition of the British Forces-Putnam's intended Expedition

-Sir Henry Clinton's Stratagem-Landing of British Troops

-Governor Clinton informed of the Landing of the British

-A reconnoitering Party-Skirmish near Doodletown-

Treachery of a Messenger- Putnam deceived - Skirmish

near Fort Montgomery-Forts ordered to be surrendered-

Attack on Forts Clinton and Montgomery-Flight of the

Americans-Destruction of Vessels and the Chevaux-de-frise

-Evening Voyage in a Fisherman's Shallop-Anthony's Nose

-Peekskill-Situation of the Village-The Birdsall House-

An Octogenarian-Onk Hill-Van Cortlandt Mansion-Philip

Van Cortlandt-Paulding's Monument, and St. Peter's Church

-Gallows Hill-Execution Place of a Spy-Putnam's laconic

Letter View from Gallows Hill-Relative importance of

Peekskill Stratagem of Sir William Howe-Invasion of

Peekskill-Destruction of Stores-Destruction of Continental

Village-Peekskill possessed by the Americans-The Sol-

dier's Spring-Verplanck's Point--Hudson and the Indians-

Fortifications at Verplanck's Point-Capture of Fort Fayette

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