Clinton relative to Spy, 172; Placed in command of Phila.
delphia in 1776, 225; Peremptorily ordered to King's Ferry
by Hamilton-Censured on return to Head-quarters, 297;
Biographical Sketch of, 805.

Pyle, Colonel, Notice of, 576; Wounded in Battle on the Haw
-Escapes, 593.

Quaker Hill, Topography of, 64, 80, 83, 89.
Quakers, Deputation of, waits upon Rochambeau at Philadel
phia, 55; Of Philadelphia, in favor of Royal Cause, 225, 261;

Settle on eastern Shore of the Delaware between 1676 and
1680, 252; Association of, Emigrates to America, 253; Char-
acter and Influence of, 255; Their Testimony in Relation to
Public Resolutions in Philadelphia in 1775, 261; Roberts and
Carlisle, Execution of, in 1778, 263: Fines imposed upon, in
Virginia, in 1673, 460; Settlement of, in North Carolina, 560;
Patriotism in 1766, 569; Quaker Marriage, 613; Form of Cer-
emony-Centenarian Preacher-Boarding-school, 614.
Queen's Rangers, Notice of, 343; At Battle of Spencer's Ordi-
nary in 1781, 464; Near Kingsbridge, 831; At Oyster Bay, 833.
Quinebaug River, Notice of. 27.

Quit-rents, required of Colonies by the Crown in 1737, 563.
Quo Warranto of James I. against London Company in 1624,

Quotation from Joseph R. Drake, 9, 134; Annual Register (1776),
10; George Lunt, 27; Richard Bushnell, 30; Oliver Arnold, 37,
38; Alexander Pope. 48; Hugh Peters, 51; Mrs. L. H. Sigour.
ney, 51, 427, 782; William C. Bryant, 59, 463, 684; William R.
Staples. 63; Arthur A. Ross, 64; Durfee, 74; Miss Davidson-
John G. Whittier, 75; Robert C. Sands, 90; C. Sherry, 92;
F. G. Halleck, 97, 697: Theodore S. Fay-Brainerd, 98; Mrs.
Monell, 99; Anonymous, 113, 187, 241, 258, 488, 594, 612, 627,
637, 655, 663, 668, 710, 757: Hannah F. Gould, 121, 254; Anne
C. Lynch, 123; C. F. Hoffman, 130; Margaretta V. Faugeres,
130, 131; Bayard Taylor-James G. Percival, 134, 373, 440;
G. P. Morris, 134, 407, 780; Elizabeth F. Ellet, 157; Thomas
MacKellar, 169, 331; John Trumbull, 174. 265, 270, 351, 364,
507; Estella A. Lewis, 183; Marquis De Chastellux, 184, 313,
390; Major Andrè, 198; Miss Seward, 198, 200; N. P. Willis,
202; James G. Brooks, 216; John H. Bryant, 216; W. J. Pa-
bodie, 216; Governor Richard Howell, 245; Mrs. E. C. Kinney,
247; E. Oakes Smith, 248, 300, 425; Charles Potter, 266; Penn-
sylvania Journal, 270; George W. Dewey, 271; William Ross
Wallace, 273, 418; Thomas Paine, 274, 275; Mrs. R. Balmanuo,
288; Mary E. Hewitt, 288; William Elliott, 300, 594; Francis
Hopkinson, 310: Epes Sargent, 330; J. L. Chester, 336; Dr.
Gordon, 340; Reverend John Taylor, 342; Philip Freneau,
351, 366, 482, 506, 699; Elizabeth M. Chandler, 369; Edgar A.
Poe, 389; H. S. Nolen, 390, 398; M Mahon, 401; Sarah Helen
WWhitman, 404; Henry T. Tuckerman-Chippewa Chief, 411;
Lord Morpeth, 417; Mrs. Strickland, 417, 418; Mrs. R. Wal-
lace, 418; Psalm 1xxiv, 3, 421; Holt's New York Journal,
432; William Wirt, 447; James K. Paulding, 448; W. G.
Simms, 454, 455, 539, 744; Virginia Gazette, 469: Martin's Mis-
cellany, 471; Lord Byron, 492; Wirt's Life of Patrick Hen-
ry, 502; Dr. Thatcher-Thomas Anburey, 521; Abbé Robin,
524; Thomas Moore, 539; Prosper M. Wetmore, 541; John
C. M'Cabe, 542; Baroness Reidesel, 551; Sarah J. Hale, 558,
682; William Gaston, 565, 656; Sir William Draper, 571; Dr. |
Caruthers, 572; Rednap Howell, 573; Dr. Samuel Johnson,
581; Proverbs, xxxi., 19, 594; Dr. J. G. M. Ramsey, 618; T.
Gray, 654; J. M·Lellan, Jun.-Henry R. Schoolcraft, 656; J.
W. Simmons, 658; Richard R. Wilde, 698; Charles Sprague,
709; Rivington's Gazetteer, 792; Hugh Gaine, 796; Yankee
Chronology-Knickerbocker Magazine, 804.

Race-course, on Governor's Island, New York, 802.
Rainbow at Mid-day, 405.

Raleigh, City of, founded in 1587, 450.
Raleigh, Sir Walter, receives Patent to colonize Virginia in
1584-Dispatches two Vessels, under command of Amidas
and Barlow, to Carolina-Elected Member of Parliament-
Knighted-His Patent confirmed-Sends another Fleet to
Roanoke and Country around Albemarle Sound, with Emi-
grants, under Granville, 449; Meets with Disasters- Fits out
another Expedition -Founds City of Raleigh under John
White-Anecdote-His last Colonists supposed to have in-
termarried with Hatteras Indians, 450; Abandons his Enter.
prise after five unsuccessful Expeditions, and assigns his
Rights to a London Company-Biographical Sketch of, 451.
Rall, Colonel, in Battle of Trenton in 1776, 227; Head quar
ters, 228, 231; At Fort Washington in 1776, 826; Mortally
wounded, 228; Visited by Washington when dying, 229; His
fatal Carousal, 230.

Ramapo Village, Encampment of American Army near, 211.
Ramapo Valley, Notice of, 212.

Ramapo Works described. 212.

Ramapo Pass, Arrival of Washington's Troops at, in 1779, 212;
Described, 213.

Ramsey, Dr. J. G. M. Quotation from. 618.
Randolph, John, a Descendant of Pocahontas, 454.
Randolph, Lieutenant, assaults President Jackson, 427.
Randolph, Peyton, President of first Continental Congress at
Philadelphia in 1774-Biographical Sketch of, 266.
Rapelje, Sarah, first white Child born in Brooklyn, 783.
Rappahannock River described, 423.

Rawdon, Lord Francis, biographical Sketch of, 677; At Cam-
den in 1781-Prepares to attack Greene at Hobkirk's Hill,
680; At Siege of Fort Ninety-six in 1781, 692.
Raynal, Abbé, Opinion of Declaration of Independence, 288.
Rebecca, Lady, assumed Name of Pocahontas, 454.
Rebellion, Bacon's, in Virginia, in 1676, 461; Of 1745, in Scot-
land-Peril and Flight of Pretender-Extinction of his Fam-
ily, 564; In South Carolina among early Settlers, 745.
Rebels, Faith of, not to be kept, 550.

Red Bank, Topography of-Grave of Colonel Donop-Ancient
Residence of Whitall, 290.
Reed, General Joseph, Resignation of, in 1777, 241; At Battle
of Germantown, 317; Attempt to bribe-Biographical Sketch
of, 351.

Reed, Mrs. Esther, affords Relief to Continental Soldiers in
1780-Biographical Sketch of, 312.
Rees, James, biographical Sketch of, 313.
Regulators of North Carolina, in 1776, 569, 589; Arrested in
1768, 572; Expedition against, in 1771, under Tryon, 575;
Execution of, 578; Turn Loyalists in 1775, 580.
Reidesel, General, Notice of, 25, 551; Furnishes Garden Seeds
to captive Troops of Burgoyne, at Charlottesville, in 1779,
Reidesel, Baroness, Letters of, relative to captive Troops of
Burgoyne, in 1778, 551.


Relics of the Pilgrims-Silver Cup at Norwich, 32.
Relics of the Quakers-Articles manufactured from Penn's
Treaty Elm, 254.
Relics of the Revolution-Cannon Ball in Brattle Street Church,
Boston, 15; American Musket from Battle-field of Hubbard-
ton, 18; Continental Bill, found in old Tower at Newport,
65; Silver Bullet which contained Dispatches of Clinton to
Burgoyne, 116; Washington's War Sword, 122; Silver Tank-
ard at Fishkill, 124; Brass Mortars and Chain at West Point,
131, 132; French Cannon and Field-pieces, 132; Chairs, Ta
ble, and Clock, at Birdsall House, Peekskill, 170; Commun-
ion-table and Vane of Church at Sleepy Hollow, 191: Sketch
of André, made by himself, 203; Articles used by Washing-
ton in Hopper House, near Sufferns, 214; Cannon at Prince-
ton, 238; Pieces of Silver and other Relics of Stockton, at
Princeton, 242; Hancock's Chair in Independence Hall, Phil-
adelphia-Liberty Bell-Stone on which Declaration of In-
dependence was first read to People, 272; Skull of Colonel
Donop, 290; Old Cannon at Red Bank, 291; Pulaski's crim-
son Banner, 391, 393; Washington's Camp Chest and Utensils,
at Washington, 406, 407; Staff of Franklin, 407, 408; Wash-
ington's Writing-case, Commission, Clothes, piece of his Tent
-Franklin's Printing-press-Original Declaration of Inde-
pendence, 408; Flag taken by Washington from Hessians-
Royal Standard surrendered to Washington by Cornwallis,
413; Flag of the Life Guard-Washington's Bier-Auto-
graph Letter-Napkin used when Christened, 414; Key of
the Bastile, at Mount Vernon, 415; Washington's Spy glass,
416; His Sarcophagus. 417, 418; Communion-table in Pohick
Church, 420; Gold Watch found near Battle-ground at Eu-
taw Springs, 705; Remains of Pitt's Statue at New York,
790; Cannons at Entrance of College Green, New York, 796;
British Arms in Church, St. John's, New Brunswick, 801.
Religion, free Toleration of, in Rhode Island, in 1747, 71.
Remsen, Henry, Notice of, 308.
Rents, Land, required to be paid by Colonies to the Crown in
1737, 563.
Representatives in Congress, Character of, 410.
Resolutions of Congress, exonerating D'Estaing from Censure
in 1778, 85; Relative to raising Funds for carrying on War
in 1780, 87: Respecting public Claims, 106; Of Officers in
Continental Army in 1783, 110; Of Congress, ordering eques-
trian Statue of Bronze to be executed in Memory of Wash-
ington, 112; To defend Philadelphia in 1776-To adjourn to
Baltimore-To offer Bounties to Soldiers, 225; To make
Washington military Dictator, 232, 385; In 1776, relative to
Declaration of Independence, 276; Accepting Services of La
Fayette, 327; Submitted by Patrick Henry to House of Bur-
gesses of Virginia, in 1764. 482; Of Virginia House of Bur-
gesses, to import no more Slaves, British Goods, or Tea, 486;
In 1775, 502 Of Convention in Williamsburg in 1776, pro-
posing total Separation from Great Britain, 505; In Provin
cial Congress of North Carolina, in 1775, relative to Mecklen-
burg Association, 621; Of Mecklenburg Convention, 622;
Of Congress, approving Opposition of Massachusetts to Acts
of Parliament, 725.

Respiss, Thomas, Notice of. 581.
Revolution, last Blow of, 779.

Reynolds, Governor John, biographical Sketch of. 723.
Rhode Island (Ile), Appearance of, 64; Antiquities of, 66:
Origin of its Name-Settlement of, by Clark and Codding.
ton, in 1637- Conveyed to them by Canonicus and Mianto-
nomoh in 1638, 70: Its Condition in 1777, 74; Topography, 80.
83; Evacuated by the Americans in 1779-Desolate Condi-
tion of, on their Departure, 84.

Rhode Island (State)-Its first Constitution-Royal Charter-
First General Assembly at Portsmouth in 1647, 70; Relig.
ious Toleration-Separation and Reunion of the Plantations
-Rechartered in 1663, 71: Called upon by Congress for
Funds to carry on War-Presents complimentary Addresses
to Rochambeau and Ternay in 1780, 87; Suffering of her

Colonists during King Philip's War in 1676, 95; Holds Con-
vention, in 1776, relative to Declaration of Independence,


Rhode Island, Historical Society of-Author's Visit to, 58; Its
valuable Manuscripts, 59.

Richards, Ensign, bears Union Flag into Boston on Evacuation,
of British in 1776, 14.

Richardson, charges Sayre with high Treason in London, in

1776, 18.

Richardson, Colonel Richard, biographical Sketch of, 650.
Richmond, Duke of, procures Examination of Penn before
House of Lords in 1775, 17.

Richmond, Colonel, in naval Engagement at Newport in 1776,


Richmond, Virginia, early History of, 432; Topography of,
433, 435; The Head-quarters of Arnold and Simcoe in 1781,
435; Destruction of Property at-Statue of Washington in
Capitol-Monumental Church, 436; Burning of Theater in
1811-St. John's Church, 437.

Riot, Enfield, in 1759, 567.

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Sabine, Hannah, biographical Sketch of, 57.
Salem, Massachusetts, Disturbance among the Clergy at, caused
by Roger Williams, in 1634, 53.
Salstonstall, Commodore, on Expedition against Penobscot in
1779, 26.

Salt, Scarcity of, in Washington's Army, 376.
Sanders's Creek described, 666; Battle at, in 1780, 672.
Sands, Robert C.. Quotation from, 90.

Sandy Hook, geological Changes of-Its Topography, 79.
Sargent, Epes, Quotation from, 330.

Sassacus, Indian Sachem, Notice of, 47, 48.

Sassamon, John, "Praying Indian," educated at Cambridge-
Secretary to King Philip-Accuses his Chief of Treason--
Slain, 92.

Savage, Captain, at Battle near Jamestown Island in 1781, 467.
Savannah described-Early History of, 720; Founding of, 722;
Sons of Liberty hold Meeting at, in 1774, 724; Other revolu
tionary Movements at, 725; Menaced-British repulsed, 727;
Siege of, in 1779, 736; Bombardment of, 737; Evacuated by
the British in 1782, 741.

Riots at Hillsborough, North Carolina, in 1770-Names of Riot Saybrook Platform, Notice of, 50.
ers, 573.

Rip Raps, in James River, Notice of, 531.

Rittenhouse, Dr. David, invents Planetarium of College of New
Jersey-Biographical Sketch of, 243.

Rivington, James, biographical Sketch of, 796; Destruction of
hie printing Materials at New York, 797.

Roads, Corduroy, Notice of, 431, In North Carolina, 614.

Sayre, Stephen, arrested in London for high Treason in 1775-
Imprisoned, tried, and acquitted-Prosecutes Lord Rochford
for Damages-Awarded conditional Damages, 18.
Scammell, Colonel Alexander, killed at Siege of Yorktown in
1781-Biographical Sketch of, 515.

Schoolcraft, Henry R., Quotation from, 656.
Scollay, John, Notice of, 13.

Roanoke Island, early History of, 419; Present Condition of, Scotch-Irish, Emigration of, to Carolina-Their Principles, 565;


Roanoke River, Notice of, 555.

Robb, William, killed in Battle of King's Mountain in 1780, 634.
Roberts, John, executed for Treason in 1778, 263.
Robertson, General, confers with Greene relative to Release of
André, 201.

Robin, Abbé, Quotation from, 267.

Robinson, Beverly, declines selling Constitution Island-Ap-
pointed Colonel in British Army in 1776, 135; Former Resi-
dence, near West Point-Biographical Sketch of, 140, 481;
Correspondence with Arnold and Putnam, 149; Letter to
Washington, requesting Release of Andrè, 161; Endows
Tract of Land to St. Peter's and St. Philip's Parishes, 171; A
Witness in Case of Andrè, 201.

Robinson, Horse Shoe, Notice of, 635.
Robinson, Mrs., Hospitality of, 394.

Robinson, Speaker, Anecdote of, concerning Washington, 481;
Chairman in House of Burgesses of Virginia in 1764-His
Dislike of Patrick Henry, 483.

Robinson, Sir Frederick Phillipse, Notice of, 431.
Robinson, William, taken Prisoner by Logan in 1774. 489.
Rochambeau, General, at Lebanon in 1780, 35; Receives Depu-
tation from Quakers of Philadelphia in 1782-Encampment
at Providence, 55; Commands French Troops in America in
1780, 86, 87; Holds Conference with Washington at Newport
in 1781. 88; Departure from Annapolis in 1782, 403; Joins
Washington at Dobbs's Ferry in 1781-Loans Money to Unit-
ed States, 509; At Siege of Yorktown, 513; Biographical
Sketch of, 527; Head-quarters at Williamsburg in 1781, 529;
Interview with Washington at Newport, relative to Capture
of Arnold, 540.

Rocheblave, Philip, taken by Surprise at Kaskaskia, by Clarke,
in 1778, 495.

Rochefontain, Captain, promoted after Siege of Yorktown, 526.
Rock, Porter's, 47; Roger Williams's, 52; Dighton, Inscription
on. 66; Torn, 212; Anvil. 661; Hanging, 662; Flat, 665.
Rocky Mount-Its Associations, 657.

Rogers, Captain, in Expedition against Western Forts in 1779,


Rolfe, John, marries Pocahontas, 454.

Romans, Bernard, Engineer at West Point in 1775-Applies to
Congress for Commission of Colonel-Not granted, 135.
Roney, Lieutenant, at Siege of Fort Ninety-six in 1781, 691.
Rose, Mrs. Rebecca, Author's Interview with, 162.
Ross, Arthur A., Quotation from, 64.

Ross, Mrs., Notice of, 635.

Ross, Mr., gives Character of Prescott, 74.

Rose, Major, at Siege of Yorktown in 1781, 522.

Route of captive Troops of Burgoyne to Charlottesville, Vir-
ginia, in 1778. 551.

Rudolph, Captain, in Battle of Guilford in 1781, 607; At Siege
of Fort Ninety-six in 1781, 690.

Rugeley, Colonel, commands Tories in South Carolina in 1780
-Captured by Washington by Stratagem, 666.
Rum. Importation of, prohibited in Georgia in 1732, 722.
Rumford, Count, biographical Sketch of-Bears Dispatches to
England, under General Howe, in 1775, 23.

Rush, Dr. Benjamin, his Opinion of Wayne's Assault at Stony
Point, 181; Succeeds Dr. Morgan in Professional Chair of
Medical School, Philadelphia, 240.

Rutherford, General, in Battle at Ramsour's Mill in 1780-Bio-
graphical Sketch of, 597; In Expedition against Cherokees
In 1776, 648.

Rutledge, John, Governor of South Carolina - Biographical
Sketch of, 752.

Rutledge, Edward. in Committee of Congress to confer with
Howe in 1776, 814.

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Origin of, 566; Emigrate to South Carolina in 1730-1740, 746.
Scott, Colonel Joseph W., Notice of, 129.

Scott, General Charles, at Battle of Germantown in 1777, 317;
Biographical Sketch of, 343.

Scott, General John M., biographical Sketch of, 805.
Scott, Robert G., delivers Oration at laying of Corner-stone
of Washington Monument at Richmond in 1850, 437.
Scout, Bloody, in Carolina, 653, 692.
Seabury, Bishop Samuel, Monument of, 50; Biographical Sketch
of, 797.
Seal and Monogram of Jefferson, 548; Of Governor Tryon,
567; Of North Carolina. 589; Of Pulaski, 735.
Seamen, American Naval, of the Revolution, 88.
Sears, Captain Isaac, arrested for Treason at New York, 793;
Biographical Sketch of, 797.

Segur, Count, accompanies Bonaparte to Moscow in 1812, 323.
Seekonk, first Landing at, of Roger Williams in 1631,53; Notice

of, 54.

Selden, John A., Notice of, 441.

Selwyn, George A., Notice of, 567.

Senate, United States, Character of, 410.

Sevier, Colonel John, in Southern Campaign in 1780, 631; Bio
graphical Sketch of-Elected Governor of Frankland, 633.
Seward, Miss, Quotation from, 198, 200.
Seymore, John, Governor of Maryland, Notice of, 399.
Seymour (young Patriot) in Battles at Sullivan's Island and
Brandywine-Tragedy of his Bride, 384.

Shaftesbury, Earl of (Anthony A. Cooper), biographical Sketch
of, 560.

Shank, Captain, in Battle at Spencer's Ordinary, 464.
Shaw, Captain, draws up Constitution of the Society of the
Cincinnati, 127.

Shelby. Colonel Isaac, in Southern Campaign in 1780-Bio-
graphical Sketch, 631; At Battle of King's Mountain, 633; At
Battle at Musgrove's Mill in 1780, 650.

Shelby, Lieutenant, in Expedition to the Scioto in 1774. 488.
Sheldon, Colonel Elisha, in command of Cavalry on East Side
of the Hudson in 1780-Receives fictitious Letter from Andrè
-Head quarters at Salem in 1780, 147.

Sheppard, Colonel, at Siege of Fort Henry in 1777, 498.
Sherburne, Major, killed at Battle of Germantown in 1777, 320.
Sherry, C., Quotation from, 92.

Shippen, Dr. William, biographical Sketch of, 241.
Shippen, Edward, appointed by Penn first Mayor of Philadel
phia in 1708, 257.

Shirley, Secretary, shot in Battle at Fort Duquesne in 1755, 479.
Short Men (Virginia Riflemen), Notice of, 535.

Short, Thomas, first Printer in province of Connecticut-Issues
the "Saybrook Platform" in 1810-Biographical Sketch of,
Siege of Boston in 1776 resolved upon by Washington, 9; Plan
of Attack-Re-enforcement of the Army-Council of War-
Number of American Troops-Situation of Washington. 10;
Condition of the British Troops - -Bombarded from Lech-
mere's Point-Industry of the Patriots - Farce. "Boston
Blockaded," 11; Insecurity of British Army and Fleet-Fur
ther Preparations for bombarding-Anniversary of "Boston
Massacre." 12; Evacuated by Howe-Condition of the Patri-
ots-Agreement to spare the Town-Cannonade renewed-
Commission to plunder issued by Howe-Directed by Con-
gress to be destroyed in 1775, 13: Bad Conduct of British
Troops - Their Embarkation - Entrance of the Americans
into the Town-Refugees, 14; Condition of, after Evacuation
-Destruction and Desecration of Property-Churches used
by the British for Barracks and Stables -Troops sent to New
York-Lingering of British Vessels - Final Departure, 15;
Capture of Campbell and Store Ships-Effect of Evacuation,

16; Strength of Americans, 18; Official Announcement of
Evacuation in London, 22; Royal Approval of Howe's Con-
duct during the Siege, 23.

Siege of Forts Clinton and Montgomery, 167.
Siege of Fort Boone in 1777, 1778, 493.

Siege of Fort Logan in 1777, 493.

Siege of Fort Henry, Wheeling Creek, in 1777-Approach of
Girty and Indians, 497; Inhabitants of Wheeling take Refuge
in Fort-Girty demands Surrender of Fort-Refused-Bat-
tle ensues, 498; Arrival of Swearingen and M'Culloch with
fifty-four Men-Girty sets Fire to Houses, kills Cattle, and
departs-Loss, 499.

Siege of Yorktown in 1781-Arrival of Washington and French
Officers at Williamsburg, 513; Prepares for Attack upon
Cornwallis-Arrival of allied Troops-De Choisé sent to in-
vest Gloucester-Allied Armies march toward Yorktown-
British withdraw toward Town on Approach of Americans,
514; French Troops ordered to take Possession of abandoned
Works-Cannonade from the Town-Colonel Scammell shot
by Hessians-Allied Forces invest the Town, 515; Position
of the American Corps-Bombardment of the Town-Burn-
ing of British Ships, 517; Continued Approaches toward
British Works, 518; Successful Assault upon Redoubts-
Bravery of French Grenadiers-Loss of Americans, 519; At-
tempt of Cornwallis to escape-Furious Storm of Wind and
Rain-Re-bombardment of the Town, 520; Surrender pro-
posed-Synopsis of Articles of Capitulation, 522; Ceremo
nies of Surrender of the British-Delivery of the Colors, 524;
Laying down of Arms-Loss of both Armies, 526.
Siege of Fort Motte in 1781 - Rawdon approaches Nelson's
Ferry-Lee's Expedient, 686; Rawdon's Retreat, 687.
Siege of Fort Ninety-six in 1781-Commenced by Kosciuszko,
691; Approach of Rawdon-Attempt to destroy Stockade-
Activity of the Bloody Scout, 692; Assault on Star Redoubt
-Capture of Stockade. 693; Loss and wounded-Raising of
the Siege-Arrival of Rawdon - His Pursuit of Greene-
Movement of the two Armies, 694; Courage and Arrest of
Emily Geiger-Rawdon foiled, 695.

Siege of Fort Watson in 1780-Marion demands of M'Kay un-
conditional Surrender of the Fort-Expedient of Colonel
Maham-Surrender of the British, 707; Killed and wounded,


Siege of Augusta in 1780-Approach of Clark and M'Call-
Skirmish with Indian Camp, 715; Skirmish at White House
-Colonel Brown wounded-Capture and Defeat of Ameri-
cans-Fate of the Prisoners, 716; Reassembling of Patriots
near Augusta, 717; Plan of Attack-Erection of Mayham
Tower-Skirmish-Garrison subdued, 718; Surrender of the
Forts to Americans-British Prisoners paroled to Savannah
-Loss and wounded, 719.

Siege of Savannah in 1779-Concentration of American Troops
-D'Estaing's Summons to surrender refused-His Error,
735; Arrival of Maitland-Victory lost by Delay-Plan of the
Siege, 736; Its Operations-D'Estaing proposes to storm the
Works-Bombardment opened upon British-Terror reigns
supreme, 737; Storming of Spring Hill Redoubt-D'Estaing
wounded-Death of Pulaski and Jasper, 738; Siege raised-
Loss-Withdrawal of combined Armies-Effect of the Move-
ment, 739.

Siege of Fort Sullivan in 1776-Attack of British Fleet-Re-
turned by Americans-Clinton repulsed-Cannonade of the
Fort-Fate of British Fleet. 755; Burning of the Actæon-
Effect of the Battle-Loss-Bravery of Sergeant Jasper, 756.
Siege of Charleston in 1780-Arrival of British Fleet-Advance
of Clinton, 764; Attack upon the Town-Surprise of Huger
-Proposed Surrender rejected-Plan of Battle-ground, 765;
Continuance of the Siege-Perils of the City - Killed and
wounded, 766; Cessation of Hostilities-Capitulation and
Surrender, 767.

Siege of Fort Washington, 826.

Sigourney. Mrs. L. H., Quotation from, 51, 427, 782.
Simcoe. Major, in command of Queen's Rangers, 343; In
Skirmish at Quintan's Bridge in 1778, 344; Massacres In-
mates of Hancock's House, 345; On Expedition to Virginia
under Arnold, 434, 444, 463; At Battle of Spencer's Ordinary
in 1781. 464; In Expedition to Petersburg in 1781, 543; Sent by
Arnold to take Fords on Nottaway and Meherrin Rivers, 547.
Simmons, J. W., Quotation from, 658.

Simms, Colonel John, captured under Cornwallis in 1781, 549.
Simins, W. G., Quotations from, 454, 455, 539.
Simpson, Captain, kills Whitechurst in Duel in 1766, 569.
Singleton, Colonel, at Battle of Guilford in 1781, 609.
Sinkler, William, Notice of, 698.

Sinnipink Lake, Notice of, 163.

Skelton, Martha, afterward Mrs. Jefferson. Notice of, 442.
Skirmish at Gaspee Point in 1772-Packet Hannah chased by
the Gaspee-Grounding of the Gaspee-Armed Boats dis-
patched from Providence under Whipple-Proceed to the
Gaspee, 61; Conflict ensues-Duddington wounded and con-
veyed to Pawtuxet-Destruction of the Gaspee, 62; At New.
port in 1769, on board Sloop Liberty-Seizure of Brig by the
Liberty-Captain assaulted with Fire arms-People of New
port demand the Assailants-Denied-The Liberty destroy.
ed, 71; In Newport Harbor in 1775, 72; At Quaker and Tur.
key Hill in 1778, 83; At Doodletown in 1777. 166; Near Fort
Montgomery, Hudson Highlands, 167; At Trenton in 1776,

227; Near Princeton in 1777, 235, 237, 238; At Whitemarsh
in 1777, 321; Near Matson's Ford in 1778, 329; At Quintan's
Bridge, between Simcoe's Rangers and American Patriots, un-
der Captain Smith, 344; Near the Brandywine in 1777, 376.
379; At Richmond, in 1781, between Simcoe and Americans,
435; At Long Bridge, between American Videttes and Arnold's
Troops, 443; At Charles City Court House, between Simcoe's
Troops and Virginia Militia, 444; At Spencer's Ordinary, be
tween Simcoe's Rangers and M.Pherson's Dragoons, in 1781.
464; Near Fort Necessity-Washington assaults the French
by Surprise - Engagement ensues Jumonville killed-
French made Prisoners-Sent to Eastern Virginia, 475; Near
Blandford Church, between Phillips and Steuben, in 1781,
544; At Expedition, under Tryon, against Regulators in 1771.
576; Between Lee's Troops and the British, near the Dan, în
1781, 603; Near Reedy Fork, 605, 606; At Wahab's Planta-
tion in 1780-At Charlotte, 625; At Greene's Spring, 630; At
Fish Dam Ford, 651, 652; At Mobley's Meeting-house, 659:
At Hanging Rock, between Sumter and British, in 1780, 662;
Near Camden, between Gates and Cornwallis, in 1780, 672;
At Hobkirk's Hill in 1781, 679; Near Eutaw Springs, 701,
In South Carolina, between Partisans, in 1779, 711; Between
Patriots and Indian Camp, near Augusta, in 1780, 715; Near
White House, 716; Near Mayham Tower, 718; At Hickory
Hill, Georgia, between British and Colonel Twiggs, in 1779,
734; Near Savannah, between British and Americans, in
1779, 735; Between Indians and Wayne in 1782, 740; At
Skidaway Island in 1782, 741; Near Georgetown, South Caro-
lina, in 1780, 770; At Parker's Ferry in 1781, 775; At Lind-
ley's Mill, 777; On the Combahee in 1781, 778; Between
Grant and Stirling at Battle of Long Island, in 1776, 809; Near
New Rochelle, between Sullivan and Howe, 820; Near White
Plains, 821.

Slashes, Virginian, described, 431, 445.

Slave of Captain Broadwater, biographical Sketch of, 421; Old,
at Hanging Rock, 661; At Orangeburg, 687.
Slaves, Indian, sent to Bermuda by Puritans, 95; Arrival of
first Cargo in Virginia in 1620, 457; Number of lost, by Cap-
ture and Death, in British Invasion of Virginia in 1781, 550:
In Lower Virginia, 554; Trial of, in South Carolina, 687; Im-
portation of, prohibited in Georgia in 1734, 722; Admitted in
1743, 723; Imported into South Carolina, 1672, 743; Sent to
West Indies in 1782; Number of, lost by South Carolina
during the Revolution, 779.

Sleepy Hollow, Notice of, 191.
Slocum, Mrs., Feat of, 588.

Small-pox in the British Army at Boston in 1776, 10; At
Charleston, South Carolina, in 1757, 645.
Smallwood, General William, Encampment of, near Paoli, in
1777, 370; Drives Arnold's Boats out of the Appomattox, 543:
Biographical Sketch of, 673.

Smith, Captain, in Skirmish at Quintan's Bridge in 1778, 344.
Smith, Captain, slays Colonel Stuart at Battle of Guilford in
1781, 610.
Smith, Captain, killed in Skirmish on the Combahee in 1771, 778.
Smith, Captain John, establishes Settlement at Powbatan in
1609, 432; Rebuilds Jamestown and Church in 1620, 447; Sails
for Virginia, under Newport, in 1606, 451; Imprisoned from
Jealousy-Appointed one of the Council of the Colony-
Released from Confinement - Allowed principal Manage-
ment of Affairs, 452; Voyage up the Chickahominy-Cap-
tured by Indians-Conveyed to the Banks of Rappahannock.
Potomac, and York Rivers - Biographical Sketch of, 453;
Carried before Powhatan at Werowocomoco-Tried-Con-
demned to Death, 454; Rescued by Pocahontas-Enmity of
Natives changed to Friendship-Returns to Jamestown-Es-
tablishes friendly Intercourse with Powhatan-Implores Set-
tlers to plow and sow-Leaves Jamestown with Disgust-
Explores the Country on the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay
-Returns to Jamestown-Made President of the Colony-
Turns Attention of Settlers to Agriculture, 455; Attempts to
establish Settlement at Powhatan-Seriously injured by Ex-
plosion of Gunpowder-Delegates his Authority to George
Percy-Returns to England for surgical Aid, 456; Place of
first landing in Virginia, 531.

Smith, Claudius, Freebooter of Ramapo Creek-Biographical
Sketch of, 210.

Smith, Colonel Samuel, at Attack of British on Fort Mifflin-
Biographical Sketch of, 295.

Smith, Dr. J. V. C., Notice of, 66.

Smith, General, at Battle of Quaker Hill in 1778, 83.
Smith, Governor George W., perished in Richmond Theater in
1811, 437.

Smith's Point, Long Island, Notice of, 834.
Smith, Joshua H., the Host of Arnold-Takes conspicuous part
in his Treason-Known to be a Tory, 148; Employed to
bring Andre from the Vulture-His Excuses, 155; They cross
the Hudson-Letter to his Brother, 156; Biographical Sketch
of, 184; His Journey with Andre to Crompond-Departs-
Returns to Fishkill, 186.

Smith, Lieutenant, killed at Battle of Germantown in 1777, 317.
Smith, Mrs. E. Oakes, Quotations from, 214, 248, 300, 423; Her

Tales, "Ramapo Pass," 214; and "Salamander," 211, 214.
Smith, Colonel Michael, biographical Sketch of, 791.
Smyth, Dr. J. F. D., Notice of Weedon's Inn, 382.
Smyth, Hon. G. W., Notice of, 221.

Smythe, Reverend Dr. Samuel, Notice of, 743.
Sneyd, Honora, Notice of, 198.

Stevens, Colonel Ebenezer, at Siege of Yorktown in 1781-Bi-
ographical Sketch of, 516.

Snowdon, Lieutenant, wounded in Battle of Guilford in 1781, Stevens, General Edward, at Battle of Great Bridge, near Nor


Snow's Island described, 771.

Society of the Cincinnati, organized near Fishkill Landing in
1783, 125; Record of Proceedings of, 126; Its Constitution
opposed by Judge Burke and others, 127; Certificate of
Membership-Fac simile of 128; Order of the Society-
Presidents General of, 129; "Free Society of Traders" emi-
grate to America and purchase Land in Pennsylvania, 253.
Somers, George, commissioned to Virginia in 1608, 456.
Sothel, Governor, of Albemarle Province in 1683, 561.
Sounding-board of Christ Church, Philadelphia, 248.
South Carolina leaves her Delegates free to vote relative to
Declaration of Independence, 276; Constitution of, adopted in
1778, 289; Legislature grants Annuity to Peter Harris (Indian),
656; Early History of, 743, 744; First Legislature of, in 1674,
745; Royal Government established in 1717-Extension of
the Settlement, 746; Organization of Civil Government, 752;
Condition of, after Invasion by British in 1779, 762; Re-es-
tablishment of Civil Government in 1782-Change of public
Sentiment-Waning of British Power, 776; Number of Slaves
lost during Revolution-Estimated Value of, 779.
South Carolinians, Boldness of. on Arrival of Stamps, in 1765,
747: Oppose the Landing of Tea in 1774, 749; Resolve on
Rebellion-Draw up Articles of Association, declaring them-
selves independent, 750; Take Measures to fortify Charleston
Harbor, 751.

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folk, in 1775-Character of, 535; Biographical Sketch of, 536;
Conducts Morgan's Prisoners to Charlottesville in 1781, 597;
Wounded at Battle of Guilford, 609.
Stevens, Governor, Notice of, 561.

Stewart, Major John, awarded Medal by Congress after Storm-
ing of Stony Point in 1779, 181; Reputed to be killed by Ac-
cident in South Carolina, 182.

Stirling, Lord, in command of American Troops in 1781, 145;
Biographical Sketch of, 807; At Battle of Long Island in 1776-
His Wardrobe, 808; Exchanged as Prisoner for Brown, 814.
Stirling, Richard, Notice of, 426.
Stockton, Annis, Quotation from, 242.
Stockton, Captain, Notice of, 242.
Stockton, Richard, Signer of Declaration of Independence-
His House desolated by British, 242; Biographical Sketch
of. (See Biography of Signers of Declaration of Independ
ence, Supplement.)

Stone, Thomas, Notice of, 402.
Stone, William, succeeds Thomas Greene as Governor of Ma-
ryland in 1649, 398; Gives Place to Commissioners appoint-
ed by Parliament-Restored to full Powers in 1654-Com-
pelled to surrender his Warrant to Commissioners-Organ-
izes armed Body of Roman Catholics - Seizes Provincial
Records-Made Prisoner-Four of his Men executed, 398.
Stonington, its Settlement in 1658-Bombarded by British in
1813, 51.

Spaight, Governor Richard D., Aid to General Caswell in 1780,

Spain refuses to comply with Application of George III., to
prevent her Subjects from aiding America, 19; Favorable to
the American Cause in 1780, 763.
Spaniards in Florida, 745, 751, 763.

Sparks, Major, wounded in Battle at Fort Duquesne in 1755,


Sparks, Veteran, Author's Interview with, 170.

Spencer, General Joseph, proceeds to New York after Evac-
nation of Boston by the British; Expedition against Rhode
Island-Resignation-Biographical Sketch of, 80.

Spencer's Ordinary, Notice of, 463.

Spoils of War, British Ship Hope, 15; Division of, at Stony Point,
182; Amount of, taken by British from Americans during
1776, 224; Baggage Wagons captured at Battle of Princeton
in 1777, 240; Taken by Americans in Battle of Monmouth, 365;
Taken by Americans at Surrender of Cornwallis at York-
town, 526; Taken by British on Elizabeth River, 538; Taken
by Americans at Battle of Moore's Creek in 1776, 588; Taken
by British in Skirmish at Wahab's Plantation in 1780, 625,
Taken by Americans at Battle of King's Mountain, 634;
Taken by Higgins from British, near Hanging Rock, in 1780,
602; Taken by British from Buford, in South Carolina, in
1780, 664; Taken by British near Savannah in 1778, 732;
Taken by British at Fort Lee in 1776, 828.
Spottswood, Governor Alexander, Notice of, 469, 505; Son of,
supposed to have been killed by Indians near Fort Duquesne
in 1757-Appointed Deputy Governor of Virginia in 1710,
471; Succeeded by Drysdale in 1722-Knighted and presented
with silver Horseshoe by George I, in commemoration of
his Expedition over the Blue Ridge-Character of, 472.
Sprague, Charles, Quotation from, 709.

Spring, Roger Williams's, at Providence, Notice of, 57.
"Spy Unmasked," Authorship of, 122, 123.

Squiers, Captain, Attack at Hampton Creek in 1775, 531.
Stamp master at Annapolis, 399; At Wilmington, North Caro-
lina, Resignation of, in 1766, 569; At Charleston, 747; At
New York, 788.

Stamps, Arrival of, at Charleston in 1765, 747; At New York
-Demanded by the People, 788; Delivered to the Mayor. 789.
Standards, American, presented to South Carolina Regiment
by Mrs. Elliot in 1776, 738, 756.

Standards, British, surrendered at Yorktown, 524.
Staples, William R., Quotation from, 63.

State House, Pennsylvania, Erection of, in 1740, 271, 272, 288.
States, Organization of Governments of, in 1776, 79, 289.
Statue of Washington in Capitol at Washington City, 410; In
Capitol at Richmond, 436; Of Pitt, at Charleston, 748; At
New York, 789; Destroyed by British in 1776, 790; Of George
IIL, at New York, 801.

Steele, Mrs. Elizabeth, Patriotism of, 598.

Stephen, General Adam, at Battle of Germantown in 1777, 316,
318: Biographical Sketch of, 320; In Expedition to Fort Du-
quesne in 1754, 475.

Stephens, Mr., Notice of, 59.

Stony Point, captured by Sir Henry Clinton in 1779, 175; To-
pography of, 175, 176, 178; Retaken by Americans under
General Wayne-Preparations for Attack-Negro Spy, 176;
Condition of the Fortress-Wayne's Proposition to storm it,
177; Approach of Americans-Capture of Sentinels-Storm-
ing of Fort, 178; Wayne wounded-His Bravery-Surrender
of Fort by British-Wayne's Dispatch, 179; Washington or
ders Evacuation of Stony Point-Destruction of the Works
-Seizure of Artillery and Stores-Ordnance placed on Board
Galley-Galley sunk by Enemy near Caldwell's Landing-
Since alleged to contain Kidd's Treasures, 180, 181; Division
of Spoils, 182.

Store Ships, British, capture of, 15.
Storm, violent, off Newport in 1778, 81.

St. Clair, General, dislodges British at Wilmington, North Car-
olina, in 1781, 529.

St. Clair, Sir John, wounded in Battle at Fort Duquesne in
1755, 479.
St. Mary's, Maryland, settled by Roman Catholics, under Cal-
vert, in 1634, 397.

St. Pierre, M. De, receives Letter from Dinwiddie by Wash-
ington, at Fort Le Boeuf, in 1753-Reply, 474.

St. Simon, Marquis De, in command of French Land Forces
under De Grasse in 1781, 511; At Siege of Yorktown, 515.
St. Tammany, Origin of Name of-Grave of-Notice of, 247.
Strickland, Mr., Quotation from, 417, 418.
Strickland, Executioner of Andrè-Notice of, 203.
Stuart, Colonel, killed at Battle of Guilford in 1781, 610.
Stuart, Gilbert, paints Sign of King of Prussia Tavern, 331.
Stuart, John, biographical Sketch of, 647.
Stuyvesant, Petrus, succeeds Kieft as Governor of New York
in 1625, 783; Biographical Sketch of, 784.
Suffolk, Virginia, devastated by British in 1779, 538.
Sullivan, General John, proceeds to New York after Evacua-
tion of Boston by the British, 15; Appointed in command
of American Troops at Rhode Island in 1778, 77; Succeeds
General Spencer in Expedition against Rhode Island in 1777,
80; Sends Letters of Remonstrance to D'Estaing in 1778, 82;
Succeeds General Lee in command of American Troops at
Veal Town in 1776, 223; At Battle of Trenton in 1776, 226,
227 At Battle of Germantown in 1777, 316; At Buffington's,
on the Brandywine, in 1777, 379; Charges preferred against
him by Burke-Defended by Washington-Dissension with
Deborre, 381; Made Prisoner on Long Island, 810; Sent with
Message to Congress-Exchanged for Prescott, 814.
Summer, Indian, on the Hudson, 98.
Sumner, General Jethro, in Southern Campaign under Greene,
in 1780, 625; Biographical Sketch of, 697.
Sumter, General Thomas, biographical Sketch of-His Com-
patriots in Southern Campaign in 1780-Attacked by Wemyss
at Fish Dam Ford, 651; În Battle at Blackstock's Plantation,
652; Styled the Carolina Game-cock-Receives Thanks from
Congress for his Valor, 653; In Battle at Rocky Mount in
1780. 659; His Defeat-Success at Wateree Ford-Defeat at
Fishing Creek-Passage of the Catawba, 660; In Battle at
Hanging Rock, 662; His Residence, 682.

Stephenson, Captain, in marauding Expedition to Virginia in Sunbury, taken by British in 1778, 733.
1781, 549.

Sterling, Colonel, at Red Bank in 1777, 292.

Steuben, Baron, Head-quarters of, near Fishkill Landing in
1782-Anecdote of, 125; President of Society of the Cincin-
nati, 126; Arrives in America in 1778-Joins Continental
Army-Appointed Inspector General, 341; His Aids-Bio-
graphical Sketch of-Monuments, 342, 343; At Richmond in!
1781. 435; Encampment at Green Spring, 446, 467; At Siege
of Yorktown in 1781, 526; Military Skill of, 543; At Battle
Dear Petersburg, 544; Joins La Fayette in Virginia, 550.

Sunnyside, Residence of Washington Irving, 192.
Surgeons, Rush, Leiper, Latimer, and Willett, sent back to
British Camp to attend wounded Americans after retreat
from Brandywine, 385.

Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781, 524.
Sutherland, Lieutenant, in command of Ship Vulture at Time
of Arnold's Treason, 150.
Swain, Gov. David L., Notice of, 578, 585, 586, 598, 617, 619, 623.
Swearingen, Colonel, at Siege of Fort Henry in 1777, 499.
Swiss, Settlement of, in South Carolina, in 1730, 746.

Talbot, Major Silas, in Expedition against Rhode Island in 1778,
81; Captures the Pigot, 96.

Tallmadge, General James, in Possession of Silver Bullet of a
Spy, 116.

Tallmadge, Major Benjamin, Head quarters at North Castle in
1780, 147; Causes Andrè to be brought back to North Castle
-Escorts him to North Salem, 189; Opposes Petition of
Paulding to Congress, in 1817, for increase of Annuity, 206;
Biographical Sketch of, 833.

Tammany Societies, Organization of-Still existing in New
York-Festivities of-Halls, Dedication of, 247.
Tanacharison (Half King) accompanies Washington to Fort Le
Boeuf in 1753-Extract from his Speech, 474; In Expedition
to Fort Duquesne in 1754, 475.

Tappan, Topography of Place of Execution of Andrè-En-
campment of American Army at, in 1777, 195.
Tarleton, General Banastre, personal Appearance of, 309; Sent
by Cornwallis to New London, Virginia, to destroy American
Stores in 1781-Returns to Portsmouth. 468; At Siege of
Yorktown in 1781, 514; In marauding Expedition to Virgin.
ia, 547; In Expedition to North Carolina, 592; Anecdote of,
and little Rebels, 600; In Skirmish near Reedy Fork, 605;
In Battle of Guilford-Biographical Sketch of, 607; Traverses
Country on the Wateree, 624; At Battle of Cowpens in 1781,
638; Anecdote of, concerning his Wound, 642; Massacres
Buford's Men, 664; In Battle near Camden, 671; Near
Charleston, 763, 765.

Tar River, Notice of, 557.

Tarrytown, Recollections of-Origin of its Name, 185.
Tate, Captain, at Battle of Cowpens in 1781, 637.

Tate, Captain, wounded at Guilford in 1781, 607.
Taylor, Bayard, Quotation from, 131.

Taylor, Daniel, Spy-Detected with Dispatch in Silver Bullet-
Executed, 116.

Taylor, Major, Notice of, 590.

Taylor, Reverend John, Quotation from, 342.

Taylor, President, at laying of Corner-stone of Washington
Monument, at Richmond, in 1850, 437.

Taylorsville, M-Conkey's Ferry, Place where Washington cross-
ed the Delaware, 221.

Taverns on old Lancaster Turnpike, Notice of, 369.

Captured at Rugeley's Mill in 1780, 666; Of South Carolina,
711; Dispersion of, 712; Of Georgia, take Refuge in Florida
in 1776-Organize under Title of Florida Rangers," 727; In
Charleston, 766; Disarmed in the vicinity of New York, 799.
Torpedo, Bushnell's, 814.
Tory Hill, Notice of, 40.

Tower, Stone, in Providence River, 60; Ancient, at Newport
-Its former Appearance - Attempted to be destroyed by
British-Obscurity of its Origin, 65.

Trading Ford. Notice of, 601.

Travis, Lieutenant, at Battle of Great Bridge, near Norfolk, in
1775, 535.

Treaty of Penn with Indians, 253; Between Dunmore and
Cornstalk, in 1774, at Camp Charlotte, 489; Between Pickens
and Creeks in Georgia, in 1782, 741; Of Peace between Great
Britain and the United States in 1783, 837.

Tree, Liberty, Boston, 15; Norwich, 31; Ancient Sycamore,
Rhode Island, 85; Arnold's Willows, near West Point, 140;
Aged Black Walnut, between Haverstraw and Stony Point,
where Wayne received his Black Pilot, 184, 185; White
Wood, under which Andrè was searched, 185, 186; Penn's
Treaty Elm, 254; Picture of, in Independence Hall, 272;
Hickory, at Red Bank, used as Flag-staff in 1777, 290; Coun
cil, at Jamestown, 447; Linden, imported from Scotland by
Lord Dunmore in 1772, 469; Laurel, 521; Tulip Poplars, at
Place of Cornwallis's Surrender, near Yorktown, 530; Dead
Pines, in Virginia and North Carolina, 554; Apple and Per-
simmons, on Battle-field of the Haw, 593; Sassafrases, on
Grave of Craighead, at Charlotte, North Carolina, 616; Great
Tulip, near King's Mountain, upon which Tories were hang-
ed, 629; Pride of India, at Orangeburg, South Carolina, 696;
Liberty, at Charleston, in 1765, 748, 757; Palmetto, described,
754; Magnolia, near Charleston, under which Lincoln held
Council in 1780, 779; Destruction of, 780; Stuyvesant's Pear,

Trent, Captain, in Expedition to Fort Duquesne in 1754, 475.
Trenton, Notice of, 220; Topography of, 228, 238; Rall's Head-
quarters, 228.

Triplet, Captain, at Battle of Cowpens in 1781, 637.
Tripp, William, receives Letters from his Family in Loaves of
Bread, 75.

Tazewell, John, Clerk of General Convention of Delegates at Troops, British, evacuate Boston in 1776, 14; Marauding Ex-
Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1776, 505.

Tea, Destruction of, at Providence, in 1773, 58; At Greenwich,
260; Refused at Charleston in 1774, 749; Destruction of, at
New York in 1773, 792.

Tea Party, New Jersey, Names of, 260.

Tea Ships, Arrival of, in the Delaware, in 1773, 260; Arrival
and burning of. at Annapolis, in 1774, 401; Arrival of, at New
York, in 1773, 792.

Teach, famous Pirate "Black Beard," Notice of, 562
Temple, near New Windsor, for Chapel and other Purposes,117.
Teedyuscung, Notice of, 250.

Tennent, Reverend Gilbert, Memoir of- Sermons used for
Cartridge Paper, 367.

Tennent, Reverend William, remarkable Case of- Describes
his own Feelings-Loss of his Papers, 367.

Ternay, Admiral De, arrives at Newport in command of French
Fleet in 1780, 87; Death of, 88; Succeeded by D'Estouches
in 1781, 540.

Territory, American, claimed by English and French, 472.
Thacher, Dr., Quotations from, 132, 335.

Thanksgiving, public, recommended by Congress in 1777, 333;
In 1781, 528.

Theater, Richmond, destroyed in 1811, 437.

Thomas, General, takes Possession of Dorchester Heights in
1776, 11.

Thompson, Major (Count Rumford), biographical Sketch of, 23.
Thomson, Charles, Secretary of first Continental Congress-
Biographical Sketch of, 267; Reads Letter of Washington on
Capitulation of Cornwallis, 527.

Thomson, Colonel William, biographical Sketch of, 650.
Thornton, J. Wingate, Notice of, 25.

Throck's Neck, Origin of Name of-Landing of British at, in
1776, 819.

Tilghman, Colonel, Anecdote of, 429; Bears Dispatches to Con-
gress concerning Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, 527.
Tippett's Creek, Events near, in 1777, 829.

Toast of La Fayette at York, Pennsylvania, 339.
Tobacco, introduced into England, 450; Monopolized in Vir-
ginia by Charles I., in 1625, 458: Destroyed by Arnold and
Phillips, at Warwick, in 1781, 546; Cultivation of, in North
Carolina, 556.

Tombstone, old, at Jamestown, 448.
"Tonomy Hill, Notice of, 68, 69, 80.


pedition up the Hudson-Rendezvous near Dobbs's Ferry in
1776, 195; Marauding Expedition up the Delaware in 1778,
220; Injudicious disposition of, in New Jersey, in 1776, 226 ̧
Retreat from Whitemarsh to Philadelphia, 322; Sent out
from Philadelphia, in 1778, on Expedition to plunder Amer
ican Posts, 343, 344; Queen's Rangers, 343, 464; Evacuate
Philadelphia in 1778-Pursued by Americans across New Jer
sey, 353; At Battle of Brandywine in 1777, 382; Checked by
Greene, 383; At Bladensburg in 1814, 405; Near Jamestown
in 1781, 464, 465, 466; Retreat to Portsmouth, 468; Under
Braddock, 477; At Yorktown, 510: Surrendered, 524; Under
Phillips, at Petersburg, 543; At Charlottesville, 552; Under
Cornwallis, in the Carolinas, 596; In pursuit of Greene, 600;
At Guilford, 608; At the Cowpens, 639; Near Camden, 670,
677; At Ninety-six, 694; At Eutaw, 701; At Brier Creek, 713;
At Savannah, 731, 736; At Charleston, 754, 760, 762: Depre-
dations of, on Carolina Coast, in 1779, 761; Retreat from Eu-
taw in 1781, 775; Land at Staten Island in 1776, 800; On Long
Island, 804; March toward New York, 807; Land at New
York, 817; At Throck's Neck, 819; Re-enforcement of, at
New York, 820: Encampment of, near King's Bridge, 825;
Evacuation of New York City, 838.

Troops, Continental, in Expedition against Rhode Island in
1778, under La Fayette, 80, 339: Land on Rhode Island —
Encampment at Quaker Hill-Condition of, after great Gale
at Newport, 82; Destitution of, in Hudson Highlands, 137;
At Valley Forge, 137, 322, 335; Cross the Delaware, under
Washington, in 1776, 221; Offered Bounties of Land and
Money, 225; Destitution of, relieved by confederate Ladies
of Philadelphia, 312; Departure from Whitemarsh, in 1777,
to Valley Forge, 322; At Barren Hill, under command of La
Fayette (for the first Time), in 1778, 328; Whole Number of
at Valley Forge, 335, 352; Promised La Fayette at Albany,
339; Number and Condition of, in Summer of 1778, 352;
Encampment on Red Clay Neck in 1777, 376; Retreat of, at
Battle of Brandywine, 384; March toward Germantown aft
er Battle of Brandywine, 386; Destitution of, at Baltimore,
394; Under Steuben, in Virginia, 435, 436; Under La Fayette,
in Virginia, 463. 466; On their way South in 1781, 509, 513;
At Yorktown, 515; At Petersburg, 543; Under Greene in the
Carolinas, 600, 608; At the Cowpens, 639; At Hanging Rock,
near Camden, 662; Under Gates, Sufferings of, 670; At
Camden, under Greene, 677; At Ninety-six, 694: At Eutaw,
701 At Brier Creek, 713; At Savannah, 721, 731, 736; At
Charleston in 1776, 754; In 1780, 760; At New York, under
Lee, in 1776, 798; On Long Island, 805; Condition of, 821;
In West Chester, 820; Retreat through the Jerseys, 825.
Troops, Carolina, in Virginia in 1755, 567.
Troops, German, Reasons for employing them for British Serv
ice-Sail for America in 1776, under Lord Howe, 21.

Tooke, John Horne, imprisoned for Libel on British Troops-
His Letter to Counselor Dunning-"Diversions of Purley,"
Tories, of Rhode Island, arrested by General Lee in 1775, 72;
With Brant at Battle of Minisink in 1779, 101, 102: Joshua
H. Smith, 148; Strickland, Executioner of Andrè, 203; Near
Valley Forge in 1778, 335; Uniform of, in 1778, 344; Girty,
Elliot, and M Kee, Notice of, 497: Ephraim Cooke, 592; Bar-Troops, Hessian, at Charlottesville, Virginia, 553; At Battle of
barity of a Tory to a dying Whig-Hanged before his own
Door, 609; Gathering of, near King's Mountain, in 1780, 630;
Execution of, 635; Faithlessness of, in Carolina, în 1776, 650;

Long Island in 1776, 22; At Fort Washington, 825.
Troops, Irish, hired to come to America, 20; Sail under Lord
Howe in 1776, 21.

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