to its own — with open mind, fine ambitions, with its years in front of it. There was no parting from the men who had made possible these activities, but one heart and one strength. This union has helped shape the future. We are young enough to live, and old enough to live bravely and forcibly. There is no demand for new methods, for our methods are already new. The need is for a more complete fellowship and combination of energies, that every one may have his work and its recompense.

Something might well be said in appreciation of the system of church life in which we stand, as our founders did. This is a church of the people. It has its pattern and warrant in the day when Christianity was simple and its ways natural. It was the only system practicable here when our beginning was made. It worked well. In due time, and in some degree under its influence, the new nation fashioned itself after the same method. I do not claim that the churches shaped the nation; but they have kept the same character. Both are republican. The churches stand in fellowship, but there is no authority of men over us who are here. This we like. This has answered its end. We have met the questions of the times and solved them. We have served the state and have reached into the regions beyond which seem to gravitate towards our shores. We have kept“ the faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints." We respect the teaching of later saints and sages. But no word of man stands between us and the New Testament. We can read, and read even the Greek sentences. Variety of interpretation and understanding must needs come, but the appeal is always to the New Testament. We are not alone in this, but this is our way. Our churches, with this church, are sending the truth through the world; and with this have furnished liberty and good government, education, righteousness, and all the virtues. So have others done, but none has surpassed us. Our system has proved its sufficiency, and stood all tests.

We boast no superiority, but we believe in the way of the fathers, and our loyalty to them makes us prefer the things which they established, content with their wisdom and satisfied with its actual operation. We are not bound to them by written compact, but it is an added and peculiar pleasure that in our freedom we walk in their paths. Our loyalty is their due. If we are to have claim upon posterity we must be just to our ancestry. We are very strong, yet we can receive enlargement. Agreement we have: there might be a stronger and larger binding of our purposes and forces; a more complete devotion to our Saviour, our Lord; an utter faith in God and an obedience which never hesitates before his commandments. Then we are ready for the years to come. We have been true to our past.

The line of ten ministers is unbroken, from the godly Shepard to the learned Holmes; from matchless Mitchel to the venerated Albro. These have found the reward of their fidelity. We have kept the faith. The gifts which we inherited will make a large bequest. It is the future with which we must now keep faith, and we shall do it; in His name, and as God shall give us grace. The church has many gifts and large wealth, but its choicest treasure is its future, which holds its past and will not let it go. We devote ourselves; we pledge those who shall, one by one, glide into our places and rise quickly to our privileges. For the great blessing is life, and life will be here abundantly — even the power of an endless life.

What now remains for me to say, but that I give God thanks that he set me into his ministry, and appointed my place here, where I should live, be compelled to live by the life which surrounds us, pervades the air, stimulates the thought, carries us into the light! I bless God for his goodness! I bless you, my dear people, for your kindness! You have been very good to me; very considerate and patient; granting me liberty, and as large an opportunity to live as a man could desire. You make greater account than I can of the work of the years. I try to rise toward your estimate. So far as this I come readily: to thank you, to bless God, in all gratitude and cheerfulness to move on, in the cheer of your confidence, the comfort of your affection, the fellowship of your service,- on along the path which grows brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.

We will keep faith with God and with one another, and faith with those into whose work we have entered, while we again repeat together the old prayer: “ The Lord our God be with us, as he was with our fathers.'

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