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St. James's Pure Religion is defended against the

Charges, and established upon the Concessions, of Mr. RICHARD and Mr. ROWLAND HILL.

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" Reprove, rebuke, exhöit, with a) long-luffering, and fcrip

tural doctrine; fortije time will come.when they will not endure found doctrine.''

2 Tim. iv. 2: 3. " l'herefore rebuke them there, thut they may be found in the

faith, but let brotherly love continuči, Tít. j. as. Heb. xii. . • Some, whose carnal hearts could not bear, the reproofs they

have met with in St. Fumet's Epits, hayé érd-avoured to dispute his authority. By reading this blelsed Scripture, given by inspiration of God, we find how early Satan began to low his cares among the wheat of God, and to bring the accurled weeds of ANTINOMIANISM into the vineyard of to holy Jesus: one grand design of this Epistle was to root Thele up, and to prevent the spreading of those libertine doctrines, which threatened the destruction of all practical goili. Bols." The Rev. Mr. Madan's Sermon on James ii.


LO N DO N: Printed and sold at the New-Chapel, City-Road; and at the

Rev. Mr. Welley's Preaching-Houses in Town and Country. 1790.



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