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QUERY VIII. Since though all Christians own

the Resurrection of the fame Body for Substance; yet they also own, there will be a mighty Change in it, with respect to those Qualities that all suit it to the Heavenly Regions, and to the Operations of our perfeeted Spirits there, (and that conformably to such "Passages of Scripture as these, i Cor. xv. through out.

2 Tim. ii. 18. 2 Cor. v. 10. John v. 28, 29. Acts xxiv. 15. &c.) How can thore Quakers pretend to believe that great Article of our Christian Religion, who violently oppose this Doctrine? Who expound the cleareft Passages of Scripture that speak of the Resurrection of the Dead, even all those in the 1 Cor. xv. of a Spiritual and Mystical Resurrection from the Death of Sin, to a Life of Righteousness, i. e. of a Resurrection already paft * ? Who deny the Re

* See W. Penn's Surrection of the same numerical Invalid.ity of J. Body? Who reproach it as a car Faldo's &C. nal Resurrection, and censure it to be as absurd a Doctrine, as that of Transubftantiation, and fitter for Mahometans than Christians to expect? (a) (a) Id. Reason a

If it be objected, that the Apostle gainst Railing page Paul distinguisbes between a natural 134. 138. and spiritual Body, and asserts the

(6) Thomas El. Refurretion of no other than a spin wood's Answ. to ritual Body. (b)

G. Keith's first Answer, What the Apostle asserts Narrative, p. 149. is, That that which is sown a natural (or animal) is raised a spiritual Body, i. e. that 'that Body' which was here in its present Constitution and Qualities suited to this animal

Life, shall be raised with very different Qualities, and such as are suitable to its Union with a glorified

Spirit. But that he nieans the same (c) Body for Substance is evident; for

(faith be) this Morfal (pointing at bis own Body, for nothing else was Mortal in bim) shall put on Immortality, and this Corruptible hall put on Incorruption, i Cor. xy. The fame Body that is sown in Corruption, Dishonour, and Weakness, hall be raised in Incorruption,

Glory, and Power, 1 Cor. xv. 43, (d) 44. 'Tis our yile Bodies that Thali

be fashioned like to CHRIST's glorious. Body, Phil. iii. 21. And indeed our Bodies can never be truly said to be raised from the Grave, if nothing of their former Substance rewain. A new and numerically different Body cannot be said to rise again. Nothing can arise but that which fell, not to be quickned again, but that which was dead. Every one must receive at the last Day the Things done in his Body, 2 Cor. V. 10. : There will indeed be a marvellous Change made

in our Boàies by His Power, who is (e) able to subdue all Things to Himself,

of which we have a sensible Specimen in our LORD's Transfiguration on the Mount. But to desiy (as the Quakers do) the Resurrection of the same numerical Body, is to deny the scriptural Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead. And this the Apostle Paul juftly calls erring, concerning the Truth, to the overthrowing the Faith of Men, 2 Tim. 2. 18.

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HỞ we apprehend no natural Decay in the

general Frame and Structure of this WORLD, yo

we question not, but by the Power of GOD, who made it, it may be diffolv'd or changed in that great Harvest, the last, great, and general Day of Judgment, when we believe (notwithstanding what

Adversaries alledge) that same JESUS CHRIST who was crucified, buried, rose again, ascended and is glorified with the same Glory he had before the WORLD began, will in His own proper glorified Body, as the heavenly -Man, come in great Power and Glory to judge both the Just and Unjuft, Quick and Dead, who fall change our fleshly, vile, and mortal Body, that Phil. 3. 21. it may be fashioned like unto bis glorious Body, according to the Working, whereby be is able to subdue all Things to himself. Every Man's Soul being vitally united to a diftinet, spiritual and angelical Body, proper to it, as Thall please the Divine Being, the great and good Maker and Giver thereof; which Body we believe will as far transcend this natural and corruptible Body, as the Bodies of Angels, to whom we shall be equal, do the Bodies of Flesh, Blood, and Bones; nor dare we determine with what Bodies we shall arise, or of what the A LMIGHTY will form our ResurrectionBody, being well pleased with what he is pleased to give us, and knowing, Thou Fool belongs to the 11neceffary Medler.



See those that follow my Reply to Section I. and to

thém add,

Or if ye believe Jesus died, and rose a

E meni 1 Thef. 4. 14.

gain; even so them also which sleep in Jesus to the end.

wil GOD bring with Him ; for this we say un

to you by the Word of the LORD, that we which are alive, and remain unto the coming of the LORD, shall not prevent them which are asleep ; for the LORD himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the Voice of the Arch-angel, and with the Trump of GOD, and the Dead in CHRIST shall rise first, then we which are alive, and remain, shall be caught up together with them in the Clouds to meet the LORD in the air ; and lo shall we ever be with the LORD; wherefore comfort one another with these Words.

And many of them that sleep in the Dust of the Dan. 12. 2, 3.

Earth shall awake, some to Everlasting Life, and fome

to shame and Everlasting Contempt; and they that be Wile Mall shine as the Brightness of the Firmament, and they that turn many to Righteousness as the Stars for ever and ever. Mat. 13. 43

Then shall the Righteous Shine forth as the SU N in the Kingdom of their FATHER.

But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain Luke 20. 35. to

that World, and the Refurre&tion from the Dead; nei39.

ther Marry, nor are given in Marriage, neither can

they die. any more;, for they are equal unto the Angels, and are the Chillren of the Resurrection. Now, that the Dead are railed, even Moses shewed at the Bush, when he calleth the LORD the GOD of Abraham the GOD of Isaac, and the GOD of Jacob; for he is not the GOD of the Dead, but of the Living, for all live unto Him.

For we kner, that if this Earthly House of this 2 Cor. s. I, 1o. Tabernacle were dissolv'd, we have a Building of

GOD, In House not made with Hands, Eternal in the Heavens.--For we must all appear before the Fudgment-Seat of CHRIST, that every one may receive the Things done in his Body, Gording to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

But some Man will sav, homo are the Dead raised į Cor. 15. 35.

up, and with what Body do they come ?, THOU FOOL That which thou foreft is not quichned, ex*

cept it die, and that which thou Jowet, thou forget not thar Borly that fbali te, but bare Grain it may chance of Wheat, van


to 45.

of some other Grain ; but GOD giveth a Body as it hath pleased Him, and to every Seed his own Body. All Flesh is not the same Flesh, but there is one kind of Hifh of Men, another Field of Beasts, another of Fishes, and an nother of Birds. There are also Coelestial Bodies, and Bodies Terrestrial; but the Glory of the Cælestial is one. and the Glory of the Terrestri. al is another, there is one Glory of the Sun, and another Glory of the Moon, and another Glory of the Stars, for one Star differeth from another Star in Glory ;so alfo is the Resurrection of the Dead, it is sown in Core ruption, it is raised in Incorruption; it is sown in Dishonour, it is raised in Glory; it is sown in Weakness, it is raised in Power ; it is foron a Natural Body, it is raised a Spiritual Body; there is a Narural Body, and there is a Spiritual Body.

Authorities from our own Writers. To those that follow my Reply to Section I.

add these

Y this Gift of GOD in our Hearts, we further believe

that Chrift Fefus rose again from the Dead, according unto the Scriptures, and fits ac God's right Hand in a glorious Body ; and we believe that our love Estates, and humbled Bodies, 'Thall be made like unto his glorious Body, thro' the working of his mighty Power, whereby he is able John Crook's to fubdue all Things unto himself, and that Truth's Principles, this Mortal shall put on Immortality. p. 22. be- 1663. P. 19. caufe we dare not be fo foolishly inquifitive, as to say, with what Bodies shall chey arise ; therefore do some say, We deny both the Resurrection of CHRIST, and of all that are and shall be Dead; but this also is false for every Man lhall be fajfed in his own Order, but CHRIST the first Fruits, 1 Cor, IS. 23.

Tis a known thing, that as we have always afferted a Resurrection of Bodies, fo we have T. Elwood's Analways denied the Body which is to be raised to swer to Keith's be the same Body that died, with respect to Grof First Nirratite, ness and Carneity; and that first, from the Principles of our Opposers about it, who hold that it is wonderfully chang’d, and therefore 'tis a wonder it should be the very fame. Secondly, From the Reason and Nature of the Thing, which will not admit a Natural Carnal Body to be a suitable Habitarian for a glorified Soul in Heaven to dwell is; nor to be the


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