Gbory, to GOD on high, Peace-on Eartba and Goodwill to Men.

Lastly, may it please my Friendly Reader

; tq favouri me with that common Justice due to all, and especially Religious Controversies.;- first read and then comAgain'tFolme pare before Judgment

, and take of Jerusaloma, the Advice of Jerom, That thou favourest

, neither me, nor my Adverfary, that, thou , regardest not the Per

Song but the cause only. For

with what Fudgment ye judge, yeshall be judged, and with what Measure gemete, at fall be measured to you again.

Matt. vii. 2.

Dublis 21. 6th

Month, '1728.


I am in Christian Charity

thy well-wishing Friend,

Samuel Fuller.

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UERY I. Since all the Christian Churches in

the East, and all the Western Churches, botb

Popish and Proteftant; whatever en
ther differences they have, do get all agree (a)
in the Articles of the Creed, commonly called
the Apostles Creed, and

own them as undoubted Prin ciples of the Chriftian Religion ; Query, Whetherthe People called Quakers own them or not? If they do not, what pretence have they to the (6) name of Christianis? If they do, why are they guilty of fo monstrous Uncharitableness as to confine Christianity to their own narroiu Sect?

Nay, why do they give all Christians so great occasion to suspect that they do not, by denying such Articles of that Creed, as Christ's Al cension and fitting at the right hand of (c) God, and coming thence to judge the. (d) Quick and the Dead, and the Resurrection of the Body, in that sense in which all Christians in every Age have understood them? (of which more afterwards.)


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HE vajt Variety of Creeds, and great Disputes

about sundry Controverted Articles, plainly indicate the Folly and Danger of leaving the Phrafe of the Holy Text; and tho' the Bible, which is of Divine (a) Inspiration and Authority be the QUAKERS Creed, left they hould believe Human Authority instead of Divine ; yet of all old Creeds of Human Invention, they prefer that commonly calld the Apofles to any other, as being very Comprebena fave, Antient and Neareft to the Words and Stite of the Inspired Writers. OITOG 2 Nor do they confine-Christianity tothemselves, but

believe and assert in the Words of the Aēts X. 34-35.

Blessed Apostle Peter, Of a Truth, I

perceive that GOD is no respecter of Pera sorts, but

every Nation, be that feareth Him, and worketh Righteousness is accepted with Him. Nor are they firmer in the Faith of any Article of

the Creed aforesaid, 'than in the Afcenfion of (c.doe) CHRIST and his Sitting at the Right Hand

of GOD, and coming to judge both the Quick and the Dead, as also the Resurrection of the Body, all vhich they confirm by the following



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I be

up, and à Cloud received him oat of their Sight; and while they looked stedfastly towards Heaven as he went up : behold two Men stood by them in white Apparel; which () Acts 1. 9. alfo said ye Men of Galilee

, why ftand' ye gazing up intol No. 1. Heaven: this Game Jesus which is taken up from you into Heaven shall so come in like männer, as we have seen him go into Heaven,

According to the Working of his mighty Boroby tobich he woraught in CHRIST, when he raised him from the Eph. 1. 19, Dead; and set him at his owon Right Hand in the Heavenly 20. 21. places, far above all Principality, and Power, and Might, anl Dominion, and every Name tbat'* Named, not only in this World, brat also in that which is to come.

Looking unto JESUS, the Author and Finisher of our Faith, who for the Foy that was set before him ens Heb. xii. 2. dured the Cross

, defpifing the shame, and is set down at the Right Hand of the Throne of GOD.

Because he has appointed a Day, in the which he will judge the World in Righteousness, by thai Man whom he or Acts xvii. 31/2) dained, whereof he hath given affurance anto all Men, in that he hath raised bin from the Dead.

And I samo a great white Throne, and Him that sat on it ; from whole Face the Earth and the Heaven fled away, and there was found no place for them; and I savo the Dead (mall and Rev.xx,11.1916. great stand before GOD, and the Books here opened; and another Book ppas open'd, which is the Book of Life, and the Dead were judged out of these Things which were Written in the Books according to their Works, and Death and Hell deliver'd up the Dead which were in them and they were judg'd every Man according to their Works, and Death and Hell pere cast into the Lake of Fire, this is the second Death, and whosoever was not found Written in the Book of Life coas cast into the Lake of Fire.

Behold. I shevo you a Mystery: we shall not all sleep, but we fhall 'all be changed, in a moment in the twink i Cori XV: $. ling of an Eye, at the last Trump. (for the Trumpet fhall to 55. Yound, and the Dead fhall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed for this Corruptible must put on Incorruption, and this mor. tal miut put on Immortality; so when this Corruprible shall have put on Tricorruption and this Morial shall have put on Immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written; Death is hallow'd up in Viftory.

For our Conversation is in Heaven from whence also we look for the s'AVIOUR, the LORD FESUS Phil iii.20,21. CHRIST who shall change our vile Body, that it may be fashion d like unto his glorious Body,;, according to the Working whereby he is able even to subdue all Things to himself.


Authorities from our own Writers.


illiam Penn writing concerning the Holy Scripture, he

begins thus; Thanks be to GOD, That only is our Creed, and with good reason too, since 'tis fit, That

should conly conclude and be the Creed of

Christians, which the Holy Ghost could only W. Penn's An. , propose and require us to believe; for if swer to the Bishop the Comment is made the Creed instead of of Cork, p. 466 the Text, from that Time we believe not in

GOD, but in Man. Ditto. p. 107.

We plainly and entirely believe the Truths contained in the Creed that is commonly, called the Apostles, which is very Comprehen

live, as well as Antient. T. Wyeth's We own the Matter contained in the Switch, Int.p. 34. Creed, called the Apostles. Benjamin Coole, It is not only all that we suppose Truths against Keith. in the Apoftles Creed that we believe, but Honesty the trueft even all that is contained in what is called Policy, p. 106. the Apostles Creed; allowing us, but a just

and reasonable Explanation in Three Particulars, that seem to us not safely worded.

First: He descended into Hell. Now, if by Hell be understood, as Dr. Wallis faith. no more than that he was in the State of the Dead, we subscribe to it.

Secondly, From thence be shall come to judge both Quick and Dead. From thence he shall come, implies, that he thall leave that Glory, with which he is glorified with the Father. Now, if it be intended only that there is a Day appointed wherein he shall come in Power and great Glory to judge both Quick and Dead. we subscribe to that also; it being more confonant to the Holy Scripture-Testimony so to believe and say. Thirdly, The Resurrection of the Body. If by Body is meant a Spi

ritual Body, then we subscribe to that also, (e)

as well as to all the rest, it being as much our Faith and Persuasion as any. Mans.


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