Lufts and vile Affections, yea, and their own Wills Him, and these GOD will bide in the Hollow of His Hand, and under the Shadow of His Wing:


QUERY XI. Whether they that deny the Locality

of * Heaven and Hell, do not in ef

fect deny the eternal Rewards and joinder, p. 179.

Punishments of the Life to come?

W. Penn's Re

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ERE that our Faith, I would deny the
Consequence; but we deny both the Pre-

mises and the Consequences aforenamed: For we believe that Heaven is both a Place and State of inexpressible and endless Joy for the Godly; ảnd Hell, a Pláce and State of inexpressible and endless Misery for the Wicked, and such as forget GOD; an Earnest of each may be witpeffed in this Life, but the Fulness in the World to come.




OR fince the Beginning of the World, Men.

have not beerd; nor perceived by the Ear, nei Isa. 64. 4, ther bath the Eye seen, o ĠOD befides tbee what He bath prepared for him that waiteto for Him, i Cor. 2. 9, 10. In thy Presence is fulness of Joy, as thy right Pfal

. 16. 11. Hand there is Pledure for Evermore.

Many fhall.come from the East, and West, and hall fit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Ja-. Mat. 8. II, 12, cob in the Kingdom of Heaven. But the Children of the Kingdom Jhall be caft out into outer Darkness, there shall be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth.

Into Hell into the fire that never shall be quenched; Mark 9. 43, 44. where their Worm dierb not, and the fire is not quenched.

And these shall go away into Everlasting Punish- Mat. 25. 46. ment, but the Righteous into Life Eternal.

In my Fapher's House are many Mansions, I go to prepare a place for you ; and if I go to prepare John 14. 2, 3; a Place for you, I will come again and receive you unto my felf, shat where I am, ye may be likewise,

Nom being made free from Sin, and become SerPanes to GOD, ye bave your Fruit unta Holiness, and. Rom. 6. 22, 23. the End Everlasting Life ; for the Wages of Sin is Death but ebe Gift of GOD is Eternal Life, through Jesus Christ our LORD.

To en Inheritance. incorruptible and undefiled, and that fadeth not away ; refery'd, in Heaven 2 Pet. I. I, 4, for you, who are kept by the Power of GOD SA through Faith.

Ant to you that are troubled, reft with us, when the LORD JESUS shall be revealed from Hea 2. Thes. J: 7, 8, Vin, with His mighty Angels in flaming Fire, taking 3. Vengeance on them that knowo not GOD. and that obey not the Gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, who shall be punished with Everlasting Destruction from the Presence of the LORD, and from the Glory of His Power.

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Aitbòrities from our own Writer's.



P. 20, 21.



HE Heaven which is GOD's Throne, S. Fisher's Velatt GOD's House, GOD's Tabernacle, is qualem revelar &, not only that high plue, locally situated above the Quarto,,1661. Skies; but that high and holy Place allo of a

low and bumble Heart, and a broken and contrite

Spirit that trembles at His Word, there He delights to manifef Himself, who is the High and Lofty One who inhabits Eternity And writing concerning Hell, he adds, D. 21. This is-á Burning within, kindled under all Men's Fleshly Glory, of which, mean while nor denying it to be al. to a certain Locél Place, as ye fpeak we affirm, that it is within the Conscience of every Malefa&tor, or implenitent Rebel against the Light, where the Wrath of GOD is manifested against sin.

We do fiot confine all out expected Attain. G. Whitehead's ments of Heather and Glory to within us, in this Atidore, p. 116. Life, but the way to attain more thereof in

that which is to come, is to partake of some share thereof in court gefis, even in this life, and where Chrift is enjoy'd ; there Arkaden and Glory is in measútė Spiritually en. joyed, there being tward and spiritha Heavens, as well as Natural; here we enjoy Hetven of Hell But in part, hereafter in the Fade Stefs of Enlieff Joy and Happifefs; or Woe and Mifety,

Tho both Heaven and Hell may in fore Tho. Upsher's Sense and Degree be in Mén, that is, & Degree An/ber to Keith's "of Heaven; of Heavenly Places in the Righteous Call, p. 71. 722 in Christ Jefus, and Yotne Degree of Hei; Ter.

rors, Íribulation, or Anguish in the Wicked, even in this Life ; yer is Heaven not wholly within the one, nor Hell wholly within the other in this Life, but an Earnest thereof for Heaven is both in and without, and fo is Hell; yet both are discover'd within, beforte fully enter'd into; both the Joy of the one, and unto many che Terror of the other

Queftion, What is Hel? s. Hunt's Instruc Anfract, A Piece and Srære of Mifery, where tions for Children, the Worm dieth not, and the Fire is not

quenched, Mark 9. 41.

We own the one Mediator betwixt GOD J. Field's True and Man, the Man Christ Jesus, who machrijft Owne:1 p.22. keth Interceffion for Man in Heaven without

p. 18.


We believe that the Righteous Thall rise and ascend into Glory, and be glorified in Heaven Trutb Exalted. with an Esernal Reward, and that the Wicked also shall rise and come to Judgment, and be turn'd into Hell to receive an Eternal Punishment.

Our Godly Resolution redoubles with ou Adverfaries Onsets, and whatever may befall William Penn's us here, as our Hope, So our Reward is from Works, Vol. 2. God in that high and heavenly Place, which is' p. 305. above the reach of Time, and every Affault of our implacable Adversaries, p. 442. I did most exprelly cell him, Tho we own the beginning of Heaven and Hell to be in this World (who charg'd us with the Denial of them any where else) yet that they were but Earnests of that complete Foy or Torment that Men fhould receive as their Eternal Reward or Recompence hereafter.

In full Affurance that, when our Testimony is finish'd, and this mortal Life ended, Testimony to Au. we shall have a Dwelling-Place in that King- thority, 1685. dom of Glory which Christ Felus hath prepared for us, and purchased by His own Blood; by whom we only expect to enjoy the fame, when we shall rest from our Labours and sufferings, and give Glory to our GOD, and to the Lamb, who is worthy of Dominion for ever. Ames.

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ERE, Christian Reader, please to observe
the base Forgery of him who first objected

this to us, or would insinuate that to be the Creed or Opinion of W. Penn; for in the Page cited, we find W. Penn relating the Opinion of another, one Captain Norwood, who deny'd the Locality of Heaven, for which he was excommunicated by Sydrach Sympou, with gross Aggravations, which is a noted Initance of his former Brethren's Way of stretching Caufes and perfecuting Spirit. The Quotation runs thus :

Ċ For he (Captain Norwood) deny'd thợ Locality 4 of Heaven and Hell, that is void of outward Place,

as looking upon them to have a more spiritual Sigvifcation, and that the other was too Carnal.

Of which Opinion, though the learned Authors of the Athenian. Oracle, Vol. I. p. 131. seem to declare themselves, yet would reckou it vile Usage to inter thence their Denial of Eternal Rewards and Punilor ments; and much more might we, to have another's Creed palm'd on us, without either Leave or Knowledge, quite contrary to our own declared Faith and

Judgment; who have feitįfied against See Tonkins's and disowned Feffery Bullock, for deTrunipet Soundet.

nying a Future Judgment, and Eter

val Rewards and Punishments, he af serting the Mortality of the Soul; whose Eyes the LORD afterwards opened, that he faw his. Error, recanted, and was received again into Fellowfhip:


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