Description of Nuneham-Courtenay, in the county of Oxford

Privately printed, 1806 - 68 pagina's
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Pagina 53 - Wisdom's self Oft seeks to sweet retired solitude ; Where, with her best nurse, Contemplation, She plumes her feathers, and lets grow her wings, That in the various bustle of resort Were all too ruffled, and sometimes impair'd. He that has light within his own clear breast, May sit i...
Pagina 58 - My love, my life, said I, explain This change of humour : pr'ythee, tell : That falling tear — What does it mean ? She sigh'd ; she smil'd : and to the flowers Pointing, the lovely moralist said : See, friend, in some few fleeting hours, See yonder, what a change is made. Ah me! the blooming pride of May, And that of beauty are but one: At morn both...
Pagina 16 - Huntington Library Quarterly, IV (1941), 303 ff. DECEMBER 9(?). SO-CALLED ONSLOW PORTRAIT MADE. This original picture of Milton I bought in the year 1729 or 30 and paid 20 guineas for it of Mr Cumberbatch, a gentleman of very good consideration in Chester, who was a relation and executor of the will of Milton's last wife who died a little while before that time. He told me it hung up in her chamber till her death and...
Pagina 48 - Her tree could shield her from the noontide blaze And from the tempest screen her little seat. Here with her Colin oft the faithful maid, Had led the dance, the envious youths among. Here when his aged bones in earth were laid. The patient matron turned her wheel and sung.
Pagina 32 - KING'S DRESSING ROOM. Over the chimney, a Turkifti army on its inarch in Egypt, by Wyck. On the fide, Elizabeth, daughter of Simon Earl Harcourt, wife of Sir William Lee, Bart. of Hartwell, Bucks ; by Mifs Read. Mary le Pel, wife of John Baron Hervey of Ichworth, eldeft fon of John firft Earl of Briftol, of that family ; painted at Paris, by la Tour. A very curious ancient picture, of the Court of Wards and Liveries, with portraits of the Officers, Servants, and other perfons there affembled : the...
Pagina 4 - Calvert Wright, fold it to John Robinfon, of London, Merchant (temp. Ol. Cromwell) Knighted in 1660, by King Charles II. and made Lieutenant of the Tower. . From the Robinfons it defcended to David Earl of Wemys (who married Mary, Daughter and coheir of Sir John Robinfon, Baronet,) from whom it was purchafed in the Year 1710, by Simon, firft Lord Harcourt, Lord High Chancellor of England.
Pagina 19 - Paris. On the other fide, the Nativity, by Bronzino. Under it, St. John preaching in the Wildernefs, by Albano ; from the collection of the Earl of Waldegrave. Mars, Venus, and Cupids, by Nicolo Pouflin, very capital; from the collection of Mr.
Pagina 48 - Courtenay to iu present site, s'io petitioned for leave to remain in her old habitation. Her request was complied with, and her cottage not pulled down till after her death. A poem WHS written on this subject by Whitehead, and placed on a seat beneath the tree.
Pagina 25 - Banneret 1497, grandfon of the former, fon of Sir John, and 'Anne daughter of Sir John Norris. He was Standard-bearer to King Henry VII. at the battle of Bofworth.
Pagina 64 - Who thinn'd, and who group'd, and who scattered those trees, Who bade the slopes fall with that delicate ease, Who cast them in shade, and who plac'd them in light, Who bade them divide, and who bade them unite. The ridges are melted, the boundaries gone: Observe all these changes, and candidly own I have...

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