American Narcissism: The Myth of National Superiority

Algora Publishing, 2006 - 181 pagina's
Nationalism is not unique to America: it was invented with the birth of modern nations. But nationalism is unique in America. Americans conceive themselves and their nation to be incontrovertibly superior to the other peoples and nations of the earth. When does national pride cross the invisible boundary that separates benign patriotism and malignant nationalism? Historically, American notions of superiority spring from myths of the unique regenerative power of the new land; from visions of chosen-ness, mission and high destiny; from the indelible legends of frontier self-sufficiency; from the confidence and self-reliance needed to succeed as immigrants; from a powerful sense of America's isolation and uniqueness; from the realization of abundance and finally from the perceived universality of American ideology. This predisposes us to a distinctively virulent strain of nationalism unlike that found in almost any other modern nation. As the unipolar moment fades into memory, this sense of unquestionable superiority. Drawing on sources from within the academic disciplines of history, sociology, political science and foreign affairs, the book seeks to decode scholarly jargon and lay bare this corner of the American mind for the benefit of a wider readership. The discussion is organized in four parts: - Nationalism - The Evolution of the American Superiority Myth - The Presumption of National Superiority - Tolerance and Plurality In America today, notions of national superiority are far more deeply ingrained and far more potentially ruinous than most of us imagine. This is a journey that slides from reason to emotion, from individual liberty to mass tyranny and from humanity to inhumanity. This book will interest readers of U.S. history, current events, and social commentary; and all who wonder, "Why do they hate us?"

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Making the World Over in Americas Image
Notes on Nationalism
Types of Nationalism
The Evolution of the American Superiority Myth
The New World
Chosenness Mission and Destiny
Manifest Destiny and American Imperialism
The Leader of the Free World
The Arrogance of Power
The Presumption of National Superiority
The Myth of American Superiority
Blind Faith
Tolerance and Plurality
In Search of American Humility

Ideological Superiority
The Arrogance of Abundance
The Arrogance of Isolationism
Manifest Destiny and Continental Expansion

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Pagina 8 - We will cover the ocean with our merchant marine. We will build a navy to the measure of our greatness. Great colonies governing themselves, flying our flag and trading with us, will grow about our posts of trade. Our institutions will follow our flag on the wings of our commerce.

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Wilber W. Caldwell is the author of "The Courthouse and the Depot: The Architecture of Hope in an Age of Despair " (Mercer University Press; 2002) and "Searching for the Dixie Barbecue " (Pineapple Press; 2005). He lives in Atlanta.

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