SERM. it fhall be accepted through Faith in XIII. Him.

2dly, THE fecond Effect of the Refurrection of Chrift, with regard to Us; is our Sanctification or Regeneration: That is, our rifing from the death of Sin, unto a Life of Righteousness. Rom. vi. 4. We are buried with him by Baptifm into Death, that like as Chrift was raifed up from the Dead by the glory of the Father, even fo we alfo fhould walk in Newness of Life; That having been planted together in the likeness of his Death, we should be alfo in the likeness of his Refurrection. The Meaning of the Apostle is; that the Death and Refurrection of Chrift, into which we are Baptized, and whereof Baptism is an Emblem, ought to be a perpetual obligation upon us, to rife from the Death of Sin unto the Spiritual Life of Righteousness and Holinefs: Col. ii. 12, and iii, 1. Buried with him in Baptifm, wherein alfo ye are rifen with him. If ye then (faith he) be rifen with Chrift, feek those things which are above; For ye are dead, that is, dead to Sin, (as the fame Apostle explains

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explains it, Rom. vi. 2.) and your Life is SERM,
bid with Chrift in God. And what he XIII.
means by That Phrase, bid with Chrift in
God, is explained in the next verse, ch. iii.
3. When Chrift, who is our life, shall ap-
pear, then shall ye also appear with him
in glory.

FOR 3dly, The Third and Laft Effect
of the Refurrection of Chrift, with re-
fpect to Us, is the Affurance of Our Re-
furrection likewife, unto Glorification.
1 Cor. xv. 20. Now is Chrift rifen from the
Dead, and become the firft-fruits of them
that flept. And therefore This is con-
stantly used. by the Apostles, as a perpe-
tual Argument of Confolation to good
Christians; 1 Pet. i. 3. Blessed be the God
and Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift, who
according to his abundant mercy has begot-
ten us again unto a lively hope, by the
refurrection of (Jesus) Chrift from the
Dead. Rom. viii. 11. If the Spirit of
him that raised up Jefus from the Dead,
dwell in you; he that raised up Chrift from
the Dead, fhall alfo quicken your mortal
bodies, by his Spirit that dwelleth in



SER M. And I Th. iv. 14. If we believe that FeXIII. fus died and rofe again, even fo Them alfo which fleep in Jefus will God bring with


BLESSED and Happy are They, who Shall be thought worthy to obtain That Life, and the Refurrection from the Dead; For from thenceforth they shall be before the Throne of God, and fhall ferve him day and night in his Temple; And God fhall wipe away all tears from their and there fhall be no more Death, neither forrow nor crying; neither fball there be any more pain: For the former things are paffed away.




Of CHRIST's Defcent into Hell.

[Preached on Eafter-Day.]


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PSALM XVI. 9, 10.

Wherefore my Heart was glad, and my glory rejoiced; my Flesh alfo fhall rest in Hope. For why? Thou shalt not leave my Soul in Hell; neither shalt thou fuffer thy Holy One to fee corruption.


HE Afflictions and Calami- SER M. ties which fall upon Many XIV. men in this prefent State, are of fuch a nature, that, were it not for the Hopes which True Religion and the Knowledge of God affords, their only Comfort would Y



SER M. be That expectation of Death, which XIV. Job thus elegantly expreffes, ch. iii. 17, There the wicked ceafe from troubling, and there the Weary be at Reft: There the Prifoners reft together, they hear not the Voice of the Oppreffour: The Small and Great are There, and the Servant is free from his Mafter. But True Religon affords virtuous and good Men a very different Profpect; and teaches them to expect, that, if God does not think fit to deliver them out of their Troubles Here, (which yet he sometimes does in a very extraordinary and unexpected Manner;) yet even the Grave itself puts not an end to his Power of Redeeming them; but he can and will raise them up again, to a fu ture and a better Life. So that they may look upon Death itself, not barely as a putting an end to their prefent Afflictions, but as a Paffage to a Glorious and Immortal State. Wherefore my Flesh alfo, fays the Holy Pfalmift, fhall reft in Hope: For why? Thou shalt not leave my Soul in Hell; neither halt thou suffer thy Holy One to fee corruption.


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