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of God, because his Doctrine was con- SER M.
firmed by mighty Works and Miracles: XII.
So, in Other places, he is filed The
Word of God, because he is the Revealer
of his Will to Men; and he is the Way,
the Door, the Truth and the Life, because
he has diftinctly made known to us the
Terms and Means of Salvation. And by
the like figure of speech, the Sacramen-
tal Bread and Wine is stiled the Body and
Blood of Chrift, because 'tis a Solemn com-
memoration of his Death. And Chri-
ftians are by the Apostle faid to be the
Circumcifion made without hands, because
they fpiritually are, what the Jews were
typically by Circumcifion which
literal. And Praife or Thanksgiving has
the name of Sacrifice given to it,
because 'tis a Signification of the fame
Temper and Disposition of Mind,
which Sacrifices were intended to ex-
press, and which alone made those Sa-
crifices acceptable before God.. With
many other the like Inftances : In
which, a careful confideration of the
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SER M. ground and reafon of the Manner of Expreffion, may eafily prevent Great Misunderstandings of Many Paffages in


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Of the Refurrection of CHRIST.

[Preached on Eafter-Day.]

I COR. XV. 14.

And if Chrift be not rifen, then is our
Preaching vain, aud your Faith alfo is

HE great Foundation of our SER M. Hope of Immortality, is the XIII. Revelation of the Gofpel; and the great Evidence of the Truth of that Revelation, is the Resurrection of Christ. Without the Revelation of the Gospel, our Hope of Immortality, according to mens


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SER M. different Abilities in philofophical SpeXIII. culations, had continued disputable; and, without the Refurrection of Chrift, the Proofs of the Truth of the Gofpel-Revelation had been finally fruftrated. As therefore the Truth of the Chriftian Revelation, is of the greateft importance to mens Souls, in the whole; fo the proof of the Refurrection of Chrift, is of the greateft importance towards fecuring the Certainty of that Revelation, in particular. By the Light of Nature, the Being and Attributes of God, were certain and demonftrable; the Probability of a Future State, was great and undeniable; the exexpectation of God's dealing mercifully with penitent Sinners, was reasonable and hopeful. But by the Revelation of the Gospel only, was this great Hope fecured to us; the Pardon of Sin declared authentickly, by the Authority of God; Life and Immortality brought to light by Teftimony, as well as by rational Arguments; the Rewards and Punishments of Eternity, diftinctly fet forth; and the particular Method

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Method of the final Judgment, affection- SER M. ately reprefented to us.


IN like manner, as to the Evidence of the Truth of This Revelation; By the Prophecies of the Old Teftament, it was long before predicted; By the reasonablenefs of the Doctrine itself, it was made very credible; By the Witness of our Lord and his Apostles, it was strongly attefted; By the conviction and filencing of its Adverfaries, it was confirmed and established; By many Signs and Wonders and mighty Works done by Chrift in his Life, it was for the prefent proved beyond contradiction; But by this last Evidence only, by the Refurrection of our Lord from the Dead, was it for ever afcertained to all generations. For had this laft Proof failed, all the reft muft in course have fallen with it. The Prophecies would have appeared wonderful, but never fulfilled; The Doctrine would have continued reasonable, but its Author perished; The Miracles of his Life would have remained astonishing, but still confuted by his Death, His Enemies would have con

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