Nominations Before the Senate Armed Services Committee, First Session, 100th Congress: Hearings Before the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, One Hundredth Congress, First Session on Nominations of Robert T. Herres (January 28) ; Robert B. Costello (February 25) ; James H. Webb (April 6) ; John R. Galvin (May 20) ; Carl E. Vuono (June 10) ; Alfred Gray, Jr. (June 24) ; H. Lawrence Garrett III (August 4) ; Adm. William J. Crowe, Jr. (September 29) ; John J. Welch, Jr. (October 9) ; Kathleen A. Buck (October 9) ; June Gibbs Brown (October 14) ; Stephen M. Duncan (October 16) ; Frank C. Carlucci (November 12) ; Robert B. Costello (November 19) ; Samuel Kenric Lessey, Jr. (November 24) ; Robert W. Page, Sr. (December 1) ; Kenneth P. Bergquist (December 10) ; Robert C. Duncan (December 11) ; Lt. Gen. Colin Powell (December 15) ; Thomas F. Faught (December 18), 1987

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1988 - 621 pages

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