migration---Difference between the souls of men and
inferior animals.

Of the existence of Deity---necessity of supposing a

first cause---Mind the source of all motion and ac-
tion--- The phænomena of nature inexplicable with-

out the supposition of Deity---Atheism the offspring

of vanity and prejudice---Various opinions of the

ancients---extravagance and absurdity of modern

atheists---these not to be confounded with sober


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Universal agreement of mankind in the belief of a Deity

---this the effect of obvious traces of divinity in the
established order of things---the universe not the work
of chance, but of intelligence--- The divine essence
unknown, but agency manifest---futility of atheisti-
cal reasoning---Of time and eternity---The unity of
the divine nature---folly of scepticism---arrogance
and mischievous tendency of atheism---characters of
goodness written on all nature.



of the world uncertain--- Various changes in
its surface by fire and water---The Atlantides a

-- people who existed before the Mosaic deluge, and

whose island is lost---The South sea islands the re-

mains of an ancient continent--- The most ancient

fables founded on natural phænomena, or suppose a



cultivated state of society, prior to that of written re-
cords---Numerous proofs, natural and artificial, that
the present surface of the earth has been covered with
waters---The state of America no objection to this
notion---high antiquity of Peru and Mexico---Marks
of affinity between Europe and America.

The Scythian monarchy the most ancient on historical

record---the superior elevation of the country a strong
argument for the superior antiquity of the people---
the vast extent of its dominion---monuments still re-
maining in this country of an ancient civilized nation
---its interior situation no objection---its elevation
superior to that of any other part of the globe---his-
torical accounts of the Scythian empire---astronomy
probably first known here.

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