When the Saints Aren't Saved: Praying for God Books

AuthorHouse, 13 jul 2007 - 84 pagina's
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Warring against the Saints to know God is what the premise of this book is. 


Bitterness, envy, strife and persecution, is what manifests when the saints aren’t saved.


The message to everyone is: only the true Saints can stand among the enemies 

I believe once you read this book, there will be no doubt in your mind what your next step should be, if you haven’t already done so.

I pray that these pages will bless and inspire every reader to move forward in whatever area of life that God is directing you into.

I am your witness that it’s never too late to begin your life and never a time to quit; God has something for every soul.

I am sixty years young and like Moses and Joshua I am beginning late in life but I have a need and a desire to tell the world in praise what my father God has and is continuing to do in my life.

How great is our God; my latter is greater than my first.


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Over de auteur (2007)

Born in Tennessee and raised in Mississippi, Pats parents were sharecroppers.   She is a new Author with very little writing experience.

Pat is the second of ten children; the mother of six, grandmother of seventeen, great-grandmother of three, the adoptive parent of four; and has been married to her husband Charlie for forty three years.

Her hobbies include; writing, gardening, and fishing.

At the age of 51, she returned to school and earned her GED, and was valedictorian of her class of over 85 cities.  She received her real estate license in that same year, and is now a broker-owner.

Pat is an ordained minister of the gospel and a prophet.  She is currently attending Muskegon Bible Institute of Biblical Studies.

She is affiliated with several organizations; she is a member of the Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis and a member of the ACLJ.  Her charity of choice to support is LeSea feed the hungry.

In writing this book Pat’s main objective was to


convey this message:  You are never too old to learn


something new or to change.  To the late bloomers


this is your season; take advantage of it with zeal;


only the true saints can stand among the enemies.

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