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have been her slumbers, that she may LETTER I.

meet me in tolerable temper. All sweet

ly bluering and confounded—I know NB. LOVELACE, TO JOHN BEL how she will look!--But why should FORD, ESQ.

Me, the sufferer, be ashamed, when I,

the trejpajer, am not? THURSDAY MORNING, EIGHT

But custom's a prodigious thing. O'CLOCK.

The women are told how much their ER chamber-door has not blushes brighten their graces : they

yet been opened. I must practise for them therefore: blushes H

not expect the will break come as hastily when they call for them, fast with me. Nor dine as their tears : aye, that's it! while we with me, I doubt. A lice men, taking blushes for a sign of guilt

tle silly soul, what trou or sheepithnels, are equally itudious to tles does the make to herself by her fuppress them. over-niceness!-All I have done to her, would have been looked upon as a By my troth, Jack, I am half as much frolick only, a romping-bout, and laugh, ashamed to see the women below, as my ed off by nine parisin ten of the sex ac. Fair-one can be to see me. I have not cordingly. The more she makes of it, yet opened my door, that I may not be the more painful to herself, as well as obtruded upon by them. to me.

After all, what devils may one make Why now, Jack, were it not hetter, of the sex! To what a height of-What upon ber own notions, that the seemed thall I call it?-must those of it be arnot fa sensible as the will make herself rived, who once loved a man with so to be, if the is very angry?

much distinction, as both Polly and But perhaps I am more afraid than I Sally loved me; and yet can have got need. I believe I am. From her over so much above the pangs of jealousy, niceness arises my fear, more than from so much above the mortifying reflecany extraordinary reason for resentment. tions that arise from dividing and MarNext time, he may count herself verying with new objects the affections of bappy, if the come off no worse. them they prefer to all others, as to

The dear creature was so frightened, with for, and promote a competitorship and fo fatigued, last night, no wonder in his love, and make their supreme fae lies it out this morning.

delight confilt in reducing others to I hope she has had inore rest than I their level! -For thou canit not imahave bad. Soft and balmy, I hope, gine, how even Sally Martin rejoiced

last 6.

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