Unleavened: A Collection of Daily Devotions

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In May 2004, I began a morning ritual or sending out devotionals. The devotionals were sent via electronic mail as a source of encouragement, inspiration, correction, hope and admonishment. Within the course of six months, my distribution list had grown from ten people to twenty-five people. Each morning, while faithfully having a hot cup of coffee, the devotionals were distributed. As a result of sending the devotionals, it was consistently communicated how helpful, insightful and inspirational they were. They became so helpful that the majority of the recipients began to forward them to their family and friends, which in turn grew the distribution list even greater. Over the course of the following year, since the inception of the first morning devotional, it was spoken out the mouths of two or three witnesses, that there should be a publication of the devotionals. After much consideration, I present to you a collection of daily devotionals that come straight from my heart to you. Many of the devotionals were birth out of my own life experiences. Some of them were very painful, bitter, tough, life experiences. But thank God, as a result, I present, "Unleavened- A Collection of Daily Devotions." It is my prayer that these devotionals serve as a source of encouragement, inspiration, correction and motivation for your life, and that more abundantly.

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