Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century Harpists: A Bio-critical Sourcebook

Greenwood Publishing Group, 1995 - 330 pagina's
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The harp is both the oldest and the newest of instruments. It has existed in some form in nearly all cultures since man has made music. The contemporary concert instrument has been known since the mid-19th century. This work is a compendium of the biographies of many notable harpists of the modern era. The biographies make clear how these performers shaped the contrasts in style and technique of harp playing that have developed over the past 150 years, as cultural, social, and psychological forces influenced individual performance. In addition to the biographical information, the A-Z entries include critical reviews, discographies, and selected bibliographies where possible. New material from the former Soviet states is included.


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Pagina 17 - Mr. Rotondi also heads the firm ROTO Architects, which he founded in 1991 after working independently and in various collaborations. He was co-recipient of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters Award in Architecture for 1992. APRIL GREIMAN was born in suburban New York and studied at The Kansas City Art Institute and AIlgemeine Kunstgwerbeschule in Basel, Switzerland.

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WENONAH MILTON GOVEA is Professor Emeritus of Music at California State University in Hayward. She is a composer, performer, and teacher and has shared her talent with her community as director of numerous local honor choirs as well as introducing harp in the public schools. She also established her university's harp program, expanding it to include a harp ensemble which performed professionally. Recently, she initiated the AHS Summer Institute for student harpists and was instrumental in the formation of the American Harp Society Foundation.

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