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and his manner of life of the love of fame

and distinction. "His friendship for Mr. Pope.

XXXVIII. From the fame. His condition : The

state of Ireland : Charafler of Mrs. Pape:
Reflections on Mi. Pape's ånd Mr. Gay's cir-

XXXIX. Mr. Pope's answer : His situation and

contentment : An account of his other friends.
XL. Lord Boling broke 20 Dr. Swift; A review of

his life, his thoughts of æconomy, and concerning

XLI. Dr. Swift's answer. The misfortunes attendo

ing great talents : Concerning fame, and the de-

fire of it.
XLIÍ. Dr. Swift to Mrs Pope. Concerning the

Dunciad, and of his situation of life.

XLIII. From Lord B. That the sense of friendship

increases with increase of years. Concerning a

history of his own times, and Mr. P's mural


XLIV. Of the style of his Letters, of his condition

of life, his past friendships, difike of party-

spirit, and thoughts of penfions and preferment.
XLV. Of Mr.Weftley's dissertations on Job.-Port-

fcript by Lord Bolo on the pleasure we take in

reading letters.
XLVI. From Lord B. to Dr. Swift. Inviting him

to England, and concerning reformation of man-

ner's by writing

XLVII. From the fame. The temper proper to men

in jears : An account of his own, Tbe cha.

racter of bis lady.- Postscript by Mr. P. or

his mother, and the effects of the tender pal-


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