ing their clearness and strength; and to affist Persons in regarding the Works of God in a view, proper to raise their apprehensions of the Divine Goodness, and to warm their hearts with an habitual sense of it, and engage them to live as always surrounded with the presence and kindness of the best of Parents, well affected to their brethren, alike children of the great Father of Spirits, cheerfully resigned amidst the trials of Life, and serene and full of hope at death.

This the Author can say, that to the firm belief, and frequent meditation of those interesting truths, which are included in the boundless benevolence of our Creator and Governor, he himself has been obliged for the most valuable satisfactions he hath known in life; and to these he owes it, that he can look forward to a future state with the noblest hopes. And if the publication of the following Discourses shall make these truths more cordially received, and their beneficial influence more felt, he shall greatly rejoice in the time and thought employed for these purposes. Whatever the event be,


he has the Satisfaction of having, according to his abilities, endeavoured to serve the Honour of his Maker, and the best interest of his fellow creatures; and can therefore humbly commend these, with the other Discourses on like important subjects, to the Divine Blessing, and to the candid perusal of the serious and judicious,


SERMON I. The Divine Goodness explained. PSALM cxlv. 9. The Lord is good to all,

and his tender mercies are over all his works.

Page 1 SERMON II. Goodness proved to be a Di

vine PerfeЕtion. The same text. 29. SERMON III. The Goodness of God as Crea

tor illustrated in various instances. The same text.

55 SERMON IV. The creation of mankind a

glorious instance and proof of the Divine

Psalm viii. 5. Thou hast made him a little

lower than the angels, and haft crowned

him with glory and honour. . 89 SERMON V. The Creator's goodness illuj

trated in various laws of the human conftitution. The same text.

123 SERMON VI. The goodness of Divine Pro

vidence to inankind in particular. MATTH. V. 45. He maketh his fun to rise

on the evil and on the good; and fendeth

rain on the just and on the unjust. 153 SERMON VII. The goodness of Divine Pro

vidence to finners. The same text. 185 SERMON VIII. The grace of God in the rea

demption of a finful world by Jesus Christ. Ephes. ii. 5. By grace are ye Javed215 SERMON IX. The same subject. 245

SERSERMON X. The principal properties of the

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