THE UNION MAGAZINE will be published monthly, in large octavo numbers, containing from fifty to one hundred pages each, of original composition, from the best pens, and will be edited by an association of experienced authors and statesmen. This Magazine will sustain the American Union against secession, by all peaceful measures, consistent with national dignity, the Constitution and the laws:-" Peaceably if we can, and forcibly if we must." It will be delivered to subscribers monthly for twenty-five cents a number, payable on delivery, or three dollars a year, payable in advance. The highest prices will be paid for profound and interesting articles from the best authors. It will advocate the restriction of slávery within its present limits, without any unlawful interference with the institution where it now exists. We shall sustain a Protective Tariff, sufficient for the national revenue.

Regardless of all political or geographical distinctions, we shall know no North, no South, no East, no West; but shall defend the equal rights of every citizen and subject throughout the Union, according to the Constitution and the laws. Internal improvements will not be overlooked, and the mutual and reciprocal interests and duties of the whole Union will not be neglected. All sound and useful institutions will be supported, and all government measures, in harmony with the Constitution, will be defended, ever mindful "THAT THE PRICE OF LIBERTY IS ETERNAL VIGILANCE."

Dividends of the profits on the stock will be made semi-annually, on the first Monday of January and July, not exceeding six per cent. semiannually, and the surplus over six per cent. semi-annually may be used to circulate the Magazine, and other useful papers, gratuitously, in those states and territories of the Union where they will be most useful.

THE UNION MAGAZINE will contain reviews of important publications, and profound papers on the sciences and arts, together with other interesting articles, in prose and poetry; and each number will embrace at least one important state paper. The current news of the month will be fully stated in each number. We shall stand up fearlessly and firmly for our country, both in war and peace-through prosperity and adversity. "OUR COUNTRY-MAY she ever be RIGHT—BUT, RIGHT OR WRONG, OUR COUNTRY!"

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