The Spirit Book: The Encyclopedia of Clairvoyance, Channeling, and Spirit Communication

Visible Ink, 2006 - 500 pagina's
The fascinating history of Spiritualism is coaxed into the material realm as the object of this perceptive and sweeping overview by that legendary author of the occult and supernatural, Raymond Buckland. Containing more than 500 entries and 100 illustrations, The Spirit Book is the comprehensive encyclopedia to Spiritualism and its related subjects. Plus it provides full biographies of every prominent person connected to the field.

Drawing on decades of research, writing, and transcendence, Buckland describes sundry methods of channeling, events associated with Spiritualism, including sťances and exorcism, organizations focused on clairvoyance, and a colorful host of mortals--famous and infamous--who delved into Spiritualism. Nostradamus, Helena Blavatsky, and Edgar Cayce receive their due, as well as Joan of Arc, William Blake, Susan B. Anthony, Winston Churchill, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mahatma Gandhi, Harry Houdini, and Mae West (look up and see her sometime). It explores Qabbalah, Sibyls, Fairies, Poltergeists; phenomena such as intuition and karma; objects useful in the attempt to cross the divide, including tarot cards, flower reading, and runes; and related practices such as Shamanism, transfiguration, meditation, and mesmerism.

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Good Reference Material

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This book is filled with historical biographical and overall very informative material pertaining to psychism clairvoyance and mediumship abilities practices and practitioners. Good coffee table book that will make for interesting conversation for those with little knowledge of the occult. Volledige review lezen

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\Raymond Buckland†is the author of several titles, including The Witch Book, The Fortune-Telling Book, and Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft.

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