Betrayed Christianity: Athens 2004

iUniverse, 9 mrt 2004 - 124 pagina's
Common Concerns about Christianity Explored in
Betrayed Christianity

Have two centuries of Christianity impacted the quality of human life? Has it impacted the happiness of the individual? When Jesus comes, will he find faith on earth? Or will he find "most men's love grow cold"? Betrayed Christianity is one man's attempt to stress the need for ordinary people to consider if the true teachings of Christ are present in existing Christianity.

In Betrayed Christianity, author Andreas Thomas confronts the inevitable questions of existence with common sense and explores his personal concerns about Christianity by studying historical and biblical evidence. "I do not feel that I am saying anything that is wise or original," says Thomas. "I am simply regurgitating, recycling, and repeating what has been said for centuries by the simple neglected person."

The content of Betrayed Christianity is unique and is well supported by examples from history and the Bible. The challenging ideas in Betrayed Christianity will spark engaging, thought-provoking discussions among readers. Individuals who thought they were alone in their questions about Christianity will now realize that others share the same concerns.

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