The History of the Reign of Emperor Charles V. with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire, to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century, Volume 3


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Pagina 284 - But these indecencies of which Luther was guilty, must not be imputed wholly to the violence of his temper. They ought to be charged in part on the manners of the age. Among a rude people, unacquainted with those...
Pagina 366 - ... vigorous efforts. The former, at the opening of a war or of a campaign, broke in upon his enemy with the violence of a torrent, and carried all before him ; the latter, waiting until he...
Pagina 366 - ... from levity. Charles deliberated long, and determined with coolness ; but having once fixed his plan, he adhered to it with inflexible obstinacy, and neither danger nor discouragement could turn him aside from the execution of it.
Pagina 173 - Jesuits had obtained the chief direction of the education of youth in every Catholic country in Europe. They had become the confessors of almost...
Pagina 175 - In consequence of this, they engaged in an extensive and lucrative commerce, both in the East and West Indies. They opened ware-houses in different parts of Europe, in which they vended their commodities. Not satisfied with trade alone, they imitated the example of other commercial...
Pagina 282 - It is his own conduct, not the undistinguishing censure or the exaggerated praise of his contemporaries, that ought to regulate the opinions of the present age concerning him. Zeal for what he regarded as truth, undaunted intrepidity to maintain his own...
Pagina 365 - Francis died at Rambouillet, on the last day of March, in the fifty-third year of his age, and the thirty-third of his reign. During twentyeight years of that time, an avowed rivalship subsisted between him and the emperor, which involved., not only their own dominions, but the greater part of Europe, in wars, which were prosecuted with more violent animosity, and drawn out to a greater length, than had been known in any former period.
Pagina 170 - Such a singular form of policy could not fail to impress its character on all the members of the order, and to give a peculiar force to all its operations. There is not in the annals of mankind any example of such a perfect despotism exercised, not over Monks shut up in the cells of a Convent, but over men dispersed among all the nations of the earth.
Pagina 283 - His mind, forcible and vehement in all its operations, roused by great objects, or agitated by violent passions, broke out, on many occasions, with an impetuosity which astonishes men of feebler spirits or such as are placed in a more tranquil situation.
Pagina 176 - Jesuits, influenced by the same principle of attachment to the interests of their society, have been the most zealous patrons of those doctrines which tend to exalt ecclesiastical power on the ruins of civil government. They have attributed to the court of Rome a jurisdiction as extensive and absolute as was claimed by the most presumptuous pontiffs in the dark ages.

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