The Classical Gazetteer: A Dictionary of Ancient Geography, Sacred and Profane

Whittaker, 1851 - 378 pagina's
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Pagina 379 - Other volumes will shortly be published. BOYER and DELETANVILLE'S Complete French Dictionary. New edition. 8vo. bound . . . . 0 12 0 BOYES'S (Rev. JF) English Repetitions in Prose and Verse. 12mo. cloth 036 BROWNING'S History of the Huguenots.
Pagina 380 - French Grammar and Exercises, by LAMBERT. 12mo. bound 056 *Ľ* Key to ditto, by LAMBERT. 12mo. bound . .040 HEALE'S (Rev. EM) Manual of Geography for the Use of Military Students. 12mo. cloth . . . .046 HINCKS' Greek and English School Lexicon.
Pagina 379 - SUPF. 8vo. cloth . 0 12 0 BYTHNER'S Lyre of David. By the Rev. T. DEE, AB New edition, by NL BE.NMOHEL, AM 8vo.
Pagina 380 - FLUGEL'S German and English, and English and German Dictionary. With numerous alterations and corrections. New edition. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth . .180 , Abridged. New and revised edition, 1 2mo.
Pagina 379 - CICERO'S Minor Works. De Officiis, &c. &c. With English Notes, by WC TAYLOR, LL.D.
Pagina 380 - HAMEL'S New Universal French Grammar. New edition, 12mo. bound 040 French Exercises New edition, 12mo. bound 040 *Ľ* Key to ditto, by GROS. New edition, 12mo. bound 030 French Grammar and Exercises, by LAMBERT.
Pagina 380 - History of Rome. New edit. 12mo. cloth 0 66 the Roman Empire. 12mo. cloth 066 Elementary History of Rome. 18mo. bd. . 0 36 History of Greece. New edit. 12mo. cloth 066 Elementary History of Greece. 18mo. bd. 0 36 Mythology. 8vo. cloth . . . . 0 16 0 • Abridged for the Use of Schools. 18mo. bound . .040 KEITH'S Complete Measurer. 12mo. bound . . .050 Practical Arithmetic. New edition, by MAYNARD. 12mo. bound 046 System of Geography. New edition. 12mo. bound 060 KOCH'S History of Europe. 8vo. sewed...
Pagina 379 - ANTHON'S HORACE, from Doering's Latin Text, with Notes at the end. New edition, 12mo. cloth .0 76 ANTHON'S VIRGIL.adapted for the Use of English Schools. By the Rev. F. METCALFE. With Notes at the end. 12mo. cloth 076 CICERO, with Notes and Indexes. New edit 12mo. cloth 060 SALLUST, with Notes and Indexes.
Pagina 379 - BARKER'S Lempriere's Classical Dictionary. By the Rev. JA GILES, DCL Fourth edition. 8vo. cloth . . 0 15 0 BELLENGER'S French Conversations. New edition. 12mo. cloth 026 BELL'S Life of Mary, Queen of Scots. 8vo. sewed . .036 BIBLIOTHECA CLASSICA.
Pagina 379 - New edition. 12mo. cloth . . .076 CICERO/ with Notes and Indexes. New edit. 12mo. cloth 060 SALLUST/ with Notes and Indexes. New edition. 12mo. cloth 050 C.(ESAR/ with Notes and Indexes.

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