FRIDAY, Jan. 11.

buckles, snuff boxes, c. to a confiderable Y a special att ratify'd at Fontainblesu amount. One y-bn Flint, who had former.

in France, his most Christian Majesty Sylived a servant in the house being tulpec

reded to the Kif Spain, his heirs and red, was' apprebended, and carried before fuccefluss for ever, the whole country known Sir Jobs Lielding, where he conselled the bv the name of Louisiana, together with New robbery; said he got into the house in the Orleans, and 'huiliand in which that city is morning, and concealed himself in the cellar fruared. All the inhabitants are to remain all day; at night when the shop was fhut up in the same fituation as at present, and know he packed up the goods and let himself out no other difference than to pay obedience to with them without being discovered ; that he the king of Spain instead of the king of carried them to the King's back mews, and France.

buried them'in a dunghill; to which being MONDAY, Jan. 14.

carried and search made, none of the goods A tumultuous mob ali mbled in the bo B were to be found; but it appearing that some rough of Devises, and being armed and dir. dung had been lately taken away, enquiry guiled, aliaulied the houses of everal of was made by whom it had been removed, che princival inhabitans, particularly the ma when it was discovered to be by a country cart yor's, the under theriff's, and town-cierk's, the belonging to a widow-woman at Lanbuib, io distributor of the stamps, the post. muter's wa..m application being made, all the goods fatiers, a'id the excise (fice, with divers were sately returned, the honest carier on others, and demolished the windows, destroy carrying them home, having put them all into ed the furniture, and threatened the lives of his mitress's hands, without embezzling any the occupiers. But on whai pretence, the

one pari. Gazere from whence this article is caken, does C The following order was notified at Dun. not lay.

kirk, by which many English subjects of THURSDAY 17.

known good character are constrain d to leave Moft alarming foods prevailed almost every their houles and trade without the least cause where throughour Treload, inlomuch that the asligned : “ The Sieur Kennick, officer of damages done cannot be estimated Houses, police, is hereby commanded to repair to the mills, bridges, and other public edifices have places of abode of Thomas Brewn, Jonaiban been carried away by the violence of the Denny, and of all other persons, of whatever torrents; mérlhes and pasures have bren D nation, who are specified in the list which I overflowed; cattle drowned, and invnenie have now transpilted to bim, that he may Jellies have enfued to meadows and manufac. botily to them, agreeably to the minister's tories ; but providentially not many lives oders, that they must depart from Durikirke have been loit

and France, within the space of four and, SUNDAY 20.

twensy hours, with 2' expieis prohibition not *Being ibe hirin da: orihe K. of Spain, who to return into the kingdom, all the delays then entered into the son vear of

his uge,

which they had solicited being now expired. e lame was ohferved at Madrid, with all poi

(Signed) fble demonftrations of b.y.


This nep on the part of the court of France Roger Aldery, a young lad of Birnrgbam is the inore furprising, as it is taken at a being detested by means of a Jew, to whom time when the demolicion of the works ac he offered loane broke old, to fall, or fealing Dunkirk seem to have been in a manger lur. a goid watch out of the bouic of Mr Brisinin pended. of that lowri, and being committed to prison

TUESDAY 29. for the same, cut his throat to effectualiy Soepter. Theodore Jansen Esq; was sworn that he died in a few minutes,

in banberlain to the city of Londori, lo SATURDAY 26.


which he was chosen in the mott honourable About it in the morniag alter a violent manner. He at the same time de Gred leave form at Lifbori, aperte et calm ensued, which to relign bis gown as alderman, which was was foon followed by a thort but mot alarm. granied; after which, be immediately en. ing shock of an earlt quaire, in a perpendicu tered upon his office. lar direction ; which, bowever, did nu very Hand bills were this day circulated in the material damage. Many other mocks were public streets, with only these few words, occafonally fell, bur this is reporied to have

W pomirfer, Tuejdsy Jan. 29. been the soft violent felt there for many

This Day'LIBERTY. years.

The house fat will past five in the morning His maje Ay's royal charle pulled the great on the affair or general wananis, &c. and feal tur in corporating the society of art is, more than 400 members were present. On by the aame of the lociety of artists of Ghar this occafion an eininent lawyer, in a much Britain.

ad tired (peech, made use of this expreffion, MONDAY 28.

For my ouer part, I obisk it far hories lo fail His majelly want to inc H ule of Peers, svind ite laws, ihan 10 rise on the ruins of thom. and gave the royal allent to an act for the Being the anniversary of King Charles's importation of faled beef, pork, bacon, and it manyrdom, the Rev. Mi Funds preached at

ter, froon I cland, for a limited time. che Chapel Proyal, but then majellies were

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Being the bir h-day of prince Cbriftian,. number of others dependant upon them from Priace Royal of Denmark, who then entered the almost universal decline of the trade, ocinto his 17th year, the court received the cafioned by the prefent mode of men in all usual complements on that occahon. This ftations wearing their own hair ; and by the is the Prince betrothed to the Princess of Frencb hair-dreffers continually pouring in England. Th: commitee for building Black-friars A lot this nations by whose artificets and the

facility with which ihe British people are inbridge, took into congderation a proposal for clined to preier French skill and cafte in every making a foot palogo immediately over the article of dress, they are de prived of a great river, par:ly on the wo-ks already don', and part of that pittance which the fashion liself partly on works to be forth with erected ; a would Aill leave in the power of the peti ionIcbem: of vast wility to this metropolis. ers to oba n; they at the same ime lament WBONESDAY 30.

the fatal scriu they are under, of milemA man between 40 and 50 years of age, of ploying the Lord's day in worldiv pu faits, a middle ftature, fresh compiexion, and his own B which day of all others they are most hurbla-k curied har, appeared in the villages ried and confused; by wbich they and their about London, and put off feveral countertcit families berome as those that knew no! God, guinicas and quarter guincas, of which he ap while cheir fellow subjects a e happy in the peared to be potrefted of pleny.- l'ois is in privilege of atteding and di charge Ieried by way of caution.

ing noir religious duties, and inbibing cogMONDAY, Feb. 4.

tinua ly the precepts that teach ro bear a con. At the corn-in arket at Mark lare, wheat sience void of oftence, in fear Gud and bofola from 40 to 445 a quarter ; malt from 22 nour the King Pr«fid by the weight of

с to 275 ; rve from 23 10 25 ; barley from 19 these fuffcrious, the petitioners leave to his to 23: cals from 14 to 175.

majesty's gracious condescenfion the proper TUESDAY 5.

means of relief, &c. His majelly was A man dressed like a foldier, knackard at a gracioully pleased to receive the bove peti. gentleman's door in Fincb-lane, Tbreadn edle. con, and to return the following answer : Lorect

, and being let in, withou' alking any Thar ke beld nybing dearer so bis beari tban questions, wa ked up It airs and leli a little ibe 1:10 press of bis perple, and ibat ibey may child in the kitchin to the care of the maid. be afüred, he shouli ai al mes nje bis endea Ja a fów minutes he returard, and without D vel to promote their cvefare. saying a word, walked off; leaving the little In ridicule of the barbers, a petition from child to the care of the family. This stagge the company of b.dy Carpenters, as ihey are adventu e embarrafted the mitress of he called, was ludicrouily framed, implor og his house, who happened to be at home; and majesty to wear a wooden og himleli, and to fhe was advised to apply to the pa ith offie's, enjoin ail his fervants to appear in the toval but they declined having any cojng to do! proience with the same badge of ho..our, &c. with i. tili a hearing was had before the

TUESDAY 12. Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor was of opi A butcher received sentence in his maier

E nion the parish must keep th: child till ihe y's cou't of King's Bench for forettalling i parih where it was born could be discovered; ihe penalty of which is, two month's impriand it being supposed to b: the child of a sonment and the forfeiture of the goods

wamen who takely lived as a fervant in the bourht. Several others have been found family, and who had married a foldier; it is guilty of the same off, nice. thought it will not be long before the whole A grand aff-mbly soum adjoining to Amyftery is unrav-lled,

macks in Pail-Ma'l was opened for the re. THURSDAY 7.

ception of noblemen and gentlemen of a cer. A large quantity of brandy and wine, with F tain way of thinking, when a great number a large chest of rich wearing apparel, being appeated velvers embroidered with gold, were seized at

WEDNESDAY 13. Plymouib by two of his majesty's tide lue The Rev. M. Muskeaiyne had the honour of veyors.

kifing his majesty's hand on being appointed SATURDAY, 9.

astronomer royal. The new dyke in Barking Creck, F. 17cx, by The fupply for the cu rent service of the an impetuges tide pare way, ang che river by yar is to be raised by lottery. [Nelper the thac unf rtune accidene has overflowed many G lum nof the line of drawing are yet deter: acres of land.

mines.] MONDAY 11.

THURSDAY 14, His maj-fly, attended by the Earl of Dela. Three Cberokee unieis w:re, elented to the svar, and the Earl of Covtu!ry, went to the

lords of trade and plaustations, with worm, House of Peers, and gave the royal assent to with the ulual ce.emony, they had four the land tax bil; the malt bil; the bill to talks ; the first complementary; the leindemnify persons who have omitted to qua cond, to tender obetience to the great king lity the.nlelves for otis es, &c. to the bill for H their father, and io poduce lampics of ure allowing further time forihe import of goous, found in their country of gold, siis &c. from the ceded islands; and to some pri row'the third to complain vate b:lls.

ments of some of his or in A petition of the master peruke-makers the hunting grounds, piros was prelep'ed to his majelly, setting forth fule ule of the nation

Aussies of thelyen and an incredible was, to exprcfat.


ten heard of learned persons being sent to in ments on the coast of Barbary, several partes fruct them in the knowledge of things, none of the present form, having, during the war, had ever appeared ; and to entreat that some or ny undue means, falien into the hands of fuch men might loon be sent among rhem to foreigners, who, though at war with those inftru&t them in writing, reading, and the ftates, yet make use of them to cover a clancomprehension of things... The lords by deftine trade. whom they were received dismifred them wel: A

MONDAY 25. pleased, and his majesty bas ordered them va The Rt Hon. Lord Byron surrendered him. riety of presente, and that care be taken for self at the bar of the house of lords, having their fafe conduct to their own country.

arrived from France at his house in Great. The famous Purfons, father of the Cock.

Marlborough fireet. the evening before, and lane ghoff, was discharged from his imprison. was by their lordships order committed to the ment in the King's-Boncb prison, the time ef Tower, and preparations are now making for his imprisonment for two years expiring on his trial by his peers in Wefminster-Hall for that day. See Vol. xxxiii. p. 144.) B killing Mi Cbarvorb in a late duel (see p; 45.

Mr Williams, lookseller in Fleet Areet, ftood SHERIFFS appointed for ibe Yiar 1765. on the pillory in Nero Palace-gard, Wilmin Berkshire, Jobn Archer of Welford, Esq;. fer, pursuant to his sentence (see p. 45.) Bedfordsh. Richard Edwards of Arlley, Erg; for re-publishing the North-Briton, No. 45. in Buckinghamsh. W. Backwell of Caldecot, Esq; volumes. The coach that carried him from Cumberland, Samuel Irion of Irton. Esq; the King's-Pencb prison to the pillory was Cheshire, The Hon. James Smith Barry, Esq; No 45. He was received by the acclamati. Camb'&Hunt' Tho. Cockayne of Soham, Erg; ons of a prodigious concourse of people. Op Cornwall, Wmn Churchlil, of Redruth, Efq; pufite to the piilory were erected four ladders, C Devonshire, Paul Orchard, of Hartland, Eig; with cords running from each other, on Darsethire, John Pinney, of Black Down, Esq; which were hung a Jack Bjot, an axe,' and a Derbyjbire, Josèph Greaves of Alton. Efq; Scalcb bonnet. The latter, after remaining Elex, Wm Mildmay of Moulthamn Hall, Elg; there some time, was burnt, and the top of Gloucestersh. R. Dob. Yate, of Braomberrow. the bot chopio:f. During his standing also, Hertfordsh. Bibye Lake, of St Margarets, Esq; a purple puile, ornamented with ribbonds of Herefordikire, Wm Vallen of Leominster, Ele; an orange colour, was produced by a gentle Kevi, Sir Richasd Betenson of Biadborne, Bi. man, who began a collection in favour of the E Leicefter h. Amb.Saunders of StokeGolding, 5fg culprit, by putting a guinca into it himself, Lincolnjn. Tho. Williamson of Alling on Era; after which, the purle being carried round, Mormouth.b. Sol. Jones, of Landilo Bertboley. miny contributed, to the amount, in the Noribumberl. Matthew Foster of Bolton, Eig; whole, as supposed, of about 200 guineass. Norrbampo. J. Harpor of Burton Lattimer. Mr Williams, at going into the pillory, and Norfolk, W. Wigget Bulwer of Wocd Dulling. gerting out, bowed to the sp-etacors. He Norringbamh, Wm Ellis of Thoroton, Efq; held a sprig of laurel in his hand all the time. Oxfordh. Aith. Annesley of Bletchingon, Eíq;

Rutlandsh. Wm Lawrence, of Preston,

Esq; The soldiers belonging to the Gronville 19. E Shropspire, John Topp, of Whiton, E.19; diaman mutinied; knock'd down the cap Somer jetshire, Peter Taylor, of Burcot, Elq; tain, and endeavoured to escape in the boais; Staffordjh. John Hodgeits, of Prefword, Eig; but the crew having recourse to fire-arms, Surry, J.Hughes the younger, of Banftad, E14 they all submitted, and some of the ring-lead. Suffix S.muel Leeves of Pulborough, Esq; crs were pui in irons.

Suffolk, George Golding of Thorington, Eig; TUESDAY 19.

Subampion, Sir Edw. Hulse, of Bremer, Bi. A cause w?s tried in the court of common Warwicksh. Rob. Child of Upton, E19; pleas, in which a pr.vate soldier was plaintiff, F Worceffersib. Edw.Winwood ot Lindridge, Esq; and Commodore Keppel defendant; the action Wiltshire, Benj. Adamfon of Kendal, Edq; was for breaking the plaintiff from a serjeant Yorksh. Sir Tho. Wentworth, of Bralion, Bart, to a cominon man, contrary to the rules of a

SOUTH WALES. court-martial ; for which the plaintiff ob Brecon, Owen Evans, of Pennant, Esq; tained a verd Et, and 701, damages.

Carmariben, Wm Rees of Laugharn, Esq; THURSDAY 21,

Cardigan, Tho. Evans of Blacngwenog, Esq; Francis Defumeite, Esq; first liedt. colonel in Glamurgen, R. Calvert Jones of Swansea, Esg; the second tioop of horie-guards, commanded Pembroke, John Francis Murrick of Bush, Esq; by Lord Cadogan, having resigned his com- G Radnor, Sir Hans Fowler of AbbeyCromhire, Bt mand, Larvis Muntelies, the next in command

NORTH WALES. who lacccceed him, and the rest of the offi. Anglesea, Herbert Jones of Llynon, Esq; cers in the troop, who all rose according to Carnarvon. John Griffith, ot Cern-Amwlch, their seniority, kissed his majesty's band on Denbigb, Thomas Kyffin of Mainon, Esq; their promotion.

Fline, John Edwards of Lanykern, Era;

Merionetb, John Pugh of Garthmaelen, Esq;
A proclamation appeared in the London Ga. Montgomery, John Ambler of Burlington, Esq;
Zelle for revoking all the prefeat Mediterranear H

THURSDAY 28. pallis within ihe term of two years, at which The Sieur Marbeuf, commander of the time (viz. Feb. 1, 1756) they are to be ex Freneb auxiliary troops in the inand of Corjica changed for new paties; this is dune, as the has taken poffeffion of all the garrisoned furts faid proclamation tets forth, to prevent a mis in the hands of the Cenoefe; he at the same


cademanding how the

and he

time is dan order forbiddingtheinbabitare


of that isand the use of any other colours at which have hitherto parfed for those of DirSea, Iban those of Genoa, on the penalty of lenters, but are in reality Jefuitical semiaa confiscating ship and cargo.

sies, where the moft dangerous doctrines are Bv letters from Berlin it is affured, thac his openly broached, equally tending to tubvest

the morals and allegiance of the deluded avo Prurjian Majefty will have early in the spring

dience. an army of 160,000 men ready for observation or a&tion as occasion may require. "The re- A The long talk'd of project of uniting the joicings on his Majefty's birth-day (Jan. 24) Isle of Man to the crown, is now under conf.

deration and will probably take place. The were greater than ever were known; the people every where shouting in great numbers sovereignty of that island is said to produce Long live the King, the farber of bis country.

25,000l. a-year. A scheme is under consideration of govern

Lip of Births for the rear 1765. ment for obliging all persons making or selling weights or measuris, or ufing the same, to

ADY of Sir Wm Maxwell, -of a lon take out annual licences from the Exchequer,

and heir. for which a certain rum muft then be paid.

8. Lady of Sir Simeon Stuart, Birra day

B Mr Jarllen, the present chamberlain of Lady Caroline Leigh,-a lon and their. London, having a legacy left him by his bro

of Dr Woollaston,-of a son. thee, Sir Abraham Jar//, lately decealed, of List of MARRIAGEs in the rear 1965. şcol. a year during his life, has generouslv of.

ORD Percival, late of King's Colleges fered the same to sale for the benefit of his creditors, and the same is to be put up by

ingham. auction on the 7th of March.'

Rer. Mr Jebb of Peterhouse,-to Mis Mr Wilkes it is said, has left Paris very cri

Torkington of Huntingtonshire. tically, a lettre de cachet having been actually C

Mr Blundo, banker, of Pa'l-Mall, -to Miss figned to lodge him in the baftile; probably

Hawkins, daughter to Cæsar Hawkins. for being the supposed author of the Origin of

Clement Styles of South Moreton, Esg;Despotism printed some time ago at Paris, and

to Miss Jones of Reading. condemned in that country for the freedom

4. Henry Penton, E'q; member for Wise with which it has treated the religious efta.

chester, -co Miss Knowles-of Canterbury. blishments of all denominations. (See an ac Dr Hall of Newcastle,mto fliss Hick of count of sbis book Vol. xxxii. p. 468.) Mr Northumberland-ftroet, Wilkes had actually translated this book into D Nicholas Smithsond of Tewkesbury, ClouEnglip,and intended to have begun his larger cesteith. E'g;- to MissRomney of Droit wich. work with it, for which he received subscrip Feb. 2. Cha. Palmer, Esq;o Miss Fragtions some time ago.

ces Vane of Devonshire-Atreet. It has been found by a poor tanner of Battle 3. Earl of Shelburne at the Chapel-Royal, in Suffex, that oak law-duft will answer all

-to Lady Sophia Carteret, daughter to the the purposes of tanning calves leather, as we!! E late Earl of Granville. as oak bark; for which discovery, it is laid, Rice Wrndham of the ide of Wight, Elg the society of arts will reward him handsomely. -10 Miss Grores of Southampton.

The Rev. Mr George Wbitefield, who is ex 4, Sam. Dicken of Market Drayton, Shropa pected over in March, will bring with him

Thire, Elg;-to Mrs Chaloner of Stoke-Park. a Black, whom he has converted, and who

15,0col. i has already preached to crowded audiences fe

5. Rev. Mr Chaytor of Kirkby Stevea, veral times in America.


-10 MissRobinson of Appleby. From a grajo of wheat fown last O&tober twelvemonth in the garden of Crijpe Molineux, P of Petersb.--to MissCombi une of Hamistead.

9. Rev. Mt King, chaplain to the factory Efq; in Norfolk, the produce was 42 ftems,

12. Sir John Bridger of Combe, Suilex,which contained 2151 grains.

to Miss Elliott of Grosvenor-square. The rains have been ro exceffive this win.

13. Cha. Allanson of Branham-biggen, ter in Portugal, that the houses and walls e

Yorkshire, Esq;-to Miss Aillabic. daughter rected last Tummer, have almoft all been

of Wm Aisabie, E'q; member for Rippon. wahed down.

14. Tho. Cookes of Norgrove, Worcefter. A company of insurance for thips and mer.

Thire, Esq;--10 Mil.Denham of Welling, Kent chandize has been lately eftablished at Ham

Edmund Jenny, Esq; ac Busy,-10 Mile burgb, under the direction of fix of the richest

Brooke of Nafton. merchants of that city.


Fra. Biddulph of Leads, Erq; to Miss The attorney, who caused Lady T, a


i peeress in her own righi, to be arrested, was

18. Col. Johnson of the foot-guards,-to brought up to the bar of the House of

Miss Hazeland of Clarges-ftreet. Lords, and after being severely reprimanded,

Rev. Mr Jones of Chalfont, Bucks,-to upon his making his humble submission,

Miss Eldridge of the same place. was discharged, upon his paying the usual

2 . Rev. MrWray,R. of Wrexham, Bucks, fees; and at the same time it was ordered,

Esq; -10 M.Is Bromley of Reading. that himself and the plaintiff houid pay the Lord Rolle at Edingburgh, --- Milo Moray costs of the bailiffs.

H of Abercairney. Informations have la:ely been given into

Rev. Mr Faunce, R. of Sutton and Horton, a certain office, upon oath, and supported by

Kent,--to M (s Chapman ot Paul's Cray Hill. credible witneties, of no less than 15 private

Capt. Chece of Lord Waldegrave's sez:

Now: R Jeck-master of Dominicorn

Feb. 5.

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R prefident of

Lif of Deatr for obe Year 3765.

Lip of PROMOTIONS for the Tear 1766 Obert Pringle, fort major and bar.

From the London Gazette. Jan. 28. Wm Smithies of Hertfordrh. Erq;

Whireball, THE king has been pleased to Lady of Sir Wm Maxwell, Bt. in Scotland.

grant Wm Mildo ay of Maule Deputy Willis in Knight-rider.ft:eet.

Aam Hall in Elitx, Elq; and bis heiss male, Tho. Salvin of Eafingwrld, Yorkshire, Eq;

the dignity of a baronci go. Nic. Munckley of Lincoln's-inn, Esq;

26. to appoint Richard Clayton, Elg; John Kent, Efg; at Teddington...

chief justice of common pleas in Ireland, Mr Lambert, a celebrated painter in Cov.G.

Rev. Mr Makelyre, -astronomes royal." Rev M Gregory, R. of St Tudy. Cornwall.

From orber Papirs.
Id. Weston, Erq; an alderman of Worceller.
W. Clavering. Era; at Rye gate, Surry,

che society of antiquarians. Walter Berry, Ef9; a justice for Middlesex.

Claudius Amyand, Efq; - rceiver-general 31. Jer. Harrington, Esq; at Camberwell.

of the land-tax for Lundon and Middletex. Řevi Griffith Williams, R. of Little Tey,

Brass Crafty, Esq; one of the sherifis-aland V. of Toitham, Efex.

derman of Bread-fircet ward. Jof. Root of Daventry, Northamptíh. Era;

Richard Peers, Esq;-aiderman of Queen. Kev.T. Vernon, R. of Martley, Worceerth.

hithe.wid. Feb. v. Chr. Parker, a rear-admiral on kalf

Juhn Freernanule, Esq; -- afli Rant secre-ary pay, at Dublin, aged 85.

to the ciimmiffion' rotine Cunrms. 2. Lady Allen, mother of Sir Edm. Allen.

Rev.MrB:118, --Sivilian proftitu;at Oxford. 2. Rev. Mr Taylor, 40 years curate of St

Capt. Alcock, -major 13 h rek, diagoons. Martin's in the fields.

Hon. Col. Rob. Brudeneil, -Col of the Rev. Mr Blackshaw, V. of Birchion Surry.

4th R of fcot (Lt. Gen. Duroure, oec.) - Rev. M. Puwell, V. of Trumpington,

R Clay on Bayley, - Major 3815 R. or foot. near Cambridge.

Col. Cole of the 3d Rf fove.guard3,Hon. and Rev. Dr Edward Townshend,

Col. of the 16th Reg Tale Brudenell's. Dean of Norwich, and Rector of the Puinams and Tivet halls, in Norfolk.

Fromosions in tbe ad troop of life-guards. Peter Dent, E'q; in Hatton Garden.

Mr Pleyday, -sub-brigadies and cornet; 4. Geo. Goddard, Fíg; at Harkney.

Chr. Morit, --brig. and lieut ; Wm Wales S. Fred. St Paul, Eq; many years riding exempt and captain ; Gto. Cunningham, matter to his late majetty.

guidon and ad major; Felix Buckley,--corne. Mr Timothy Helmsley, one of the com. and first major ; Rob. Slavghter, - 2d lieut. mon-council of Broad-treet ward; dying a colonel; Lewis Cha. Montclico,-first lieuta batchelor, he has bequeathed near 10 cool, to col. (Desmarette, ref.) 'charilable uses.

Rob. Skene,-Major of the çad Reg. 6. Marihe Dickenson, Erq; alderman of Major Gladwin of the doib Reg.-deputy Queenbiche ward, member for Brackley in adjutant general in North-America. Noithampton there, and obairman of the com Capt. Jieut Luke ---Capt. in the 59th Reg. mittee of ways and means in the House of Capr. Gibbs of the 17h Reg.-Capt. saiba Commons.

Reg of dragoons Cba. Wale, Edg; near Earl's Colne, Effex. Capt. C. A. Smart-Capi, in tbe 211 R. 9. Daniel Lock wood, at Newington, Eiq;

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Elden Gister of Sir Tho. Tancred, Bart. si. Jolio Snellerove, Esq; at Paddington. 'HE king has been pleased to appoint De Ph. Crespigny, Esq; of Doctor's Commons.

Wm Markham.--dean of Rochester, Henry Selby, Elg; at Deptford, aged 82. (D: Newcome, dec )--Gaz. og E. Home, in St. James's unrkhouse, aged 104. The Hon. and Rev. Henry Maxwell, dean

12. Wm Clarke, Esq; a justice for Surry of Kilmore,- Bithopoi Dromure, in r. of the Rob. Chalonei, Esq; in Southampton-row. R: Rev. Dr Edward Young, -translated to

Rich, Backwell, Elg; at Northampton, for the bifhoprick of Leigblin and Fernes, in which place he was member in the last par room of he Harnent.

Rt Rev. Dr Cha. Jackion, translated to 34. Rev. Mi Spinder, in Willbronk.. that of Kildare. 13 Wm Inguldly, Efq; al Chichester.

His grace Richard, arch bithop of Armagh, M, Emerson Surveyoroti be cuitum-house the office of almoner in Ireland, warehoules, worih 20,000!

Di Philip Lloyd,-dean of Norwich, 19. Siro braham Jantiell, Bart, brother .o Dr Rob. Fowler,-a piebendary o! Weftm, SleTherdore Jannien, E14; lately elected Tho. B. wen, M. A. - Pulhani, St Mary's cbamberlaio of London.

R. Nortolk. -Gaz. Mr Rohins, belonging to the India-house, MrHarrison,- Cromb Dabitot, R. Worcenta Res. MTowers at Camberwell.

Mr Robinson, - Watlington. R. Norfolk." Wm Blennerhaflet of Cun berland, Esq; Mr Walker,- Warmingtro, R. Warwick, D: Morley, physician at Tonbridge Wells. Marmaduke Ward. ---Beeiion by tbe sea, Gabriel Ferryplace, E'q; at Cantrı bury, R. Norfolk. 20. Wife of Mr Fuller, banlier, Lolbard-it. Mr Frew,-largejle, L. Brecon chire. 29. Er. Atkins. Elq; a funilaret merche, Mr Bendey,- Arlington, V. Leicesternhire on the Davilon, Eq; in Heute ww.

Mr Smythies, -chaplain to the royal Reg. of hurft wuarda


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