tifhmen, not withAanding their great ditance free-holders and other inhabitants of the town from Great Britain - That the ftamp-act of Plymoulb, 08. 21 they unanimously agreed in an infraction upon these rights.

on instructions to Tbomas Fofler, Erg; theit And that if it takes place, Liberty will be reprelentative at the great and general court no more; trade will languith and die ; out of the province of the Malacbuffets bay in Cath will be fant into his majesty's exche New England; in which, io avoid disgracing quer; and Poverty come upon us like an the inemories of their ancestors, as well as armed men.

the reproaches of their own consciences, and The town therefore hereby advise and di the curses of pofterity, they recommea it to re&t their reprefentatives, by no means what him to obtain, if possible, in the honourable soever to do anyone thing that may aid the said Houle of representatives, a full and explicić act in its operations } but that in conjunction - affertion of ibeir rights, and to bave the Tame with the friends of Liberty, they use cheir ut entered on their public records, that all gemufendeavours that the fame may be re nerations yet to come, may be convinced, pealed; that this vote be recorded in the that they have not only a juf fense of their town book, that the cbildren yet uoborn may rights and liberries, but that they never (wich les the defise their ancestors had for their fubmiffion to divine providence) will be Davca freedom and happiness; and that an attested to any power on earth; copy be given the said represcatatives for their Cbarles Town, Soutb Carolina, O2, 21. Our conduct.

whi's attention now is engrossed with the New Port. Rbode Ifand, 08. 28. The Go. effects of the stamp.act. It neing reported vernor of Maryland having defied the advice that the stamp-paper was arrived, a gallows of the assembly, with respect to the ftamped was erected apposite to Dilion's, with the effi. paper, as the proper officer had gone off : sy of the Difusibutor, the Devil; and a Boot, They replyed, that they were in no circum- in the evening they pulled it down, and laid Aances to advise on lo new a subject, and the bodies in a cart, with which they marchboped his Excellency will excufe them. ed towards the bay, fouting and huzsaing,

A quantity of stamped papers and perch. and after breaking the windows of a certain menis being sent by the distributor of Atamps house, they dispersed. The government to Halifix; the people hearing thereof, ob offer a reward of 50!. Aerling, for the difcoliged the deputy to surrender them up, which vering any of the principals cyacerned.' All they put in a bundle and burnt.

bufinclo muft for a time ceale. Boston Nou. 4. Ac a legal meeting of the


Historical Chronicle, Dec. 1765.

A quake happened due Long Benten, with



Aration of juftice ; for the free and easy acceso Violent shock like that of an carth he at all times gave to bis fellow.citizens;

for his readiness in convening the members in four miles of Newcastle, which disjointed of this court, whenever the bufiocís of this all the houses in that lown, being built of city required it ; for his zeal and resolution is ftare, upon a free-fone rock; che inhabi. keeping and preserving the peace and quiet of tants Aled from their houses into the fields and this great metropolis; and for his readiness streets, expecting their fall every minute ; at all times to suppore the rights and libestico the ftreet opened and closed again from end of his fellow-citizens. to end the fields and a gentleman's garden

FRIDAY 29. funk above two feet, and many parts of the At a general meeting of the Royal Society, greal Killing worth moor shared the fame fate,

their p:efdent, the Earl of Morror, prelented but no lives were lost. This was occafioned their prize-medal to Mr Canion of Spisak by the noted colliery of Long Benton having Jquere, for his experiments to prove that watet been compleatly wrought oul. It is a cuftom

is compreffible. in working colliçsies, to leave as much coal

SATURDAY 30. as they dig away ; but being a coal of great Being the birth-day of the Princess Dowa: character in London, they worked the coal ger of Wales, their majefies, accompanied by pillars away, and fixed wood ones in their che Prince and Princels of Bruxjwic, went in Itead, which not being able ta support a cock the morning and paid their complemtors at of two miles Square, and sevenly five fashoms Carlton · Houje. thick, bring the d:ph of the coal pit, the

MONDAY Dec 2. whole sunk down together.

An engraver of Newcastle was con mirred to THURSDAY, Nov. 28.

prison there, tor counterfeiting the notes of Ata court of common-council at Guidball, The Newcastle bank. He was apprehended at it was unanimoudy resolved, that thanks be Edinburgb, where he bad osgociated leveral giren to the Ri Hon. Sir W'm Stepbenfon, Knt. of them. jare lord mayor, for his buving prudcony and

WEDNESDAY 4. Spieadily supported the grandeur of ihac high Mr Harrison received the mency, 7,500! and important office ; for his confant teli in cuniequence of bis certificare irom the dence during the wbol time be prended over board of longitude, (fee p. 490.) – fy this us los hin vigilant and impartial adauui. Bayancat this nation ba! now expended t

Tom of só, çool. in consequence of several a&ts cat o'rine-tails, and put in itons, by the capof parliament for discovery of the longitude tain's con mand, for two days. The captain at lea Ir is asked, therefore, what advan pleaded a special juftification that the plains cage was likely lo he reaped by this invention, tiff had behaved in a mutinous and difobedient fince the cow missioners of longitude have manner on board the fhip, and that the de tbooghe proper to lock up the time-keeper in a fendant Hid what was complained of by way box in the,

of correction and example, and to keep op Mari berus. Roger's, and King, three of the

proper discipline and command in the ship. mitorios villains who made their escape after A Upon hearing the witnefses of the plaintiff killing the keeper, and breaking Maidstore only, the judification was lo full pioved to goal, executed a: Penenden Heath (fee p. 537.} the fatisfact on of the court and jery, that a were young teilous, bui oid ottenders, who

verdia was immediately given for the de had railed great contributions by many conf. fendant, derable robberies. Among the prisoners who A cause was tried in the King's. Beneb, broke out on this occasion, there was a quaker wherein a militia-man was plaintiff, and an convicted capitally of horse-ftealing, but re officer the defendant ; the act on wa's bro't, faited, as was fupposed. for transportation, for whipping the plaintiff without the leg. Wnen the cther convicts had resolved upon


tence of a court martial; when igol, dabreaking the goal, they applied to the Quaker mage was given to the plaintift. to accompany item, but he refused, telling

FRIDAY, 6. taom that he was determined to be obedientio One Mary Piner, a girl of 16. was commit. the laws. They tried every method to make

ted to Nequgate for robbing Mr Gibbons of him alter his relo!u ion, by threatening and Paddington ot 17 guineas and some filver, and beating him, and at last puiting a piltal into two gold ringe; to accomplith her purpose, his mouth, but all ta no purpose. Ac laft The fet fire to the ftanier, and while the family when the time carne for making their escape, C was básy in extinguishing the flames, the fole they obliged him to le.d.he way, in order to the money. She was fo wicked as to accole take the fif tire of those who opposed them, her mother and bfter as accomplices, though which, however, he happily escaped by chrow both entirely innocent. ing himself Rat upon the ground; and, whea A moion was this day made in the Irija his companions were gone off, he immedi. House of Commons to address his majetty a:ely went back to pri:on. His behaviour on the great increase of penfons ob the lvija having been properly represented, he hath, establishment, amounting to the fom of we hear, procured his majeity's pardon. D 155,6851. in the two last years, ending a

Ar a numerous meeting of merchan's tra. Lady-day 1765. It passed in the negative. ding to North America, Mr Aldernan Treca

MONDAY 9: Ibic being unanimoudly voted to the chair, a A moft unfortunate accident happened in commirree was appointed (confifting of prin clearing :he rubbish in a celfar belonging to cipal merchants trading to eich colony) to lo M: Burdun, tobac opift, who was burnt out at lieit fomé effe&tual remedy in the prefent dis the late fire in Bisherigare frent, when a fack tréfled ftale of the trade to the colonies, roer. of chimnies fell upon the workmen, by which fentially necellary for the support of the mamonofactories of this kingdom.--A deputation entre la perfonts lost their lives, and several bad

their limbs crushed in a moft shocking manner. from this commitee waited on the minift y to requed their countenance and support n The corporation of Necrafie presented Pr. their intended application to parliment, and, Abailly with twenty guineas. This unfortu. it is laid, met with great encouragement. nate stranger is a Prince of Perfia, who was

At the fuciety of arte, ihe relation of an forced to abandon his country on its being taimprovement in the art of dying was made by ken by the Turkx; he is now on his travels a membet.- A German, now in Ergiard, pro Ibrough England, witb credentials from bis potes to make a discovery to the fociety of a F majefty's secretary of Qate; a bigher fanética certain transparent liquor, which will dye lilk, than was formerly obtained for Salmanazar, Te richer if a most beautiful purple, or who travelled thecuph England as Prince of crimson, in grain, without the aliiftance of Form:fa, and was highly carefled under that cochyseal or indigo. The perfection of co. title.' (Set Vol. XIX. P. 503.) lour which this dre produces, is said to exceed Mr James Giof-, an attorney, charged with any thing hithertı oozained of the kind; the counterfeiting two infruments, io form of cxpence of the procesi neri to nothing, the writings made by the clerk of the Repon Of. coin pofition made from a common English fice, of the high-court of Charcery, with in weed; and the ftrength of colour such as to tent to defraud William Huri, gentleman, cf rehit ihe sun's rays, and even not to be dis. the sum of gosl. 45.74. for which he was charged by boiling lemon juice.

committed to Néngate. THUISDAY 5.

SATURDAY 14, Came on to be cried in the court 'of com Orders were read to all the segiments of mon-pleas before the R: Hon. Lord Chief. font guards, and troops of horse, acquaigting Justice Cam.! m, and a special jury, a quellion them, that if lawfully married, their wives often litigates, between common failors and wjuld he admitted into the Lying-in Hofpi. the masters of merchant-inps, in an activo H tal, and their children taken proper care of. Big it by a midhipman of an E3-Indizman,

(MONDAY 16. Halit his caprain, yoon Wibb; wherein the The lenions ended at the Old Baily, when aoff complained of being floke'd with a ten Corrida receited Antone of death. 14


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of guards So Mil Erg; of urin-friars, 590 List of Births, Marriages, and Deatbs. WIDNESDAY, 26.

Fra. Bedwell, Esq; king's locksmith, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales,

Miss Foutacre of Reading. and his Serene Highness the hereditary prince 6. Rich. Pennant, Erg; member for Pe. of Brunswick, and the Retion. The Ezıl of tersfield:- Miss Warburlón, nice to the Albemarle, were invested by his Majesty with Dutchefs of Argyle. the most noble Order of the Garter.

9. Wan Cha. Furrel, the . SUNDAY 29, At half after three in the afternoon, died in Wm Peppin of Dulrarton, Somersethite, Leicefter fields, his R. H. Prince Frederick Esg;-to Mils Hagley of the same place William, his Majelly's youngeft brother, in A 12. Sir Wm Hanham, Bart. Lizut. Col. of the 16th year of his age, on wbich melancholy the Dorfet militta--to Misa Harriot Drax, of occasion, all public diverfions are suspended. Cbarborough, Dorsetshire. TUESDAY st.

Jacob Lampson, Erg -to Mirs Polly Potts A forged draught under ibc fignature of Sir of Cannon-freet, with boool. Foshua Van Neck and Co. for 4500 l. payable Capt. Michael Clements, ---to' MissHopton. to thcHonTbo.Walpole, E?a; lately, passed at the 36. Fra. Mukins of Howard-freet, Elg; Bank, and what is remarkable, the potes for -to Mifs White of Arundel.ftreet, which the said draught was firft exchanged B 17. Ja. Poole of the Inner-Temple, Erq; were all brought to the Bauk. and the carba -Miss Allen of Eed-lion-square. 30, cooi, teceived for them, before the said forgery was Capt. George Arnold, at Rotherhithe, -lo discovered. Five hundred pounds reward is Mifs Warren. scool. offered by the Bank for the discovery of the

Davidson of Blakeftone-hall, near forger, or his accomplice.

Stockton vpon Tees, Efq; -10 Miss Tempet, The celebrated M. Rouflecu, is now settled daughter of John Tempeft, Dember' for st Berlin in a weak cond. tion. His majefty re Durham ceived him with great marks of tenderness Tbo. Wordsworth of Yorkshire, Efq; - to and affe&ion, affuring him of his protection C Mils Betty Howard of Barb. against the effects of ihe intemperate zeal of 13. Tho. Alle, Esg; of the Treasury,-to the bigo:s either of popery or puritanistt. Miss Morant of Colchester,

A Bened Etine hath published a painphlet, which 23. Ja. Foffey, Erg; merchant in Shore. is in pretty good esteem at Paris, againt the ditch, --to Miss Betsy Grant. works of Rousseau ; in which he proves that Rouffeau, who boast of writing from his own

Lip of Deats for tbe Year 1765. ideas only, is oot the original he afferts him

YILES Philips, Esq; l'ate of Ipswich felf to be

at Pensacola, A number of counterfeit balf crown pieces D Reliet of the Hon. Arthur Middleton, forare now circulatiog about town, plated over

merly president of the council, in South Carowith silver, and extremely well.executed

lina, aged 82. worth 50,00cl. they are found to be a composition of bath

Noo. 24. Lady of Ralph Clavering of Normetal and copper, and are rather larger than

thumberland, Esq; at Douay in Flanders. the true ones.

Rob. Knight, É{q; in Glamorganshire. The King of Sardinia's Minifter has been

Cha. Grilby, Esq; at Walthamftow. with Mr Harrison, to let him know, that his

Rev. Mt Brand, V. of Eafton, and minifter Master will order four of his walches to be

of Ageringhall, Norfolk. made by him at joocl, cach, as an acknow


Rev. Mi Dunkin, master of the school at Jedgment of Mr Harison's ingenuity, and

Enniskillen in Ireland. fome recompence for the time he has spent

28. Rev. Mr Barrett, R. of Hordley, Salope for the general good of mankind,

30. Wm Eat, Efq; formcily one of the There are at present in the city of York, a

fx clerks io chancery. boy and a girl of furprizing Size. They are

Alderman Joseph Clegg, at Liverpoole. iwios; and though not yet 17 years of age,

Rev, Mr Valentiae, V. of Trapefort in Irethe brother measures feven feet 3 inches, and

land the filer measures (even feet two.

53 years, aged 95.

F The French Aill continue to boy up aut

Rev. Ms Job Benfead Clerk, R. of Hun.

fton, and matter of the grammar-school at. fwift going thips; and there is one of them

Ofwelry. now in the river, loaden with canton and

Tho. Whitaker, Esq; at Masybone. other military fores, which, it is said, is

Mr Samuel Tux, tock-broker, at Bath. bound to one of their colonies.

MrsKnightsbridge in Orange A. Goldea-iq.

Rev. Mr Martin, R, of Hunsdon, Herte Lift of BIRTHS, for the rear 1765.

fordshire; he lately changed his name for an Dec. THE Ciss of Plymouth,- of a son. G eftace of 6col fer Ann.

26. Vilafs Downe, -of a son. Dec. 1. Ada, Godsalve, at Baddow, Eder. Lif of MARRIAGES for 1765.

+ John Dixey, a thoe-maker near Cirencefter,

aged 102, Nou.

IR Tho. Stapleton, Bart, member 3. Joseph Wince, Efq; at Haggerfione. 17.

for Oxford, - 10 Miss Fane of Dec. 3. At Tour du Pin, on the Lake Wormsley, neice to the E.fof Northumberland Genera, sbe Ri Hon. Lord John Sackville, 28. Ja. Horton, Esq;-to Miss Anderson next brother to the present D. of Durlet, aged

H 53. His lordship Bad formerly a company in Tho. Randle of Great-Shurding. the foot-guards, which he rehgned in 1746. to Miss Rich,



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He was also member in two parliaments for 21. Rer. M. Eddomes, R. of Branghion, the borough of Tamsworth ; and married La Oxforeldre, and yeeman almore to Ges. di Frances, After to the present Earl Gower, II. and be prefaci maje by. by whom he has left ius, the Hon. Joha John Paul Yvonne, E19 ase of the come Sackville, Esa; minor, now on bis travelog mitlioners for appeale in the ercife-office, and a daughter.

Thomas Ba er, Efe; at Hackeey. John Orlebar, Esq; one of the commiffio. Rich. Cope, Efq; at Folhum. bers of his majefty's excise.

23. Col. Tutinell, at Lewithan. Miles Fletcher. Efq; in 24. Mich. Atwood, Esq; near Carendik-fa. Anby Taylor, Esg; an alderman of York. Geo Woodfield, Esq; merchantin Thamesti,

Wetfeld, E.q; at Hampstead, 29. His R. H. Pr. Frederick William, his worth 150,ocol.

Majesty's youngest barber, in the 15th year Sir Tho. Ridge, at Portsmouth.

of his age, being bors Mizy 24, 1750. The. Housemaa, Esq; at Pool, Dorset hire. 5. Rab. Dalrymple, Esg; ad foa of the Life of PROMOTIONS for the Tear 1965. Hon. Sie James. Cha. Palmer, Esq; at Gunnersbury-house,

(From tbe London-Gazette.) aged 88,

Wbitiba.l, THE king was pleased to apo Ja Bradley, Esq; at Falbam.

point Sir Joha Grelhas, Bt. Lt. Willcoghby of the marines, asPlymouth one of the commissioners of the fak-duties, 7. Lady Eliz. Sherrard, GAer to the Earl (D. Ooflow, des.) of Harbosough.

S: James's, Dec, 20. The Rt Hon. Lord The only son of Lord St George.

George Sackville was sword of the Priry. Capel Hanbury, Elor member fo: Mon

Council mouthshire.

- 21. The king has been pleased to ap. 8. Sır Traffd Spib, Bart..

point the Rt Hon. John Eorl of Egmont, of Sir Edw. O Brien, Bari, in Ireland. the kingdom of Ireland, and the Ri Hon.

10. Win Jack (»o, Esq; deputy-collector of Lord Loreland Holland, of Eamore, in the the grand receipt of coloms.

county of Somcríet in Great Britain, Sie Isaac Traveri, Ele; a juftice for Sorry. Charles Saunders, Kot, of the Bath, Auguftus Joha Twing Thompson of Mafham ft. Erg; Keppel and Charles Townshend, Esqrs. Sir Relic of Jasper Clarke, Esq; near Roís. William Meredith, Bart. John Buller, and IL A Popplewell, in Gr Marlboro'-4.Esq. John Yorke, Esqrs, to be commissioners for

Nat. Pearce, a Chapel-Brampton, North executing the office of High Admiral of Great amptonshire, Esq.

Bntrin. 17. Tho. Coldham, Efq; a: Chelsea.

St James's, Dec. 27. The king has been Wife of M. Blunt of Mapledurham, Esq; pleased to grant unto the Ri Hon John Baron Lawrence Hutchinson, Era; near Mile End. Pollington, of Loogford, and his beirs male, R: Hon. Lord Somerville, at Edinburgh. the dignity of a V.icount of Ireland, by the Mr Neale, secretary to the million bank,

title of Viscount Pollington, of Feror : And and clerk of Guy's-hospital.

likewise a grant to the laid Baron Pollington, Wife of R. Barwell, Esq; of Bread-Areet. and his beira male, of the dignity of an Earl

Rev. Me Gardner of, Okon. of the said kingdom, by theu:le of Earl Mex. * T.Gibbons, at Kingsbridge, Devon,ogd 194. borough of Led, in the county of Dovegale

Wm. Gregory, Esq; a. How-Capel, Here to grant unto the Ri Hon. Edward Baron fordshire.

Winterton of Gort, and his heirs male, the 15 Nic. Soottard, Efq; at Mottingham dignity or a Viscount of Ireland, by itie title Dear Elthan.

of Viscount Turnour of Gost, 'in the county Ja. Wukinson, Elg; * Stepney,

of Galway 1 And lakee wile a grant to the faid Šimona Fanshaw, Esq; in Bruron-Ryedt, Baion Winterton, and his heirs male, of the

The most Rev. Dr W Carmthvel, Alp dignity of an Earl of the said kingdom, by the of Dublin, and brother to the Lal of Hynd: title of Pal Winterton in he county of Galway. ford, at Barh.

to grant unto the Ri Hon. Stephen Ba. Rober: Sedgwicke, Esa: aged? 'át Ep. fon Kilworth, and his heirs male, the dignity fom ; he was a major under the Dute of of a Vilcount of lelaod, by the title of Vir. Marlborough, in Queen Anne' ware, he has COWN Mount Colhell, of the city of Calhell, left to each of his servants go goine is a piece,

in the county of l'ipperary, and a yea's wages.

oprant unto the Ri Hon, Arthur Tree Mr Whitridge, a book feller at the Royal vor of Dinimale in Denbigh thire, Esq; and Exchange

his belle male, the dienities of a Baron and Mr Pollard, clerk of nie dole working Vileen eland, by the cirles of Baron. company.

HMI Ondelleet, in the county of Apirim, Rich. Alhatom, Elg, one of

#m Bm Dungannon, in the county of the petty bax ore in Chaniary lane

*****, to the fald kingdom. Rev. Mr 1, l, ll Mjing, DUA. iu prani unto Sir George Pigof, Bart. and Felton, Oinfraferhire,

who heimale, tbe d'anity of Baron of 19. Alraham 139 1 ngiol, allway. Intel hy the title of Biron Pigot, of Pas

20. Ste. Claythin, pain and thull is the stunty of Dahlin freet worth 6o onel

ker, Mr Toll, V. of Odiham, Hlania, Chlef Juille on

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