tered on the estate of Mr M'Kenzie, the M, Von Aken, an apothecary in Sweden, bas ore of which does not lose one third of its made trials on thirty propie for curing the weight in refining, by which great profit is

tooth ach with the artificial laaditone, and expected.

all but three found benefit. A memorial has lately been presented by

The Americans have d scovered a'method the Freneb minifter to the British court, in A of making fugar from a liquor procured by juftification of their right to trade for Naves

boring the maple tree. They say that mere on the coasts of Africa.

than go gallons have been procored from one A few days before the resignation of Lord tice, which being manufactured after the He!lifax, a petition from the Englih inhabi manner of the lyrup proceeding from the sugar tants of Quebec, fupported by another from çane, produces a fugar equal in goodness to the merchants of London, was laid before his that of Jamaica ; and that the molasses exe majefty ; fince which, a third remonttrance

tracted from the preffure of the liquor, is very from the French inhabitants there has been little inferior to our Wed India molasses. received by Mr Secretary Conway, all of them A poor woman through a violent and fullmost heavily complaining of oppreflive con

den fright, baving fome time ago, loft the uke of dua ; in consequence of which, enguiry will her speech entirely, and renained in that un. foon be made into the grounds of the said

happy fiyalion for more than six mon hs. complaint.

She was advised to be eltétrified, which fac Two principal officers at the court of Swe seadily consenting to, was, after a few trials, den, have prelented a memorial to the faces and, in a very lurt time, restored to the full of that kingdom, setting forth the advantages and perfect use of her speech as befosé. that would accrue to Sweden, from the exten. C A Letter from Kilkenny in Ireland, dased fion of the liberty of ebe press, which me

the 8th in Aant feys, “ The White boys morial has been referred to a grand com

have commenced ag in their boRile insurrecmittee

tions: a pariy of 200 of them armed and array, Fresh letters patent have lately been grant

ed in white uniforms, extremely well mounia ed by his Prussian majefty, for establ.thing a ed and officered, seized four mon near the Dew Eof India company at Embden, the di Archbp of Cafhels; and forced them to take re&tion of which is to be placed in the hands

two oaths; the one was, never to take of persons of known probity, and we'l vessed tythes from any farmers ; and the oth-r. 10 in the Ear India commerce. The capital is D publ sa at their chupel, the Sunday followto confit of 1,250,000 crowns, and foreigners ing, their fuferings." as well as natives are permitted to Subscribe. A Frineb family at Haeriem, confisting of The Matrisylva has b:en found in Germany

the matter, his wife, fun, a man and maid a specific in the cure of the bice of a mad dug. servaat, were poisoned the 16th inf. by ease It may be given either green or diy.

ing champignons. The Jesuits have obtained leave to settle A gentleman from Paris has brought over in Corsica, to build colleges, and form feie a mioiature model of a new invented m.chine ties, in consequence of a large sum advanced for grinding corn, by which, double the to Pafcbal Panti, chief of the o.alcontents. & Ruwer is abiained that is produced by come A gentlemen of Paris bas invented a ma

mon mills. chine, which, by means of fome eagrarea cylinders, and the help of three workmen, A Complimentary Order of the Mayor of a cir. prints 200 ells of callicoe in an hour, which tin Town in tbe Wef 10 tbe Inbabitants, des before employed 15 min. A machine of the livered by ebe Common Cryer, being a true Copy. like kind his long been invenied in England,

“ Oyez, Oyez, Oyez, this is to give notice, a model of which may be seen by the curio

that the Right Worshipful the Ma or of this ous at St Joba's Gate.

P corporativa presents his comphments to the A golden cup of an antique form, and cu

inhabitania of this rown, de furing them, both rious workmanship, has la:ely been discovered

married and unmarried of the female tribe, bader the ruins of King Joba's palace in

to bring out their shovels and brushes, Sboreditcb, supposed to have been made use

and pails, and clear and make ready the treets, of by that monarch 560 years ago.

in order to receive my Lord Judge, who is An isand has larely been discovered at a little distance from the continent of Nortb

• expected here to-torrow, to try a criminal for Fartary, from whence it is supposed the geat Giu be escorted into tou s by a large party of

the murder of an unhappy youih, and who is continent of Norib Ame: ica, might have been

town'men' with javelins, marching on font, peopled; but' as the inhabitan:s of that con

two and two; ereft io their best bibs and tinent are of various thapes and complexions,

tuckers ; and thać the faid Righi Worshiptal it is not easy to arcount for this variery on

toe Mayor has ordered an innumerable quanthe lupposition of buing peopled from any one place.

tity or car!s to talee away the dirt and filen so

fovelled together, that my Lord Judge may The cargo of the Vanfitiart Eas. India dip, just arrived from Bengal, cochills of 3 colb: Hotberwise would happen, it ihr precaution

not be incommided by the don thereof which cotton yarn, 30 600 10. raw Olk, 65.500 lb.

was not taken by ins laid Right Wo: Ahipful : fed-wood, 675,000 lb. fal.perre, and a large

The ladies being expected to be the moft nu. quantity of white piece goods. In this Bip 18 elfo brought over a curious little fallion,

nerous, mofi brilliant, and moft Splendid on

this occafion ever known in the memory of which is only thirty incbaco high.

the oldeAt man lwing.- God farve ibe dirgi".

I were conveyed by the German and
FRIDAY August 23,

first time of his appearing at court, fince bis HE remains of the late Emperor, arrival from his travels abroad. He is said to wbich bad lain io ftate for three days, be a most accomplished young nobleman, on

great expectations. Hungarian life guards, and a squadron of dra


A goons to Hall, where they were pu: on board The collection for the sons of the clergy a a vesel, and sent down the Danube to Vienna. Nequcafle, amounted to 3-51. 63.4d. He is succeeded in the Imperial dignity by

SUNDAY 8. his eldest son, who was elected King of the Being the anniversary of their majeftjes Romans at the conclusion of the late peace. marriage, their majesties received the com. The Empress Queen dowager, and the two pliments of the nobility usual on that occafiArcbdutcheftes, nave retired to a nunnery, on. Sir Richard Wictify, preached before till the folemn ceremony of inter ment is per. hi: majesty, and Lord Orford carried the sword formed,

B of state,

About fix this morning, bis R. H. the D. The coroner's inqueft fat on the body of of York, and their Royal and Serene High: George Edmords, a travelling harter, who was Detres the Hereditary Prince and Princess of found cruely nu:dered near Streaibam in Brunwick, landed at Harwich trom Holland, Surry. It is thought this barbarous act was In che evening the Duke of 7 ork arrived af committed by Mate bews and Rugers, two of his bouse io Pall Mall. the villains who broke out of : adfore goal,

MONDAY 9. who have fince been taken and committed to C Their serene Higantiles the Prince and Wine befter goal.

Princess of Brunssuick arrived in perte et At the a fizes for Larsafer, three criminals health, at the apariments filled up for their were capitaliy convicted ; Sujan liol and reception, at St James's. Join Tracy for a robbery, and Ricbard Sute

1 ULSDAY 10. cliffe for horse feeling.

This morning her Royal Highness the In the nigh: between the 14th and 25th of Princess Douaner of Wales, and the Princesses last month, 153 houses were consumed at Louisa and Caroline paid a visit to the prefest Murbard in Germany. The church, the Princess of; at noon theit was prefbytery, a magazine belonging to the Duke D a very grand couit at Leicester Huuse

, at which of Wurtemberg, and the suburbs, are the only their serene Highnetics were freient, and rebuildings left. Five childien perished, and ceived the comp,inenis of the r.cbilliy fave two mso wore wounded,

reign minifers, Ge, on their arrival in Eve SATURDAY, 31.

giando Their Highoeftes afterwards cined At the charitable meeting of the three with her Royal Hipbre's The Prince choirs held at Hereford the whole collection Dowager of Wales at Carleier: bvse. amounted to 3731. ys 6d. :

A gentleman if a plentiful fortuge reas New hups fold at Worcester from six to seven E Cavendish square, who was to have been mar. pounds a hundred. Since this date the price ried in a few days to a very amiable young bas fallen conliderably.

ja ly of 10,000l, for:une, thot his felf thro SUNDAY September 1.

the head with a pitiel. James Welson, an Irish travelling merchant, A fire broke out at Mr Bilez's, a linnenwas found bärbarously murdered near Bruton draper in Cheapfide, that raged with luch vio. in Somersetfire. He was observed the day be lence as to endanger the oppofite hide of the fore to put money and other valuable things Areet. It burnt down several con&dcrable into his portmanteau, which was carried off, f boules, and did immense damage to the opu. but his house was found grazing by the body. lent inhabitants, MONDAY 2.

A fire broke out on board the Nanry, a fine The demolition on th: jettees of the har. Jamaica noop, lying at Limeborfc-bili, with bour of Dunkirk was begun, without wbich 62 puncheons of rum on board, which, with the fortificacioas would Aill have been formi the Nip, made a most astonishing and awtul daole. Lond, Gaz.

conflagration. The boy who set the ship og TUESDAY, 3

fire by drawing fome rum with a lighted canA most desperate attack was made upon G dle, perished in the fiames. the Rev. Dr Yarborougb,of Trueen, near Hert

WEDNESDAY 11. ford, by a young fellow, who having left his His majesty in council was this day pleased horse at the gate, entered the parlour where to order, that the parliament which food prothe doctor was, and clapping a pistol to his rogued to Tuesday, the 17th inftant, be fariher breast, demanded' his mogey. The doctor prorogued toTkurfoay the 24th of Oftober Dexc. offered him some silver, and protened what

THURSDAY 12, other money he had was ac Hertford, on This day at noon there was a grand levee 2 which the young villain withdrew, saying it H York house, at which bis R H. the D. of Cumza was not filver he wanted, took his horse, and berland was prelent, and held a long conference sale off without further mischief.

with his R. H. the D. of York, after which WEDNESDAY 4.

bis highness had a conference with his maLort Moune Stuart, eidert fontorn. Earl of

jefty's secretaries of late, Exx, was prelenied to his majesty, being the


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The function of Rabbi, or High Priest of had a horse and foot-race on the Wells Commor, the Jews belonging to the Portuguese syna. about two ; a play at the bowling greca about gogue, which has been vacant 14 years, was fix; and attended the common ball at eight; filled up, and the election proving in favour of breakfafted next day with the Dutcbels of a native of London, the generality of that peo Grafion, and left the place about cleven on ple were highly plealed.

Wednesday in high good humour. A board of longitude was held to inspect

TUESDAY 17, and receive the explanation of Mr Harrison's A A young lady, clegantly dreffed, threw here time-keeper, when he was acquainted that the self from boat into the Thames. The wacommissioners were satisfied that he had terman exerted himfelf in her preservation, made a full discovery of his machine to the and got her into the boat again ; when the gentlemen appointed by them for that purpose. faid her father had married a second wife a and that it was by them resolved to grant him few weeks before, and that her mother in their certificate, upon his delivering up his law had turned her out of dcors, for prewatch, and three other timekeepers, before, suming to make a reply, when fome severe 'made, as the property and for the use of the reflection was cast upon the memory of ber public, a formal instrument of which is now


mother, drawing up. By virtue of the above-menti At a court of lord mayor and aldermen, the oned certificate M: Harrisors will receive the price of bread was lowered a whole aflize. farther sum of 7500l. compleating the first Mr Green, attorney, in Mark Lane, and Mr, for the discovery of the longitude. Pbilips, haberdasher

, in Grace cburcb-ftreef, At a very numerous meeting at Astrop executors of Jennix Dry, Esq; deceased, paid Wells, in Noribamptonfoire, a report was brought, to tbe treasurers of the five following hospias the company were at dinner, that a oum tals, viz. S. Thomas's, S. Barebolemew, Beth.. Ber of rioters from Banbury, were assembling C lem, St Luke's, the Lardor, and the London at Walkwortb, the leat of Egre, Esq; in work house, 8401. a piece ; which, with the order to level the fences of his new.enclosed 2000l, a piece beford paid, is in full of the eftate; and a motion being made, that the refidue of the teftator's personal estate, begentlemen then present, with their servants, queathed to the laid hospitals and work house, Thould inftantly mount their horles, and give except icool. Old S. Sea Aun. velted in truit irem a meeting, the fame was agreed to, and during the liie of a widow gentlewoman, 70 eight genulemen poffed to the place, and found years of age. the report true. About forty of the leve'leis At a general court-martial held in Dublin, were affembled, who, upon nghe of the gen. p several fokiers having been tried for riotoully tlemen, took to their heels and ran away, In allcmbling ihemselves with o'hers, not known, the pursuit eight were taken ; but the ring. and breaking open his majesty's goal of Neque \cader, who is known, made his escape. gate, and setting at liberty the prisoners conFRIDAY 13

fined therein, nine of them were this day, An eminent traderman in Aldersgate feet in the presence of the whole garrison, lewas so on moned before the fiting things are in ver:ly punished; vac of them'leceived sco order to thew cause why he fuffered his aged lashes, seven 603 each, and one of 'em 200. mother to languish in a workhouse, and be a

THURSDAY 19 Burtnen to the parish, when he was able to e Tbomas Lane, E1q; one of the malers in maintain her ; He made a trilling derence, Chancery, and chairman of the Seffions for and was severely reprimanded. and ordered to Middlesex, rebgoed the chair, which he bas make a decent provision for bis aged parent,

filled wiih graat hoxyur upwards of 30 years ; agreeable to an old ftatute in the reign of Q. and Jobs Harukins, of Twickenbom, Esq. Elizaburb.

was chosen ch immin in bis tead, Sir Ralpb Milbarke got fi me of his pits to

FRIDAY 20. work this morning, but in the afternoon a The new bora Prince was baptized at St body of men cu: the rupes off the gins, and F James's by his G.ace the Abp of Canterbury, bruke some of the machinery, #Jihrew it by the same of William Henry, in the predown the pi's ; and have threatened be fence of their majefies, the whole royoi tscelliery, and everything about it; in cuna mily, and a very illustrious aimbly of the fequence of which a body of lodiers have nobility and forcign minifters. The iponbecn fent from Newrafile iu protect it. firs were, his R. H. the D. of Glouciflera SATURDAY, 14:

Prince Henry Frederick, and the Prinsel or The parliament of Irelarid. which Rood Brunswic. The ladies made a moft bundant prorogued to the soth of Oz bır, is further G appesrance. There were bonfires a SC prorogued to the 22d. .

James's, Carlium baule, Wbireball, &c. and MONDAY 16.

large quantities of liquor given to the populaces Their royal highinelles dhe Dukes of York

SATURDAY 1 and Groucefer villes Tunbridge, it:id an bour M' Land, ini, mandler from the Duke of upon the walks, viewed the ruchte in th: Molena, bad his first private audience of his neighbourhood, dined and spent the cvening majetty. whso a ball was given, at which 250 persons A lesman in Smithfield was fined 2sl. by of rank were prelent. The ball was opened Hohe lord-mayor, for buying catile for his own by the D. oi Turk and Dutchess of Crafton, u'e. and the D. of Glourfer •anced with 1, ty Betty Noel. Next day their tighnelline


Kraniurtar-femman aind the company with a public

Majoroke, win

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he latter received a ball in his breast, which Lieut. of Ireland, having laid before the king came out at his bde : The wounded gentle an account of the late outrages committed by man was carried home to his house in Oxen the soldiers in Dublin, his majesty was thereden-freet, Leicefer. fields, when several emi upon pleased to order his Excellency, to figsient furgeons were tent for, who declared the A nify his pleafure to the Lords Justices, chat wound to be extremely dangerous, though not it be given out in public crders in every without hopes of recovery. After the above quarter" in Ireland; and the Lords Juftices fatal affair, Capt. - made his escape, have accordingly directed it to be givea qut, tho' clofely pursued. Major Amis a in orders: young gentleman about 37 years of age, uni. • That his majefy received, with the ut., varfally respected, and polieffes a plentiful 'most surprize and displeasure, the accouata fortune, exclufive of his commiffon.

of the late behaviour of the garrison io TUESDAY 24.

Dublin, of such dangerous tendency to the The feffions ended at the Old-Bailey, when nine criminalo received sentence of deather Beace and fafety of fociety, and fo uttedy

* fubverfive of all military discipliac; that Antbony Delaney and Jomes Grief, a thief-ak bis Majefty experts and requires from his cs, for

the murder of Mr Joon Smith, a clerk • army in Ireland, that they do, upon all ocof the Bank, of which a more particular ac. ( casións, demean themselves quietly and count fall be given ; Maris Jenkins, for the peaceably, and in perfe& obedience and murder of her bastard-child ; yon M Kenzie • Submission to the laws; and that it is his for stealing filver plate ; Elizabetb Dun for • Majesty's fixed resolution to thew the highforgery; James Haines for a highway robbe eft marks of his difpleasure to all military

LjElizabetb Gould for robbing her master; cpersons whatsoever, who fall, in any rer Kobert Turbor for fealing a filver cup; . pect, act contrary thereto.' Sorab Cox for robbing her mistress. The His majefty also commanded, that as bis three murderers were ordered for immediate third regiment of horse, or carabineers bad execution, and their bodies to be delivered to not been any way concerned in those riots, the surgeons.

the good behaviour of that regiment be pat-, THURSDAY 26.

ticularly noted in the above mentioned orders, Was held a general court of the proprietors The rock birds, in number countless, on of the East India Rock, at their house in Leaden the ftupendous sorks of ihe ifle of Arran ja ball Areei ; when it was unanimously agreed, that the intereft upon their bonds

AD Scotland, were observed all at once to defert

their nefts and eggs on the 24th of June laft, sedured from four to three per cent, to take Since which, not one of them bas fince replace from the zift of Marcb, 5766.

turned. SATURDAY 28,

A meffengar seot by Prince Gallizer the A common ball was held at Guildball, for Ruffian amballador at the court of Versailles, the election of a Lord Mayor of this ciry, when wih a diamond purchated for the Empress at George Nelson, Efq; of Aldersgate ward, was 360 coo livres prise, being apirizid of the vaelected. And Brackley Kernet and Benjamin E sue of his tiuft, had taken a a ff rent roud and Charlwood, Esqrs. thé heriffs elect, were has not since been heard of {worn in.

Some Durcb and Daniji lh ps complain of

being rifled by some Englijo prales in the The pitmen of Hartley coliery haring been Channel. This is a new kind of robbery, civilly (reated by Tomas Delaval, Esq; conii. unlike the folder pisacies. These scem only pue peaceable at their work, notwith

@tanding pilíciers at sea. the general infurrcction of all the refl.

Mr Samuel Jackson, of Nampswich in CbeSome affairs of the latt importance, have shire, had a crop of oais this year, of about been lately taken into consideration refpe& eight fatuie acres, which were six leer bigb ing the terms of the late treaty of peace, F and upwards. It is supposed a grain generally which the French and Spaniards have nego produced eleven or twelve ftems and that Jected to fulfil; the principal topics under soft of the items produced about 280 grainy, confideration, are the Newfoundland fithery; the ears being covered 18 inches long, and the encroachments of the Frencb on the though it is conimon for oue choff to have coast of Africa; the degrolition of Dunkirk; two grains in it, it is very rimarkable that in and the treatment of the Britijo Jogwood this crop one chaff frequently brought three cutrers in the bay of Honduras, Spirited the least of which had a good kernel in it, dispatches are said to have been sent to the Upon tarafhiog and winnowing a brave, or respective couris on these important articles, G 24 fheaves, the produce was leven measures, by the new miniftry ;, in conlequence of of fine marketable corn, and half a measure which the demolition of Dunkirk is actually of light, 35 quarts to the mealuse. The abegan; and it is hoped fatis action will be bove were Dulib oats, and had been fown but likewise obtained on the other ar icles. A once in this kingdom. ferter from Senegal says, the French are now His Majesty has been pleased to grant * playing the same game in Africa, by inveiz. pardon for Toomas Poft ewait, Samuel Baker, ling the natives againft us, as they did lately and Jane Smitb, for their good behaviour in in America with respect to the Indians; and it H nor joining and afifing ehe other feloas that begins to be apparent, that while there is a broke Meidzone goal, & murdered the keepese French settlement on the coast, those of the

AMERICAN News, Englife will never enjoy peace.

The aff liination of fome Indians by : His excellency the Earl of flereford, Lord Virginian Bandiei, is likely to be attended



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with very fatal consequences. Auconneflota, 7. J.Hooker, Esq; at Tunbridge town, Keo a Cherokee chief, on hearing the governor's Dr Mook in Wood-street, Walthamflow. letcert explained, which had been sent to ap Arthur Hafkins, Esq; in Goodman's-fields. pease their fury, said that it was very sur Capt. Lawrence in Chelsea- hofpital, agd 95 prizing the English thould talk fo well, and 4. The Rev. Mr Mafrey, R. of Colre-Ea

get kill their people; and infoted that an gayne, Effex, 45 years ; he was an eminent. tqui nomber of white people thould die, as preacher in Dr Sacheverell's time. This of Indians that had been killed,

living is worth 200 l. per Ann, and is in the Lif of Birtas, fir ibe Year 1765.

gift of the governors of Christ's-hofpital, Sept.

Mr Lyons in Rosemary-lane, worth 20,000l. TOuncess of Fingaly-of a lon. 16.

5. Rich. Shubrick, Esq; one of tbe direct17. Culs of Hopetoun,-of a fon.

ors of the London insurance company. His Lift of MARRIAGES for 1765. lady died fix days before him. On. Ben. Heron, Erg; secretary of the

Hon. James Paterson at Bath. He war

larely a Lieut, Gen. in the King of Sardinia's Alley Marsden.

service, and governor of Niece. Edw. Southwell, Esq; member for Glou.

J. Warrener, Eiq; lugar-refiner at Ratcliffe ceftershire, -to the second daughter of Som.

Mr Lay, one of the geotlemen of Windsor Campbell, of the C. of. Leitrim, in Ireland.

Sir Sept. Robinson, Kat. gent, uler of the Aug. 29. Abra. Hilcon, Elg; of the fix

black rod. Blerks-office,-to Miss Close of Richmond, Yorkshire.

Edw, Chạpeh, Esq; at Hartiedowa, neur Sept. 1. Joha Peters of Durham, Esq;ấto

Canterbury. Miss Sarah Dixon of Shields.

6. DanielDevert, Efq; at Hackney, apd 800 Heary Willis, Ele; - to Miss Lubbock of

Fr. Birbop, Esq; at Brayles, Warwick flaires Norwich.

8. Sir Tho. Dennison, latę one of the 6. Tho. Cartwright, Esq; eldeft son of Wm

judges of the King's-Bench. Cartwright, Elq; of Aynho, - to Miss Dela

Daniel Bewley of Lincoln's-inn-fields, Elgg, guliers of Queen-ftreet, WeAminster.

Wife of Geo. Cook, Efq; one of the mem

bers for Middlerex. 7. The Baron de Bondelle, --to Mifs Dee silme of Clapham, Surry:

Mr Kirk's of Charlton in Kent. He tas Wn Ellis of Exeres, Etq;-to Miss Wood

left scool, to Chrift's hospitai. at Plymouth. 8codd.

Reliet of John Ballet, Líq; at Umberley

Devonshire, 20. Harley Villiers of Milton Park, Some selle Esq;.-0 Miss Clara Worthington, Tho. Breat, Esq;

at Brumpton. of Piccadilly:

9. Roger Crisp, Esq; at Maryland-point Lord Charles Montague,--to Miss Ballmer

R, Webb, Erg; late member for Tauntoa, of Huntington.

10. Samuel Withers, Esq; at Peckham, 21. John Wood of Soathwark, Esq;

Mr Unwin, an attorney ; and cierk to the Mils Kent of Teddington

wax chandler's company, 23. George Edmonds of Cannon-Areet

Tho.Blencowe, Efq; Hayes, Middix.agd 844 E19;-to Miss Edmonds of Wandsworth.

Jacob Hawkesby, at Brentwood, Eflex, lLiA of DEAT#* for rbo Year 1765.

ged95, an expert vermin killer, by which bo

acquired 2cool. EV, Mr Perkins, in his paffage from Lady of Eliab Harvey, Esq; member for London to Barbadoes.

Dunwich. The new governor of the Havannah.

Rev. Mr Symmons, V. of Bath-ford and Liewenant Godard of the 68th Regiment Bath-bampton, Somersei hire. at Antigua,

Tho. Carier, Esq; member for Old Leighia A foldier in Pruffia, aged 1c6.

X in Ireland, The reigning prince of Hohenloe, in the 13. Lady o? G. Edwards, Efq; at Cambetwell 38 year of his age, and the 634 of his reign, Rev. Mr Lloyd of Ayton near Newcaflle, T'he deceased prince, and the prince his father, 14. Lady Dowager Newdigate, aged 8s. reigned 123 years, and their joint lives an Ekins Pierce, Elq; at Wookey ncar Welle, mounted to 168 years.

SirGcorge Brown of the Nille in Ireland. Bir 8

Wm Whitehurit, aged 107, at Indian Creek * 16. Alex. Hume, Erg; one of the members La Virginia. He served in the militia in every

for Southwark. reign from Cbarles 11. to George II. and bore 15. J. Humphreys, E[q; of the pipe-off:s, arms when his present majetty was pro 18. Bafil Willmoti, Efq; at Mouliey,Surry, claimed.

Jonathan Hall, Alq; at Croydon, Somerseite Sir John Robinson, Bart. of Cranford, 19. Dr Joba Nicol, one of the canons of Northampton thise.

Chrift's church, Oxford, & allo one of the Mr Errington, a wealthy farmer ncar Wey prebeads of Weftminfter. bridge, Serry, aged 78.

20. Rev. Ms Aillman, R. of St MaryLady Fagg at Ryzate in Surry, aged 96. Magdalen, Old Fith-street, and one of the X Sept. 1. Mr Brickley, brazier, in South minor canons of St Paul's. wark, aged 102.

21. Rev. D. Booth, dean of Windsor 45 Youngest daughter of the Bp of St David's. years, aged 84. Rev.MrHoskins, R. of Peterstow, Herefordih John Cummings, Efq; of Peckham, Susry.

2. Sam. Glaodwell, Elg, in the fleet, pol 21. Lord Vile. Middicton, membus Ise foted of an eltaic of bool.per den

New Sakebun, aged 36.


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