FRIDAY, March 18.

MONDAY, April 11 Barbarous murder was committed Wheat sold at Bear-key market for 48 s. per near Coventry, by Edward Drury and quarter, so that the bounty on the exportation

Robert Lepey, two dragoons belong of that commodity ecafes of course from that ing to Lord Pembroke's regiment, and Mofes day. The bovaty, when wheat is under the Beker of the Warwick hire milicia, who bav. A above price is undoubtedly a benefit to this ing waylaid Tbomas Edwards, Jobn Spencer, pation without which the corn trade much und Fobr Green farmers, from Coventry mar. pass inco aņother channel, and as the French ket in their way home, murdered Edroards, are now turning their thoughco to agriculture, and left the others for dead; who, having been

their fuperiority in point of coil and fatuation in liquor, could give no other account of what will require every encouragement both of parhad happened, but that they had been robbed, liament and society, to enable the Englife and that the persons who robbed them ap farmer to contend with them. Should we lore peared to be foldiers and had murdered their

our 'market for corn abroad, what other com. companion. From this dark account, the modity have we to bring a ballance in money

B vigilance of the mayor and magiflrates of in our favour?. A scarcity in England can Cypem ny traced out the villains, who have never be dreaded; were there a real wont of been notorious rogues for many years, have corn here, our colonies could pour in a supply committed many robberies both in England equal to our neceffities, in a few weeks time. and Scorland, and who were incorporated into

TUESDAY 1. this regiment in Germany, to which, they At Walker's colliery near NewtaAle, a mox were fent from another 'regiment by way of melancholy disafter happened by setting fire penilkment, but have not been able to cor. C to the damp, which durft with a terrible exrupt one man mort of that reputable regi. plofion, and left 8 men and 17 horfes dead pent, tha' no tratagem has been left unat upon the spot. The same pit had taken fire tempted by them to effect it.

the day before and had scorcbed some of the At Warwick alsózes these notorious villains miners, but no lives were loft. vere all three coavi&ed, and 'ordered to be

THURSDAY 4. hang ia chains.

Being Maunday Tbursday, his majefty": SENDAY 24.

bounty to 27 poor men ind women war din The bouse of Mr Walf of Mount Neal, in D tributed at Wbirebell as usual. the county of Kilkenny in Ireland, wat malici The ballot for the election of director of Dully set on fire, and his wife and fix chil. the Eaf India Company closed when the aumdrea burst in the flames.

bers food chùs : THURSDAY 28

The HOUSE List. A resolution of the commons was ordered Filz W. Barring. Robert Jones 823 to be made public, that one fourth part of the

'ton. 874 | John Manthip 910 capital ftock of 4 per cent. annuities, granted H. Crabb Boulton goi John Pardoe, 813 in refpe& of certain navy, vi&ualing, and Ch. Chambers 1170 Frederic Pigor 1276 Fransport bila, and ordnance debentures, deli. E! Jos, Creswicke 848 John Purling 1209 vered in and cancelled, pursuant to an act of Charles Cutts

860 Thomas Rous 1223 the jd of his present majefty, will be paid off George Cuming 884 John Roberts · gro on the agth of December next, with the inte. Edward Holden Henry Savage 885 rett due thereon.'

Cruttenden 1333 / *Tho, Saundere 861 SATURDAY 30

George Dudley 887 1 *Luke Scrafton 840 His majefy's free pardon was sent to New Jobah Du Pre 881: John Stephenson819 gase for George Rools, convicted laft feflions of Henry Hadley 878 William Webber 1217 grand larceny, of which crime the unbappy F John Harrison 1249 1 Edward Wheler 827 coana has fince appeared to be wholly in. Tbose marked bus* were not Directors faff year. nocent, and the man who committed the fact

Tbe PROPRIETORS LIST. opprebended and committed to prison. John Boyd 428 Wm James

Roger Boehm

447 | Giles Rooke Hie grace the Archbp of Canterbury preach Cha. Boddam 518 Jor. Spark. ed before the Queen and royal family, in the Rob. Burrow

432 Wm Śrell Chapel Royal at St James, from Cor. 5. 22, Sir J. Cockburn 547 Rich. Smith

433 G Geo. Dempfter 449 Laur. Sulivan The Prince of Denmark was folemnly con Geo. Edwards 467 | Tim. Tullie firmed in the chapel royal at Copenbagen in W.Geo. Freeman 446 Rich. Warner 419 the presence of their majeflies, the foreign Geo. Hayley 507 minifters, and the whole court. On this' oc

FRIDAY S. Cafon his Royal Highnets distinguished him A refpice came to the New Goal, for sofa self to admiration, having (poken more than pending the execution of Fobn Sringer, for two hours with the gieateft fuency.

the murder of his wife, to the 29th inftant. A terrible rencounter bappened near Pool, H A cruel murder was committed on the ferbetween a ging of smugglers and a part of vant-maid of an old man near Rochdale, in the crew of one of his majetty's coeters, when Lancasbire, by a taylor, who atcem pred to one of the mugglers was killed upon the rob the house, but being discovered by the spot, feveral wounded, and about a ton of tea young woman, he cut her throat, and after laised from the fnugglers. Three of the wards made his escape out of the window. catter'i men were desperately wounded. The villain has fi: ce been apprehendere



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gate.--In Holland a boat dares not ftay a mo. At Richmond in Yorkshire, the weights and ment afier the bell rings. measures that were found under the legal

SATURDAY 13. Standard, were by order of the magistrates At the quarter sessions for Wefminfter, of that corporation, publicly burnt,

man was convicted for assauliing his own Six workmen employed in the infirmary daughter, a child of 9 years of age with an at Oxford, loft their lives by the floor giving A intent of ravishing her, and was sentenced to way thro' a defe& of not being properly fe 12 month's imprisonment, to ftand tyice in cured.

the pillory, and to find securities for bis good The poted Dick Swift took his trial at Co behaviour. ventry, for returning from transportation,

SUNDAY 14., when there an error in the copy of The murder of Mrs Ruscombe and ber maid the record, the judge ordered him to be ac was found out; the maid let in a female ac. quitted. He was, however, detained in prison quaintance unknown to her mistress, and this ön account of a new indictment against him, acquaintance let in two fellows, unknown to preferred by the king's attorney for being B the maid. They all three murdered the maid an accessory to a robbery in Middlesex, in op first, and then the mistress. This abandoned der to be removed to the Old Baicy.

creature, having been in the marine Service SUNDAY 7,

as a drummer, &c. has voluntarily confessed Tha soldiers on board the Speaker Indiaman the whole; saying, that the could have no had formed a conspiracy to leize the arm eale night nor day fince she did it, but when cheft, kill all the crew that opposed them, she was drunk, and therefore made the dic çut the cables, run the ship on thore, and covery ia order to ease her mind, make their clcape; but being overhcard, the

MONDAY, 15. sing leaders were seized, put in irons, and C At a fable in Piccadilly two coach gelding afterwards carried to the gang-way and lashed. were sold by weight at is a pound, and a Twenty of them had before seized the wa. mounted to 571. terman's boas, and were making their escape

TUESDAY 16. in ber, but were intercepted by boats from James Knigbe of Welbam Green in Middlefex, the men of war 'at Spirbead, who carried was robbed, and barbarously murdered, on the them on board the Speaker, where they were road between Knigbts-bridge and Little Cbelfca ; all put in irons, and remained so when the for the discovery of the persons concerted in latter conspiracy, was formed to release them. D this horrid crime, the parima of Chelsea offers MONDAY 8.

reward of gol. and his majesty a free pardop The Rt Hon. the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, to any one of the accomplices, except the age and theriffs, with their ladies went to St tual murderer, who Ghall make a discovery, Bride's church, and heard a sermon preached Two carpenters, in pulling down an old by the bishop of Bristol, from 1 Cor. xiii. 13. house in Black-lion-court, Houndsditch, food after which, the state of the hospitals, accor- E as much foreign gold coin as they sold for 34). ding to annual custom, was laid before them.

WEDNESDAY 17. A murder was committed at Wef Pennard, Cbarles Sebry for Acaling a bank cote and in Somersetfaire, on Srepben Kingfione, by one money from the house of Mr Cromptor ; Rick. Lefer, on a law quarrel concerning the pof. Parry, and Jobn Taylor, for burglary; and feffion of a house. The coroner's jury brought J. Cooke for forgery, were executed at Tyburz. in their verdiet wilful murder, and Lefter was About 11 o'clock, the Rt Hon. Che H. of immediately seized and carried to Taunton to Peers went to W Aminßer-Hall, and proceeatake his trial.

ed on the trial of Ld Byron, which begun the Jobn Picket, who had robbed the Hon. the F day before, & after all the witnesses on behalf Eat India company of 1400 dollars, (See p. of the prisoner bad been examined, the Sod .145 ) was apprehended at Dover, and 803 of licitor-General summed up the evidence ; che dollars recovered. He was discovered by after which Lord Byron, who declined exameans of a search warrast granted upon ano. mining any witnelles on his own behalf, ther account, and some of the dollars being tuld their lordships that what he had to found in the prosecution of that search. offer in his own vindication he had comTUESDAY 9.

mitted to writing, and begged that it might . An attempt was made by the telons in the bę read by the clerk, as be feared his own castle of York, 'to make their escape ; but, voice, confidering his present ftuacion, would after a molt desperate attack, they were over G not be heard. His speech was accordingly powered, and all properly secured ; one of the read by the clerk in a very audible and distinct eurnkeys had his leg broke, and several were manner, and contained an exact detail of all desperately wounded, but nó lives loft.

the particulars relating to the melancholy af. Six ruffians entered the house of farmer fair between him and Mr Cbasvortb. He Nortomore of Sbipfiton near Plymouth, and took laid, he declined entering into the circumfrom him 1000l. in money and sume plate. Atances of Mr Cbafuorid's behaviour fartber He pursued them to Plymoutb, where three of than his own defence, expreffed his deep and them were apprehended; and sool. of the unfigned sorrow for the eveal, and le oled money recovered.

H himself with the uimost confidence on their THURSDAY 11.

Joidship's jutice and humanily, and would Three of the owners of Gravesend boats with chearfulness acquiesce in the seatcoce were convicted before the Lord Mayor, and Gf the noblest and most equitable judicature in paid ine penalty of 51. sach, for yaking, in the world, whether it were for life or fyr cafeagers after the bell bad sung at Billings


death The peers, then adjourned to their have determined me to lay this weighty bu. owo house, and after some time returned, finess before my parliament: and as my when they found his lordship guilty of man. health by the blessing of God, iş now restored, Naughter. -Peers by an old Aature in all ca. I take the earliest opportunity, of meeting ses where clergy is allowed, are dismissed you here, and of recommending to your le without burning in the hand, lofs of inheri rious deliberation the making such provifion, taoce, or corruption of blond ; his Lordihip as would be neceffary, in case any of my was accordingly dismissed on waying, his fees. children lould succeed to the throne, befate THUBDAY, 18.

they shall respectively attain the age of A fubftantial farmer at Swinesbead in Lin. eighteen years. colajhire with a small cord hùng himself upon To this end, I propose to your conlideration, a beam in his own itable, as it is said, for whether, under the present circumstances, it love of a young girl, whom he had lain with, will not be expedient to vest in me the power but refused to marry, yet 'on hearing she was of appointing, from time to time, by intruout asked to another, he committed this raih ments in writing, under my Sign Manual, action, with which the girl was so much af. either the Queen, or any other person of feated, that he attempted the like upon her. my Royal Family usoally sefiding in Great fell, but was presented by her intended hur. Britain, to be the guardian of the person of band, who threats his of own life if the put an fuck fucceffor, and the regent of these kingtad to bers.

doms, until such succeffor fall attain the FRIDAY, 19.

age of eighteen years; subject to the like reThe following were passed by commission. Ariations and regulations, as are specified and

A bill to enlarge the times limited for exe .contained in an act passed upon a fimilar occpting certain acts of this feflions.

cafion, in the twenty fourth year of the reign A bill to encourage the growth of madder. of the late King, my Royal Grandfather :

A bill for preserving fith in ponds, and 'rab. The regent so appointed to be affifted by a bets, &c. in warrens.

council, composed of the several perfoos, who, "A bill to rebuild the parida church of Terbury. by reason of their dignities and offices, are .. And allo st other public and private bills. constituted members of the council establishSATURDAY 20.

ed by that act, together with those whom The feffions ended ac Old Bailey, when only you may think proper to leave to my criminal received sentence of death, viz. nation."

THURSDAY 25. Jobs Picker for stealing 1400 dollars, the pro.

Both houses of parliament went in procesperty of the Eaß India company, in their sion to St James's, and presented their joint dwelling boule; in Leaden-ball-free. This address to his Majesty on his most gracious fellow was formerly a sailor in the company's speecb, and received the following answer : service, aod by frequencing the India-bouse be My Lords and Gentleman, came acquainted with the place where the

“ Your affectionate congratulations upon money lay. At this feffions, the noted Dick my recovery, and the sense which you 'exSwifi appeared, and pleaded to his former . press of your happiness under my governaient Sentence, and is to be transported for 14 years. give me the greaceft fatisfaction. WEDNLSDAY 24.

“. Be allured I have not a more sincere The committee of city lands lett to Mr concern, or a more carneft defire, than to Neale a lease for 21 years of the toll of carts secure to my faithful people, both now and and wheelage over London-bridge, 04 a fine of hereafter the religious and civil blessings of 2000 guineas, and a yearly rent of 735l. our invaluable constitution." 95. convids uader sentence of transporta

At the anniversary meeting of the gover. tion in Newgare, among whom was the noted nors of the Small-Pox hofpical; the collec. Pick Swife, were put on board a ship, in or

tion amounted to 8641. 1os. der to be sent to America.

MONDAY, 30. Hio majetty went in itate to the House of The cheft of money, which was on board Peers, and made the following most gracious the Hanover packet, that was lost the 2d of Speech from the throne :

December, 1763, of Padfow, has been found, My Lords and Gentlemen,

and safely landed. " The tender concern, which I feel før

Alize News. my faithful subjects, makes me anxivus to At Monmoutbone man was capitally convi&t. provide for every possible event, which may ed of cow-stealing, & iwo for facep-ticaling. affect their future happiness or lecurity.

Al the offices at Welcó Pool, a young man My late indisposition, though not atcended was capitally convicted for the murder of his with danger, has led me to confider the hitu {wcetheart, and the next day executed. It is asion, in wbich my kingdoms, and my fa 28 years lince an execution happened there mily night be left, if it should please God to before, and that was for murder. pat a period to my life, whild my succesfur is At the afiz-s at Bury, for the county of of vender yeara.

Suffolk, two perlons received sentence of dcath. The high importance of this subject to the Al the affines at East Grinfeed for Sulex, public safety, goud order, and tranquility; two men for highway robberies were capicadthe paleraal affcction, which I bear to any ly convicted, and one for buigiary. children, and to all my people, and my car

At the aliizo ai York, two men for highneit dehre, that every precaution should be way robberies, 1or house-breaking, takeo, which may tead to preserve the confi. ene for shop-lifting, two for horse-tealing, ution of Great Briton undifturbed, and the öne tor faring a cow, and one for graad fignity and lustre of it's crown unimpaired Larcen

Il capically convicted,


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At the aflizes for Exeter, five men for highway robberies, received sentence of death. Life of DEATH) forrbo Yow 1765. At this affize an action was brought by a baker againtt an exciseman, for an assault' in

Dec. 'M Beckford Ellis, Esq; at Kingsearch of smuggled goods, of which the jury 15


in Jamaica broughộ thc exciseman in guilty, and the da. Jan. 17. The. Blechynden, Efq;a Jamaica, mages were referred to the Court of K.Bench, W.Macdonald, Esg; at Madrass in the E.İndies Ăt Aylesbury affizes, one man was capital

Peter Marcha, Esq; merchant at Leghorn. ly convicted for burglary.

Licut. Col, Arbuthnot of the provincial At Huntingdon affizes, two men were capi

troops, in New England. ļally convicted for horse-scaling, and one for

March 19. Princess Jane Agaes, great aunt che highway.

to the present Stadtholder. At Kingslos aslizes, Joba Stringer, for the Edw. Horne of Pirton, Oxfordlhire, Esq. murder of his wife, received fentence of Sir Duncan Campbell, Bart. in Argyle Ahire. death; four were capitally convi&ed for rob. Hen. Bowles, Dr of phyfic, senior fellow of beries on the highway; two for horse-steal. New-college, Oxford. ing į and one, a woman, for stealing money.

38. Sir Jon. Cope of Brewern, OxfordA.BE At this aflizes a caufe was tried between a

29. Wo Davis, Erg; in Norfolk-Areet. Wallingford barge-master plaintiff, and the Reliet of Dr Brian of Harrow, aged 88. toll-collector at the Towing Parb at Nam, for x Ann Wilson, near Aton, Cumberi. agd 110. 2s taken for the passage of eight borses thro'

Licut. Gen. Fowke, # Bath, upwards of 60 that Torping.parb, when the plaintiff obtain

years an officer. ed a verdia with cofts. A man was like 30. Wife of the Hon. Le Gen. Aamiger. wile tried for an affault upon his wife's grande April 1. T. Greenfield, Efq; at Little Chelsea. mother, with an intent to commit a rape,

Viscoun:ess Molyneux, in Hoxcon-Square, was found guilty, fined 36 4d, imprisonment

2. John Bagpall, Esq; at Quildford. for three months, and ordered to find security

Edw. Allorok, Efq; at Paddington. for one year,

Edward Dale, Esg; at Stock port. At the aflitet at Cambridge, 'a caure way 3. Wife of R.Salusbury, Esqj a bank director tried by a special jury of gentlemen, in which Relic of Sir Tho. Wolryche, Bart, at Mr Mari was plaintiff, and the late vice. Dudmaston-ball, near Bridgnorth. chancellor and the proctors of the university

4. Paul Amfick, Efq; in St May Axe. defendants ; the complaint was for the fake Mr Drake x Windfor, late gov. of Bengal. imprisonment of Mn Mart, when a lin Sir Rob. Cocka, Bart, at Dumbleton, Glougle woman ;, being found about leven in cestershire, worth upwards of 4oool. per enn. the evening in a house of ill fame, the which defcends to his pephew Jn Cocks, Esqz vigting proctor, seized, and forcibly carried X. Rev. Mr Deere, aged 102, at Pealine-court her before the late vice-chancellor, who con. in Glamorganshire ; he was many years a mitted her to Bridewell, where the war put chaplain in the navy, and was present at the with a common prostitute, and kept there

fieges of Port Mahon and Gibraltar. half an hour. After a bearing of fix hours, Rich. Cleeve, Efq; a commiffioner of the in which the chartert, prerogatives, and juri. lieutenancy: fdi&tion of the univerfity were learnedly dif. 5. The celebrated and ingenious Dr Young, cufa'd, the jury gave a verdia for the plaintiff R. of Wellwyn in Hertfordfire, author of with sol. damages and costs of fuit. The Nigbt Tbougbts, Tbe Brorbers, a tragedy, pero town rejoic'd at this verdi&, as a kind of vic formed at one of the theatres in March 1753, tory gained over the university.

the benefits arifing from the performance de At the affizes at Taunton, four criminale gave to the fociety for propagating the Gospel, were capitally convi&ted, two for burglary, (Sec Vol. xxiff. p. 135, 146) and many other one for the highway, and one for horse-feel

ingenious works; bis firft piece, called the ing, but were all reprieved. Mary Norwood Alaf Day, was publiched in 1704. He marfor pois'ning her husband, received sentence ried a lady dearly related to the Earl of Litchof death, and is to be burnt at Ivelcbefter da held, by whom he had only one son, to whom the 8th of May.-One paper says that Lefter his laté R. H. the P. of Wales food godfather, was found guilty at this aštize.

-He was buried with the utmox privacy, At the athizes at Lancaster, fix persons re under the ahar-piece of his parish church; by ceived sentence of deach, James Howartb, for the fde of Lady Berry, his late wife ; and murder, two for highway robberies, two for though he was boil the founder and cohorse-ftealing, and one '(a boy about 17) for dower of a charity-School in this parith, neia burglary.

ther the matter nor the children attended his At the affizes of Soulbamplon one man re. funeral. His paul was supported by the ceived sentence of death, tor laeep-ftealing. rectors or vicars of the neighbouring parilles : At Sbrewfoury affizes, seven criminals re.

The mourners werc his son, his nephew, 1: ceived sentence of death, four ot whom were "nother near relation, his house-keeper, most for cattle ftesting, two for breaking g'al af. of the bearers, and the wbile raws of Wella ter returning from transportation, and one wyn. All bis manuscripts he ordered to be for stealing money.

burnt; an irreparable lols, say some, to pofteAr the alizes at Stofford, four criminals rity, as he was the intimate acquaintance received fentence of acath, among whom of Addison, ons of the writers of the Speftator, was George Blunt, for wilfully Thooting at and, excepting Dr Pearce, the prefoni Bishop Mr Wbieldon, two for sobbing on the high of Rochester, the last surviving genius of way, and ons for borle-Ncaling,

that incomparable groupe of auttors.


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"The altar-piece is the church of Wellwyn Thomas Evetts, Esq; at Temple Walsallo is the moft curious in tbis or any other kinge Worcefter fire. dom, being adorned with an elegant piece of The 2d son of Lord Powerscourt at Dublin. needle-work, vrought by the Lady Betty 21. David Mallet, Esq; well known in che Young, wife to the late Dr Young. In the republic of letters, middle is inseribed, ia capital letters, the fol

Mr Benaet in Hatton-Garden, aged go. lowing sentence ; : I AM THE BREAD OF Rich. Zouch, Esq; at Wakefield. LIFE.. On the North fide of the chancelia Daniel Maskell, Élq; in Linc.-inn-fields. rae following infcription, supposed to be by 23. Ant. Eatman, Esq; ajustice for Kent. the order of the late Dr Young ; VIRGINI Lady Cath. Duff, liker to the E. of Fife. BUS, « Increase in Aacure and in wisdom :" 24. Ben. Cox, Esq; ? justice for Middlx. and on the South Gde, “ PUERISQUE, and Mrs Elliott, one of the daughters and coin favour with God and Man."- Dr Young

beitefies of the late famous secretary Craggs, bas, in his will, left all his poffeffions to his 27. Dr Richardson,-physician to the Lone fon, after his legucies are paid.

Nic. Woolley of Bletchington,Cumbl. Esq; Lip i PROMOTIONS for sbe Tear 1965.
William Stone, Esq; at Bristol.

From tbe London Gazette,
Rev. Mr Ridler, R. of Edworth, GlouceAth.
James Bensley of Lincolo's-inn, Esq;

Wbiteball, VH E king was pleased to ap-
Me Catton, school-mafer at Harltoa, Norf.

Apr. 13.

point Sir Heary Erskine, Bt. by two wives he had 43 living children.

Secretary to the noble order of the thitle, Hon. Mrs Southwell, mother of Edward

(Drammond, dec.) Southwell, Efq; member for Bridgwater.

Jobn Luxmore, Esq;-asray-master within

the counties of Devon and Corawall. (Tre. Paul Caftelman at Horley, GlouceAth. Esq; 7. Mr Gaultier in Spital-fields, aged 102. *

lawney, dec.) Śam. Amphlett, Elq; fteward to LaSpencer,

Sir Rich. Wrottesley, Bart, one of his ma

jefty's chaplaias, dean of Worcefier. (De
Lady Betty Bateman in Wimple-Atreet.

Waugh, dec.) Gaz.
Her serene highness the Princess Dowager,

From orber Papers.
of Orange, aged 87

M м
Joseph Tollon Lockyer, Esq; member for

for the Weft-riding, Yorkshire; and Ivelchetter.

Mi Wo Stanhope, receiver-general.
Rev. Mr Derby of Edgcot, Northamptonla.

Ste.Lawson, Efq;-
Ja. Betts of Buckinghandhire, Efq;

- an inspector

on the river.

Rich. Afton, Esq; sesjeani at law,--knightMr Boyd, merchant, in Cannon-ftreet.

ed, and sworn in one of the judges of the Vifc.Dowager Kilmorey, at Windsor,agd 80.

King's Bench.
Capt. Rawlins, at Shadwell, in the West.

MrPeter Burrel, calhier to the S. S. comp.
India trade.

Major Wald, - Lieut. Col. to 54th Reg. 11. Wm Lewis Chambers, Esq; in Linc.Iną. Capt. Burrel of Gatefticad, luddenly.

Capt. Byron Capt. 3d Reg. foot-guards. Justice Worrell of Spital-fielde.

Major Forbes of the $5th Reg. (in Wef. 14. Alderman Williamson of Northampton,

Florida) -Le Col. of the fame ; Le Col.

15. Ja.Goling, Efq; cashier to the
John Henderson of Derbyshire, Efq;

Col. Taylor of the gth R.-aid-de-camp to

the king.
Rev. Mr Wrench, V. of Ayltham, & R. of

Major Dalrymple-Lt Col. 14th R. of foot.
Moulton, Norfolk.
Mr Salomon Fernandez Nunes, in St

Capt. Furling. ---major to ditco.

Giles Eyre, Guftavus Belford, and Joseph
Mary Axe.
Mrs Ann Harford, 1 midwife, aged 90 ;

Darby. Esquires. Capts., in the royal regi

ment of horse-guards,
Bas bad children, grand-children, &c. 181.

Nic. Sutherland, Esq;=1 capt. in 21A Reg.
LiCol. Gorges, of the E. of Drogheda's borse,
Judith Couly, in the C. of Dublin, agd116.* Kildare,

Lord Ophaley, eldett lon to the Marquis of

-an enliga in the 3d R. of foot-gds. Wm Martin, Efq; in the commiffion of the

T. 'Trigg, Efq;-capt, in the 19th R. foot. peace for Middlesex and Eflex, at Hackney.

Lieuc Patton, -capt. lt, 6th R. fr. in'r, of 16. Alex. Sheafe, Efq; a bank director.

Capi.Li Cady, -Capt. (Capr. Forfer resiring.)
M: Gregory, of the university of StAndrew.

Capt. Dickenson,-commander of the Dil.
Jasper Fioch, Elq; at Keofington.
Wa Churchill, Érq; sheriff for Cornwall.

patch packet-boat.
18. Mr Woodhouse, at Gainsborough,


EV.Cha. Agar, dean of Kilmore.Goz. 19: Ja. Butler, Esq; aged 93 ; he was

Mr Williams, -matter of the gramma captain

of horse in Q. Aane's wars, and loft Ichool at Northampton, to the North Me: an arm at the battle of Blenheim.

diety of Great. Sheepy, R. Leicestershire. MTA.Dodfley, brother to the late R Dodley. James Andrew,- prebendary of Rocheftes.

Rev. Dr Waugh, Dean of Worcefter, a pre Mr Derby,Norton, R. Kent. bendary

of Carlite, & chancellor of that diocese Henry Beavon,-Beafington, R. Wilts. 14. Tbe moft Rer. Ds Cobbe, archbishop Ja. Holmst, -Burlington, V. Wilts. of Dublin, aged 7g; he was educated at Wia. D:Shipman, Compton, R. near Winchester chefter, and at Trinity college, Oxford ; de Jo. Halker,--Ardesiey, V. Leicette hirs. eat with the D. of Bolton into Ireland, ia Kalph Baracı, - St Merya, V, Cornwall. 17'7

M. Clasic, Littleton, L. Surry.

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