2 See how in sighs I pass my days,

And waste in groans the weary night; My bed is watered with my tears,

My grief consumes and dims my sight. 3 Look how the powers of nature mourn!

How long, almighty God, how long? When shalĩ thine hour of grace return,

When shall I make thy grace my song? 4 I feel my flesh so near the grave,

My thoughts are tempted to despair; The grave can never praise the Lord,

For all is dust and silence there. 5 Depart, ye tempters, from my soul,

And all despairing thoughts, depart;
My God, who hears


Will ease my flesh and cheer my heart.

SECOND VERSION. V. 1-3, 6, 7, 9,

C. M. Complaint and prayer in sickness. 1 IN anger, Lord, rebuke me not,

Withdraw the dreadful storm ;
Nor let thy fury grow so hot

Against a feeble worm.
2 My soul's bowed down with heavy cares,

My flesh with pain oppressed;
My couch is witness to my tears,

My tears forbid my rest.
3 Sorrow and pain wear out my days;

I waste the night with cries,
Counting the minutes as they pass,

Till the slow morning rise. 4 Shall I be still afflicted more?

Mine eyes consumed with grief?
How long, my God, how long before

Thy hand affords relief?
5 He hears when dust and ashes speak ;

He pities all our groans;
He saves us for his mercy's sake,

And heals our broken bones.

6 The virtue of his sovereign word

Restores our fainting breath;
For silent graves praise not the Lord,

Nor is he known in death.


C. M

1 IN mercy, not in wrath, rebuke

Thy feeble worm, my God!
My spirit dreads thine angry look,

And trembles at thy rod.
2 Have mercy, Lord, for I am weak;

Regard my heavy groans:
O let thy voice of comfort speak,

And heal my broken bones.
3 By day, my busy beating head

Is filled with anxious fears;
By night, upon my restless bed

I weep a flood of tears.
4 Thus I sit desolate and mourn,

Mine eyes grow dull with grief:
How long, my Lord, ere thou return,

And bring my soul relief!
5 O come, and show thy power to save,

And spare my fainting breath;
For who can praise thee in the grave,

Or sing thy name in death?




V. 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9. 1 GENTLY, gently, lay thy rod On

my sinful head, oʻGod! Stay thy wrath, in mercy stay,

Lest I sink beneath its sway.
2 Heal


flesh is weak;

for thy grace I seek;
This my only plea I make, -

Heal me for thy mercy's sake.
3 Who within the silent grave

Shall proclaim thy power to save ?
Lord, my sinking soul reprieve;
Speak, and I shall rise and live.

C. M.

4 Lo! he comes—he heeds my plea!

Lo! he comes—the shadows fee!
Glory round me dawns once more;

Rise, my spirit, and adore. 7.

God's care and vindication of his people.
1 MY trust is in my heavenly friend,

My hope in thee, my God;
Rise, and my helpless lise desend

From those that seek my blood.
2 With insolence and sury they

My soul in pieces tear,
As hungry lions rend the prey

When no deliverer's near.
3 If I have e'er provoked them first,

Or once abused my toe,
Then let him tread my life to dust,

And lay mine honor low.
4 If there were malice hid in me-

I know thy piercing eyes-
I should not dare appeal to thee,

Nor ask my God to rise.
5 Arise, my God, list up thy hand,

Their pride and power control;
Awake to judgment, and command

Deliverance for my soul. 7.


God the righteous Judge of all.
1 THE Lord is Judge: before his throne

All nations shall his justice own:
O may my soul be found sincere,

And stand approved, with courage there!
2 The Lord, in righteousness arrayed,

Surveys the world his hands have made;
Pierces the heart, and tries the reins,

And judgment from on high ordains.
3 My God, my shield! around me place

The shelter of the Saviour's grace:
Then, when thine arm the just shall save,
My life shall triumph o'er the grave.



FIRST VERSION. V. 1, 3, 4, 8.

God's condescension to man.
1 O LORD, our heavenly King,

Thy name is all divine;
Thy glories round the earth are spread,

And o'er the heavens they shine.
2 When to thy works on high

I raise my wondering eyes,
And see the moon complete in light,

Adorn the darksome skies:-
3 When I survey the stars

And all their shining forms ;-
Lord, what is man, that worthless thing,

Ákin to dust and worms?
4 Lord, what is worthless man,

That thou should'st love him so?
Next to thine angels is he placed,

And lord of all below.
5 How rich thy bounties-are!

How wondrous are thy ways!
Of meanest things thy power can frame,

A monument of praise.
6 O Lord, our heavenly King,

Thy name is all divine;
Thy glories round the earth are spread,
And o’er the heavens they shine.

C. M
Christ's condescension, and glorification,
1 O LORD, our Lord, how wondrous great

Is thine exalted name!
The glories of thy heavenly state

Let men and babes proclaim.
2 When I behold thy works on high,

The moon that rules the night,
And stars that well adorn the sky,

Those moving worlds of light:-
3 Lord, what is man, or all his race,

Who dwells so far below,
That thou should'st visit him with grace,

And love his nature so?


4 That thine eternal Son should bear

To take a mortal form,
Made lower than his angels are,

To save a dying worm!
5 Let him be crowned with majesty,

Who bowed his head to death;
And be his honors sounded high,

By all things that have breath.
6 Jesus, our Lord, how wondrous great

Is thine exalted name!
The glories of thy heavenly state,

Let the whole earth proclaim.

L. M 1 O LORD, our Lord, in power divine,

How great is thy illustrious name!
Through all the earth thy glories shine,

Placed high above the heavenly frame. 2 Down from his throne thy Son descends,

A little time our form to wear:
Beneath th' angelic hosts he bends,

Our sufferings and our guilt to bear. 3 But, lo! thy power exalts him high,

In glorious dignity enthroned !
He bears our nature to the sky,

O’er all thy works the ruler crowned. 4 Jesus, the man, in glory sits,

Creation at his feet obeys:
To him each living tribe submits,

Natives of earth, or air, or seas. 5 Jesus, our Lord, in power divine,

How great is thy illustrious name!
Through all the earth thy glories shine,
Let the whole earth resound thy fame!

L. M Children praising God. 1 ALMIGHTY Ruler of the skies,

Through the wide earth thy name is spread, And thine eternal glories rise,

O’er all the heavens thy hands have made.

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