Smith and Bazett knocked down the 8 remaining wickets for 10 runs. Wilson's had now 66 to get to win : 4 wickets fell for 18, of which Smith got 13;

but the next two men Bazett (17) and Deacon (15, not out) turned the tide,—thus the match was eventually won by Wilson's by 3 wickets. The small scores in their first innings may be attributed to the "nippers” bowled by Freeman.


A. F. Robinson. into the XXII W. G. Fellowes H. A. Sheringham F. Giles

A. J. Norris W. H. Milton

E. W. Estcourt F. G. Wiggin

G. A. Peel B. F. J. Noad

A-L ... 88 ... 195

The Rest ... 125 ... 142 The Rest won by 16 runs. For the victors no one scored in the 1st innings, but in the 2nd innings Mr. Bourne (43), De Jersey (37), Kent (27), Fasken (21), Lushington (20, not out), played well. For A.-L. Norris played a very good innings of 72 in first hands, and got 20 in second innings. 1st XI with Broomstick... 28 121 2nd XI with Bats ......... 58 92 (6 wkts.

to go down.) “ The Bats” won by 4 wickets, for the conquerors Mr. Bourne (48, not out) played well. For the “ Broomsticks" Norris played a very lively innings of 64 in his second venture.

BEESLY'S HOUSE GROUND. Mr. Beesly's Table v. Rev. G. W.DeLisle's Table.

Mr. DeLisle's 39 28

Mr. Beesly's 228 Mr. Beesly's won by an innings and 161 runs. No one scored double figures for Mr. DeLisiu's. For Mr. Beesly's, Miles (41) Peel (102) played well for the winning side.


L. & P. v. H.
L. & P. 4962

H. 57 54 (for 8 wickets) Mr. Beesly's 23 is the only score worth mention.

M.C.R.V.C. v. C.C.R.V.C. When the eleven arrived at Swindon station on the morning of Saturday June 5th, some consternation was caused by the discovery that the evening train for returning had been changed, and started 50 minutes earlier than was expected: but a telegram was promptly despatched to Cheltenham, asking leave for the M.C.R.V.C. to begin first that there might be time to finish the match. A favourable answer was received at Cirencester and shooting commenced at 2 o'clock. The first round of sighting shots was fair, the second brilliant (33). The rounds of the match were 30, 28, 27, 27, 27, no misses being made though only one bull's-eye ; total 139.

The only score worthy of mention was Fenwick's 16. By this time the Cheltenham eleven had arrived on the ground. They proceeded at once with their shooting, and obtained more bull's-eyes, but several misses : rounds 27, 26, 23, 25, 28. Total 129, Gibson making 15. At 500 Marlborough won the toss, and accord. ingly shot first: they began very badly with rounds of 14 and 17 bat improved to 26, 20, 23. Fenwick ending with two bull's-eyes secured best score. Coates alone hit every shot, and made most at this range. Total 100. Cheltenham now went in and commenced with 19: then a splendid round of 29 made them look very like winning. The next was 20, and left 42 to get in 2 rounds. The Marlborough eleven were now breathless with anxiety; but were as much surprised as relieved when 7 misses, occasioned probably by the setting sun shining from just above the butt, reduced the round to 10, the next was only 18, leaving the C.C.R.C. 14 behind. Oakes obtained 13 at this range, and Gibson 25 at the two. Thus, after three years of defeat did fortune's star shine upon the sons of Marlborough in this match. The hostile elevens then dined amicably together, and parted with the usual protestations of eternal friendship.


FIRST 8 v. NEXT 15.
First 8. 43 124 (for 5 wickets)

Next 15 106 60
For the first 8 Pearson made (22), Hawkins (43),
Morse (20 not out). For 15 Collett (25), and
Dunston's (31), were the only double figures.

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This was to be shot in the week ending June 12th, under the usual conditions of simultaneous matches. The weataer was all that could be desired, and the Marlborough Eleven took advantage of Tuesday's half holiday to shoot. The performance at the standing ranges were good : a great number of bulls-eyes wero made, especially in the second round which reached 33, and only one miss. Coates made the brilliant score of 17. At 500 the score was hardly what it should have been on our own range, in such weather: the last round alone reached 26, and the score was as low as 14: an unaccountable number of outers appeared in the second and third rounds.

Fenwick scored 14 at this range in spite of a miss, and Yeatman 13, making their totals 27 and 28 respectively.

Of the Winchester shooting we have been favoured with no particulars beyond that they had to shoot at a range across the side of a hill to which they were not used. Ensign Parr distinguished himself by making the best score of the match, 24: and Kitchie obtained 14 at 500. The 500 shooting was better than that at Marlborough, though that at the standing range was not remarkable. The total scores being 241 and 225, Marlborough won by 16.

HOUSE RIFLE CHALLENGE CUP. The competition for this cap came off on Wednesday, June 16th.—This year the shooting showed a decided improvement on that of former years, and no House was at a loss to find its 3 representatives. Mullins' House won the cup with the magnificent and unprecedented score of 82; their three men topped the scores at 200 yards with 50: not making a single outer at that range. Macdonald's were second with 36, and succeeded in making best score at 500 yds, gaining 4 points on their opponents, total 72: which we may add though only second this year, is larger than any previous winning score. At 500 yds., Bright's passed Beesly's and secured 3rd place mainly owing to the splendid shooting of Coaies; next came Wilson's and then Sowerby's, who defeated Thompson's by 8 points. For their respective Houses, Fenwick (31), Payne-Smith (29), Casey (29), and Coates (32), shot exceedingly well. Hawkins unfortunately owing to an accident, had to shoot off his left shoulder. This is the first year that Mullins' have won the cup, and the fifth successive year that Macdonald's have been second.


200 yds. 500 yds. Grnd. Totl. *L.-Corpl. Fenwick ......... *Priv. Payne-Smith ........ 16 *Priv. Grant-Dalton.........


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BRIGHTS. +Priv. Edwards............... 10

L.-Corpl. Dawson,......... +Sergeant Coates ............ 17


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NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY. MEETING HELD MAY 28TH.—There were no exhibi tions, in order that more time might be allowed ka the paper which was read by F. Giles, on “ Statisi Electricity." The paper was illustrated by experi ments.

There were 80 persons present: 1 honorary member 23 members, and 56 visitors.

MEETING HELD JUNE 11TH.-The following donatiori were announced and thanks ordered to be given to the donors : some coins by - Fellowes ; key of the old Marlborough Castle, by Mr. Woolridge; a typical series of bird's heads, twelve in number, among whic! were that of the Snipe, Water-rail, &c., by G. E Manisty. A special vote of thanks to the Rev. C Soames, was proposed by the President, and carried unanimously. The heads of sections gave their reports for the half.

The paper was read by R. Rocke, on the “Plurality of Worlds.” For nearly the first time during the present half, a discussion arose out of the paper and was conducted with great animation for more tha: a quarter of an hour. (The only previous discussit of this nature was after the paper by S. B. Dixo. Esq.)

The President made a few general remarks on the state of the Society. There were 77 persons presents 1 honorary member, 27 members, and 49 visitors.

E. F. Vicars was elected a member.


* Shot for C House. + Shot for B House.


At the same time a match was shot between the New and Old House : 6 competitors a side as usual.

For Old House, Yeatman, Casey, Fenwick, GrantDalton, and Payne-Smith; and for New House, Coates, Dawson, Edwards, Spencer, Dickson, and Sankey, were chosen. The representatives of Old led at each range, and won easily by 34 points. Old House 86


154 New House 62 58 120


The following promotions have been made :

Corp. Fletcher to be Sergeant.
L.-Corp. Phillimore „ Corporal.

» Kynnersley , Corporal. Priv. Dawson

Lance Corporal. » Kekewich

Lance Corporal. » Fenwick » » Lance Corporal. Promoted into the Shooting Eleven.

Priv. F. W. Bourdillon.

W. Lock-1st Class in Final Schools.
W. E. Bolland-1st Class in Moderations.

H. J. Foss-Promoted to a Scholarship of higher value, Christ's College, Cambridge.

E. B. Henderson-Scholarship at Pembros College, Cambridge.

C. F. Grant, Stanhope Prize, Oxford.


Printing Office, Waterloo-House, High-street, Marlboroti?


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The Rugby match this year was looked forward to ith an almost unusual amount of interest. It is ue that Marlborough had all to fear, and little to pe, for our previous defeats, and the extraordinary puted strength of the Rugby team, greatly increased

it was on the eve of the match by their hollow story over the old Rugbeians, gave us only too eat grounds for apprehension. On the other hand

had defeated Cheltenham in one innings, and doubtedly in one all important feature of the same in bowling—we had greatly improved since last ir. One fact told against us-last year the match s played on the Rugby ground—this year the urn match instead of being played on our ground, s decided on neutral ground at Lord's. This arose m the difficulty of arranging the visit of the Rugby m to Marlborough. Is the Oxford and Cambridge match was concluded the two days, we were enabled to begin our match ly on Wednesday morning. A very goodly inkling of past and present Marlburians were sent at the time of the wickets being pitched. » weather was beautifully fine, and Rugby in ning the toss wisely decided on going in. They ordingly sent in Benham and Pearson to

the bowling of W. E. Leach (lobs), and W. A. Dawson, the latter from the Pavilion end. To the first ball of the match a wicket fell, and so puzzling, or destructive was the bowling that no less than 7 wickets fell for 23 runs. However when Gwyer and Walker got in together a different aspect was soon given to the game. The former made a steady 18 before he was finely caught by Robinson off Inchbald, who had come on in place of Dawson.

The latter continued to rattle away till the end of the innings, being well supported by the last mon, Gray and Tubb. We cannot but fancy that the lobs ought to have been taken off when Gwyer and Walker made their stand, for although most useful at first, at this point they seemed to lose their efficacy, and became only a fruitful source of runs. It certainly was disappointing after seeing the seven best wickets fall for so small a score, for the last fow men to put on so large a number of runs. Walker's 52 was rapidly and vigorously obtained. Our fielding, on the whole, was very fair, and Dawson bowled really well and pluckily.

It wanted some little time till luncheon, so Marlborough, after the usual interval, began their innings.

W. E. Leach and Woollcombe went in first to the wickets, Tubb from the Pavilion end, and Francis being the bowlers. The innings calls for little description, as the two Leaches alone made any stand

against the splendid bowling of Francis, who was ably supported by Tubb. W. E. Leach was unfortunately caught at long leg (as has frequently been his luck this year), by an exceedingly low and fine catch by Moberly, when beginning to score nicely, but R. Loach carried out his bat for a most spirited and masterly 25, which would doubtless have been considerablyincreased could any one have been found to stay in with him. Francis took three wickets with three successive balls, and throughout the innings bowled in most splendid form. The Rugby fielding was uniformly good throughout the innings, which concluded at about 4 o'clock.

Soon afterwards Rugby began their second innings. Benham was quickly bowled by Dawson, but Pearson and Westfeldt made a determined stand, which was well kept up by their successors, Gardner and Moberly.

The bowling was changed repeatedly, but at last on Copleston’s being put on he quickly bowled both Moberly and Westfeldt. The latter had been in upwards of an hour, and had made a very spirited 52, though he (Westfeldt) was missed twice.

The remaining wickets were quickly disposed of, two catches at the wicket by R. Leach accounting for two of them. Our bowling in this innings was very fair throughout as the bowling analysis will show. Copleston's, during the short period he was on, was very good, and Inchbald, though he failed to get a wicket yet bowled very steadily. The innings closed at about half-past six o'clock, but according to the usual rule at Lord's the match had to be continued till the “ drawing time ”—7 o'clock.

Marlborough accordingly sent in Woollcombe and Inchbald to the wickets, but so deadly was the bowling of Francis, that both the former and his immediate successor Kempe lost their wickets in the brief remaining space without a single run being scored. The light at this period was very bad. Next morning it was agreed not to begin the match till late, so it was nearly half-past 12 before Inchbald and W. E. Leach appeared at the wickets to continue our innings. Leach quickly obtained a three and a brace of twos and then fell to the Rugby Captain, as did his brother, who immediately succeeded him the first ball he received.

These disastrous results intimidated the rest of the eleven, and Carlyou was the only man who succeeded

in making anything like a decent score, thoug Robinson played pluckily and but just missed double figures. Inchbald too and Kingsford, thoug. they have not many runs to show, showed some ve steady play.

Francis obtained every wicket, clean bowling 9 them. No less than seven men failed to score.

Thus Rugby won the match by 197 runs. Tv result is rather to be attributed to the splendid bon: ing of their Captain, than to their batting, whic can hardly be said to have come up to their reput tion,


2nd innings W.E. Leach, c.Moberly, b.Francis 9 b. Francis C. B. Woollcombe, b. Tubb ..... 2 b. Francis J. A. Kempe, b. Francis ......... 0 b. Francis............ R. Leach, not out .................. 25 b. Francis............... F. Kingsford, c. Gray, b. Tubb 2 b. Francis... ........ H. B. Carlyon, b. Francis......... 2 c. Walker, b. Francis 1 A. C. G. Hervey, b. Francis ... 6 b. Francis. ............ A. F. Robinson, b. Francis ...... 0 b. Francis........... F. S. Copleston, b. Francis ...... O not out ............ R. M. Inchbald, c. Gray,b. Tubb i b. Francis......... W. A. Dawson, b, Francis ..... 0 b. Francis.. Byes 4

4 byes 1, 1. byes 5


RUGBY SCHOOL. T. S. Pearson, b. W. Leach...... 0 b. Dawson....... E. A. B. Benham, b. W. Leach O b. Dawson......... G. R. Westfeldt, b. Dawson ... 1 b. Copleston........ H. W. Gardner, b. Dawson...... 9 b. Kempe .......... W. O. Moberly, b. Dawson...... 6 b. Copleston ............ C.H. Francis, c. Woollcombe, b.

Dawson......... ............. 5 c. R.Leach,b.Copleste S. K. Gwyer, c. Robinson, b.

Inchbald ............ 18 b. Copleston ........ G. H. Warner, o. Woollcombe,

b. W. Leach ..................... 0 b. Dawson ......... J. R. Walker, not out ............ 53 c. R. Leach, b. Daws A. Gray, b. Dawson ........... 10 2.b.w. b. Dawson H. Tubb, b. Kempe............... 11 not out

...........**** Byes

5 b. 3, l.b. 3, w.0, n.!

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