The Way the Truth and the Life

Trafford Publishing, 1 mrt 2002 - 101 pagina's
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At the altar I asked God to help me. When I got up, most of the congregation was shaking my hand and was calling me "BROTHER." After leaving the church, I went to a gas station with a pay phone on the outside wall to call my mother. When my mother answered I told her that "I went to the altar." She asked me to pray for "Dad and Me."
At that instant, I believed that I could pray and heal her: she had a crippled leg since childhood from polio and later on rheumatoid arthritis.
Standing there, something hit me in my back and knocked my heart out of me to the right. The suit coat went limp, with my body feeling sunken. At first, it had occurred to me, I was shot. The impact was so great my right foot went forward a half step. Finding out my neck was stiff, out of the corner of the left eye I saw and felt a long stream of white misty light entering my back and my body was filling up. According to scripture, "replacing my heart." St Matthew 9 v 16-17.

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