The Life of Benedict de Spinosa: Done Out of French. London, Printed by D. L. and Sold by Benj. Bragg, 1706

M. Nijhoff, 1706 - 102 pagina's

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Pagina 16 - If any man love not the Lord Jefus Chrift, " let him be anathema, Maranatha ;"|| than which no.
Pagina 41 - Your religion is a very good one; you need not look for another, nor doubt that you may be saved in it, provided, whilst you apply yourself to piety, you live at the same time a peaceable and quiet life.
Pagina 3 - Children, before they had found out that he taught his Scholars fomething elfe befides Latin. For it was difcovered at laft, that he fowed the firft Seeds of Atheifm in the Minds of thofe Young Boys. This is a matter of fact, which I cou'd prove, if there was any...
Pagina 38 - He was very careful to cast up his accounts every quarter ; which he did, that he might spend neither more nor less than what he could spend every year. And he would say sometimes to the people of the house, that he was like the serpent, who forms a circle with his tail in his mouth, to denote that he had nothing left at the year's end.
Pagina 42 - ... happen'd to be tired by having applyed himself too much to his Philosophical Meditations, he went down Stairs to refresh himself, and discoursed with the people of the House about any thing, that might afford Matter for an ordinary Conversation, and even about trifles. He also took Pleasure in smoaking a Pipe of Tobacco ; or, when he had a mind to divert himself somewhat longer, he look'd for some Spiders, and made 'em fight together, or he threw some Flies into the Cobweb, and was so well pleased...
Pagina 40 - He wa never feen very melancholy, nor very merry. He had the command of his Anger, and if at any time he was uneafy in his mind, it did not appear outwardly; or if he happen'd to exprefs his grief by fome geftures, or by fome words, he never fail'd to retire immediately, for fear of doing an unbecoming thing.
Pagina 4 - ... understood the Latin Tongue, as well as Musick, so perfectly, that she was able to teach her Fathers Scholars in his absence. Spinosa having often occasion to see and speak to her, grew in Love with her, and he has often confest that he design'd to marry her. She was none of the most Beautiful, but she had a great deal of Wit, a great Capacity and a jovial Humour, which wrought upon the Heart of Spinosa, as well as upon another Scholar of Vanden Ende, whose name was Kerkering, a Native of Hamburgh.
Pagina 67 - Pfalm 14. i. does likewife fuit him : The Fool has faid in his Heart, there is no God. This is the true Opinion of Spinofa, whatever he might fay. He takes the liberty to ufe the word God, and to take it in a fenfe unknown to all Chriftians. This he confefles himfelf in his 21ft Letter to Mr. Oldenburg : I acknowledge, fays he, that I have a notion of God and Nature, very different from that of the Modern Chriftians. I believe that God is the Immanent, and not the Tranfient Caufe of all things :...
Pagina 35 - Friends took care to fend for them, to fell 'em, and to remit his Money to him. He •went to live at Rynsburg, afterwards at Foorburg, and at last at the Hague. In the year 1664 Spinofa left that place, and retired to Rynsburg near Leyden, where he fpent all the Winter, and then he went to Voorburg, a league from the Hague, as he himfelf fays, in his 3Oth Letter written to Peter Railing. He lived there, as I am informed, three or four years; during which time, he got a great many Friends at the...
Pagina 44 - ... him, as it appears by the Letter of John Rieuwertz, Printer at Amfterdam, who was employed in that Affair. It is dated the 6th of March 1678, and directed to Van der Spyck himfelf. Another inftance of the Unintereftednefs of Spinofa, is what paft after the death of his Father.

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