The Lounger's Common-place Book: Or, Miscellaneous Anecdotes. A Biographic, Political, Literary, and Satirical Compilation, Volume 3


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Pagina 135 - and there a piece of black; patriots and courtiers, king's friends and republicans, whigs and tories, treacherous friends and open enemies ; that it was, indeed, a very curious T fhew, but utterly unfafe
Pagina 188 - By my faith, my Lord, I thank you for your good cheer; but I muft not fuffer the laws to be thus broken before my The king, on a certain
Pagina 134 - The ingenious propofer of this plan, to whom this collection hath been frequently obliged, puts it in the way of paradox—What is that mode of fupply, of which the twentieth part is a tax, and that a heavy one, while the whole would be no tax, and would not be
Pagina 19 - tue and courage to defend theexpiringfreedom of their country, but it is in vain that you hope by fear and terror to extinguifh every fpark of the ancient fire of this ifle. The more Sacrifices, the more martyrs you make, the more numerous the
Pagina 55 - Madeira, it got into our upper works, or we never mould have cribbed your papers ; they be all marched back again with, the red book. " Your ale was mortal good; the tankard and fpoons were made into a •white foup, in Duke's Place,. two hours before day lite. The
Pagina 19 - the more martyrs you make, the more numerous the fons of liberty will become. They will multiply like the Hydra's head, and hurl vengeance at your devoted heads. Let others act as they •will; while I have a tongue or an arm, they
Pagina 245 - in one of the moft public ftreets of the city, the imperial provoft, the magiftrates, the phyfician and furgeon of the Czar attended; the book was feparated from its binding, the margins cut off, and every leaf rolled up into the form of a lottery ticket, when taken out of the wheel at Guildhall.
Pagina 55 - vifitors, but are important to him; he therefore hopes and trufts they will be fo polite as to take fome opportunity of returning them. For an old family watch, which was in the fame drawer, he cannot
Pagina 55 - on the fame terms; but if any could be pointed out, by which he could replace it with twice as many heavy guineas as they can get for it, he would gladly be the

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