A Defcription of the Glory, Magnificence, and Uni-

verfality of the MESSIAH'S KINGDOM, with the Pro-


phecies relating thereto

Christ fortels the Treachery of Judas. The Priefts

and Elders confult to kill him by Craft. But fear-

ing the People, they hire Judas to betray him

The Celebration of the Palover, and the Inftitution of

the Lord's Supper, with the References thereto. Ju-

das is charged with his intended Treafon. A Strife

arifing amongst the Difciples who should be greatest,

Chrift exhorts them to be humble, and love each

other, and foretels Peter's Denial of bim


Our Saviour's Speeches to his Difciples before his Pal-.

fion; contained in the 14th, 15th, and 16th Chap-


ters of St. John's Gospel

CHAP. XIV. Chrift inftructs his Difciples, that

as they believe in GOD, fo they should believe


and confide in him

He comforteth his Difciples with the Hope of Hea-

ven, profeffeth himself the Way, the Truth, and the

Life, and One with the Father


And affures Thomas that their Prayers in bis Name

Should be effectual



He promifeth the Holy Ghoft, the Comforter

He leaveth his Peace with them

CHAP. XV. The Confolation, and mutual Love be-

tween Chrift and his Members, under the Parable

of the Vine. A Comfort in the Hatred and Perfe-

cution of the World. The Office of the Holy Ghoft,

and of the Apostles

CHAP. XVI. Chrift comforteth his Difciples againft

Tribulation, by the Promife of the Holy Ghoft, and

by bis Refurrection and Afcenfion. Peace in Chrift,

and in the World Affliction


CHAP. XVII. This Chapter contains the folemn

Addrefs of our Saviour to his ALMIGHTY FATHER be-

fore his Paffion; wherein he prays that his Difciples





might have Eternal Life, confifting in the Knowledge of God, and might be preferved in Unity and Truth; and that they and all other Believers might be glorified with him: Which feems to be the Pattern or Model of his eternal INTERCESSION in the Heavens


Chrift foretels bis Paffion and Death, Refurrection and Afcenfion, upon feveral Occafions 316

The Hiftory of CHRIST'S Paffion and Death; wherein the Prophecies relating thereto were in the moft minute Circumflances accomplished, as will appear by the References annexed 319 His Agony in the Garden, and Prayers whilft bis Difciples flept


By the Treachery of Judas, He is difcovered and taken 322

The Blefedness refulting to Mankind by the Paffion and Death of Chrift Jefus our Redeemer:

I. With respect to the Almighty; the Divine Juftice is propitiated.

II. With respect to Mankind:

1. Pardon, Mercy, and Grace, is purchased through the infinite Merits of his Sacred Blood; which be offered as a Sacrifice for the Sins of the World. 2. A Deliverance from the Power of Sin and Satan, and all the Allurements of this World, thro' the fanctifying and enlightning Influences of the Holy Spirit.

3. A free Access to the Throne of Grace, thro' the Interceffion of Chrift Jefus.

4. Peace of Confcience, and Joy in the Holy Ghost. 5. A Deliverance from the Terrors of Death.

6. The State of endless Reft, Peace and Joy, in the Kingdom of Celestial Glory.

Which are fully delineated in feveral Parts of the

i 2


Holy Scripture, as will appear by the References


Chrift is brought bound before Caiaphas the High Prieft. Peter's firft Denial 326

The Examination of Chrift concerning bis Doctrine and Difciples. The High Prieft adjuring Chrift to tell him, whether he was the Christ, the Son of the living God. Our Saviour avows his DEITY; upon which they pronounce him guilty of Blafphemy. Peter's fecond Denial. Peter's third Denial, and Tears 328 Chrift is mocked, fpit upon, fmitten 331 He is brought into the Judgment-Hall. The Defperation of Judas 333

He is accufed before Pontius Pilate of Sedition, and affecting the Kingdom. His excellent Confeffion. Publick Teftimony of Innocence given of him by Pi334



He is led unto Herod, and mocked
Pilate telling the Jews, that having examined Jefus, be
found no Fault in him, and therefore he would releafe
bim. Whereupon they cry out, Crucify him; and
defire Barabbas a Murderer might be released.
Chrift being fcourged, is condemned to be crucified

337 He is brought out of the City of Jerufalem to the Place of his Suffering 342 Chrift is crucified. Wine mingled with Myrrh is given him to drink 343

He prays for his Murderers. The Title written on the Crofs. The Divifion of his Garments ibid. An Enumeration of the Blafphemies against Christ crucified. The Converfion of one of the Thieves crucified with him 344 Ile commends the Care of his Mother to John. The Sun is darkned. He complains that he is forfaken of God



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Containing their Hiftory for the Space of about Thirty Tears; and is concluded feven Tears before the Deftruction of Jerufalem, and the total Subverfion of the Jewish Commonwealth: St. Peter and St. Paul having fuffered Martyrdom about Three Tears before



CHA P. I. CHA P. II. The Apoftles filled with the Holy Ghoft, and fpeaking divers Languages, are admired by fome, and derided by others. Whom Peter difproving, and fhewing that the Apostles fpake by the Power of the Holy Ghoft; that Jefus was rifen from the Dead, afcended into Heaven, had poured down the fame Holy Ghoft, and was the Meffiah; a Man known to them to be approved of God by his Miracles, Wonders, and Signs, and not crucified without bis determinate Counfel and Fore knowledge. He baptizeth a great Number that were converted, who afterwards devoutly and charitably converfed together: the Apostles working many Miracles, and God daily increafing bis Church. To which is annexed, The Prophecies and Promifes relating to the Effufion of the Holy Ghoft CHA P. III. CHA P. IV. CHAP. V. CHAP. VI.



CHAP. X. Cornelius, an Officer in the Roman Army, a devout Man, being directed by an Angel, fendeth for Peter: who by a Vifion is taught not to










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