is due, Custom to whom Custom,

ple; and they marvelled at 7. Render therefore to all their his Anfwer, and held their DUES: Tribute to whom Tribute Peace, [M] and left him,' Fear to whom Fear, Honour to and went their way.

whom Honour.



CHRIST reproves and refutes the grofs Opinion of the Sadducees concerning the Refurrection, and reprefents the glorious State of Believers in the Celef tial Regions.

Matt. xxii. 23. Mark xii. 10. Luke xx. 27.

[M]Tducees, [Mr.] which fay there is no RESURREC

HE fame Day came to him certain of the Sad

TION, [L.] which deny that there is any RESURRECTION. And they asked him, faying, Mafter, Mofes [M.] faid and [Mr.] wrote unto us, [L.] If any Man's Brother die, having a Wife, [M] having no Children, [Mr.] and leave his Wife behind him, and leave no Children; that his Brother fhould take his Wife, [M] fhall marry her, and raife up Seed unto his Brother. Now there were [L] therefore [M] with us feven Brethren; and the first when he had married a Wife, deceased; [Mr.] and dying, left no Seed; [.] and died without Children: [M] and having no Iffue, left his Wife unto his Brother. Likewise the fecond alfo took her [L.] to wife, and he died Childlefs; [Mr.] neither left he any Seed: And the third likewife [L.] took her; and in like manner the feven alfo [Mr.] had her, and left no Seed; for [L.] they left no Children, and died. [M] And laft of all the Woman died alfo. Therefore in the RESURRECTION, [Mr.] when they fhall rife, whofe Wife fhall fhe be of them [M] feven? for they all [Mr.] feven had her to wife. And Jefus answering, faid unto them, Do ye not therefore ERR, because ye (a) Fob xix. 25. For I know that (a) know not the SCRIP- my REDEEMER LIVETH, and that he hall STAND at the latter Day TURES, neither the Power of upon the Earth.


E e

26. And

GOD? [L.] The CHILDREN of this World marry, and are given in Marriage. But they which fhall be ACCOUNTED WORTHY to OBTAIN that World, and the RESURRECTION from the Dead, neither marry, nor are given in Marriage. [L.] Neither can they DIE any more, [M] but (b) are as the ANGELS of GOD, [Mr.] which are in HEAVEN: [L.] for they are EQUAL unto the ANGELS, and are the Children of God, being the CHILDREN of the RESURRECTION. [M.] But as touching the Refurrection of the Dead; [L.] that the DEAD are RAISED, even Mofes fhewed at the Bush, when he calleth the Lord, the God of Abraham, and the God of Ifaac, and the God of Jacob: for [M]God is not the God of the Dead, [Mr.] but the God of the LIVING, [L.] for all LIVE unto him. [Mr.] Ye therefore do greatly ERR. [M.] And when the Multitude heard this, they were aftonished at his Doctrine. [L.] Then certain of the Scribes answering, faid, Mafter, thou haft well faid. And after that, they durft not ask him any Question at all.

Worms deftroy this Body, yet in my FLESH fhall I SEE GOD.

26. And though after my Skin,

27. Whom I fhall fee for my self, and mine Eyes fhall behold, and not another; though my Reins be confumed within me.

(4) Daniel xii. 2. And many of them that SLEEP in the Duft of the lafting LIFE, and fome to SHAME, and everlasting CONTEMPT.

Earth fhall AWAKE, fome to ever

3. And they that be wise fhall fhine as the Brightness of the FIRMAMENT, and they that turn many to RIGHTEOUSNESS, as the Stars for ever and ever.

ginning of the World, Men have. Ifai. Ixiv. 4. For fince the Benot heard nor perceived by the Ear, neither hath the Eye feen, O GOD, befides thee, what he hath prepared for him that WAITETH for him.

1 Pet. i. 3. Bleffed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Chrift, which according to his ABUNDANT


Mercy hath begotten us again unto lively HOPE, by the Refurrection of Jefus Chrift from the Dead,

4. To an Inheritance incorruptible and undefiled, and that FADETH

not away, referved in Heaven for you,

of Gon through FAITH unto SAL5. Who are kept by the Power VATION, ready to be revealed in the laft Time.

Rev. xxii. 1. And he fhewed me clear as Crystal, proceeding out of a pure River of Water of LIFE, the Throne of GOD, and of the LAMB.

2. In the midst of the Street of

it, and of either fide of the River, was there the Tree of LIFE, which bare twelve manner of Fruits, and the Leaves of the Tree were for the yielded her Fruit every Month: and healing of the NATIONS.

3. And there fhall be no more Curfe but the Throne of GoD, and of the LAMB fhall be in it; and his Servants fhall ferve him.

4. And they fhall fee his Face, and his Name fhall be in their Foreheads.

5. And there fhall be no Night there, and they need no Candle, neither Light of the Sun; for the LORD GOD giveth them LIGHT, and they fhall reign for ever and ever.


CHRIST's Answer to the Scribe, concerning the greatest Commandment of the


Matt. xxii. 34. Mark xii. 28.

[M]BUT when the Pharifees had heard that he put the Sadducees to filence, they were gathered together. Then one of them which was a Lawyer, [Mr.] one of the Scribes came, and having heard them reafoning together, and perceiving that he had anfwered them well, afked him [M] a Question, tempting him, and faying, Mafter, which is [Mr.] the first [M.] and great Commandment [Mr.] of all [M.] in the Law? [Mr.] And Jefus answered, and [M.] faid unto him, [Mr.] The first of all the Commandments is, Hear, O Ifrael, the Lord our God is one LORD; and thou fhalt LOVE the LORD thy GoD with all thy HEART, and with all thy SOUL, and with all thy MIND, and with all thy STRENGTH; this is the first [M.] and GREAT Commandment: And the fecond is like unto it, [Mr.] namely this, Thou fhalt LOVE thy NEIGHBOUR as thy felf: There is no other Commandment greater than thefe ; [M] on thefe two Commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. [Mr.] And the Scribe faid unto him, Well, Mafter, thou haft faid the Truth for there is one God, and there is none other but he. And to love him with all the Heart, and with the Understanding, and with all the Soul, and with all the Strength, and to love his Neighbour as himself, is more than all whole Burnt-offerings and Sacrifices. And when Jefus faw that he anfwered difcreetly, he faid unto him, Thou art not far from the Kingdom of God. And no Man after that durft afk him any Question.

See Pages 97, 98. Of the Love of GOD.

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JESUS questions the Pharifees concerning Chrift, whofe Son he should be.

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[M.WHILE the Pharifees were gathered together, Jefus afked them, [Mr.] while he taught in the Temple, [M] faying, What think ye of Chrift? whofe Son is he? They fay unto him, The Son of David. [M] And Jefus answered and faid [M.] unto them, [Mr.] How fay the Scribes that Chrift is the Son of David? [M] How then doth David in Spirit call him LORD? [Mr.] For David himself faid by the HOLY GHOST, [L.] in the Book of Pfalms, The LORD faid unto MY LORD, Sit thou on my right Hand, till I make thine Enemies thy Footstool. [Mr.] David therefore himself calleth him Lord. [M] If David then call him Lord, how [Mr.] and whence [M.] is he his Son? And no Man was able to answer him a Word, neither durft any Man (from that Day forth) afk him any more Questions. [Mr.] And the common People heard him gladly.

CHRIST difputes with the Pharifees concerning Divorcement.

Matt. xix. 1.

Mark x. I.

[M]AND it came to pafs, that when Jefus had finished

Sayings, he departed from Galilee: [Mr.

and he arofe from thence, and cometh into the Coats of Fudea, by the farther fide of Jordan; [M.] and great Multitudes followed him, and he HEALED them there: [Mr.] And the People refort unto him again; and as he was wont, he taught them again. And the Pharifees came to him, and afked him, [M] tempting him, and faying unto him, Is it lawful for a Man to put away his Wife for every Caufe? [Mr.] And he anfwered and faid unto them,


(a) Gen. ii. 23. And Adam faid, This is now Bone of my Bones, and Flesh of my Flefh: The fhall be called WOMAN, because she was taken out of Man.

What did Mofes command you? [M] And he answered and faid unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the Beginning, made them (a) Male and Female? and faid, For this Caufe fhall a Man leave Father and Mother, and fhall cleave to his Wife and they twain fhall be one Flesh. Wherefore they are no more twain, but one Flefh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not v. 31. pag. 72. See the References against Matt. Man put afunder. They fay


24. Therefore fhall a Man leave his Father and Mother, and shall cleave unto his Wife: and they fhall be one Flesh.

unto him, Why did Mofes then command to give a Writing of Divorcement, and to put her away? [Mr.] And Fefus anfwered and faid unto them, For the hardness of your Heart he wrote you this Precept, and [M.] fuffered you to put away your Wives; [Mr.] but from the Beginning of the Creation [M.] it was not fo, but [Mr.] God made them Male and Female. For this Caufe fhall a Man leave his Father and Mother, and cleave to his Wife, and they twain fhall be one Flefh: fo then they are no more twain, but one Flefh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not Man put afunder. [M.] And I fay unto you, Whofoever fhall put away his Wife, except it be for Fornication, and fhall marry another, committeth Adultery; and whofo marrieth her which is put away, doth commit Adultery. [Mr.] And in the Houfe, his Difciples afked him again of the fame Matter. And he faith unto them, Whofoever fhall put away his Wife, and marry another, committeth Adultery against her. And if a Woman fhall put away her Husband, and be married to another, the committeth Adultery. [M.] His Difciples fay unto him, If the Cafe of the Man be fo with his Wife, it is not good to marry. But he said unto them, All Men cannot receive this Saying, fave they to whom it is given.

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