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Page 632 - That completes my prepared statement, Mr. Chairman. I will be pleased to respond to any questions you or members of the Committee may have.
Page 846 - Interim Agreement on Certain Measures with Respect to the Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms...
Page 393 - Force is executive agent, plus the costs (primarily travel) for military personnel assigned to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) military headquarters and agencies.
Page 848 - SALT will permit us to maintain needed strength, and to remain confident in the effectiveness and realism of our strategic deterrent. We enter these agreements with the following interdependent strong convictions : Our security will be enhanced. We have applied brakes to the momentum of Soviet strategic missile deployments.
Page 855 - ABM mode; and (b) not to deploy in the future radars for early warning of strategic ballistic missile attack except at locations along the periphery of its national territory and oriented outward.
Page 32 - This document constitutes a breakthrough in personnel management and gives us a basis for evaluating the effects of strength and policy changes on the total force long-range goals. Our personnel managers can use this new management tool to help determine Air Force needs and assist the individual to more accurately plan his career. We are convinced that this capability, which General Ryan will discuss further, constitutes one of the most important steps toward achieving a truly all-volunteer force.
Page 527 - ... or emergency conditions, these are normally jettisoned from our fighter aircraft. In fiscal year 1971 we are requesting $12.9 million for this type of equipment. These funds along with prior funded assets will afford limited wartime support for the 1 July 1972 force levels and will provide for a production base that could be expanded in the event of continued hostilities.
Page 85 - We take immediate corrective actions when deficiencies are identified, and we do our best to correct them in the incipient stage before they become problems. Our aim is to have an Air Force that we are proud to be a part of — and that the nation can be proud of. SOUTHEAST ASIA While the war in Southeast Asia is winding down, we still have a difficult job to do.
Page 46 - ... aircraft, identify the most cost effective, approach to future modification efforts and indicate operational procedures to conserve the life of the aircraft. In view of these structural problems, as well as the reduced airlift requirements for Southeast Asia, we are not operating the C-5 at initially programed rates.
Page 34 - Force women in the last 5 years, and we anticipate additional increases. The rank, responsibility, and assignment opportunities for women in noncombatant roles will be commensurate with that of our male personnel. Toward this objective, we have opened the AFROTC program to women, and now have more than 900 women enrolled. HUMAN RELATIONS PROGRAMS Ultimately, proper treatment of each individual is the critical factor in both retention of good people and achieving effective job performance.

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