Your sneaking water-drinkers all, I

CHANTICLEER, utterly condemn 'em,

From the Persian.-By the same. He that would write like Homer must When the dawn tints the sky with a drink like Agamemnon.

rosy suffusion,

And spreads all its sweets round with Mysteries and prophetic truths, I never

boundless profusion, could unfold 'em

Dost thou know why the bird of the Without a flagon of good wine and a

morning complains, slice of cold ham ;

Dost thou know what he says, in his But when I've drain'd my liquor out,

sharp, chiding strains ? and eat what's in the dish up, Tho' I'm but an arch-deacon, I can

He says, that 'tis shown in the mira preach like an arch-bishop:

ror of day, A whole night of thy life hath un

seen passed away;

Whilst thou on the soft couch of inPoetry.

dolence lay!


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TO MARIA H. By E. A. Kendall, Esq. F. S. A.

Ah! how can I ever regain Pleased I behold thee, rover of the

The love and affection I've lost? deep,

My heart is tormented with pain, That brav'st the terrors of this And my life with distraction is toss'd. raging world;

How long will your cruelty last?.. And follow still, with curious eye, thy

How long will you cease to be kind? sweep

Will you never give pardon for past, O'er emerald waves with snowy And take off this weight from my heads y-curled

mind? Pleas d I behold thee o'er the expanse ride,

But my sighs are now utter'd in vain; Now, poised aloft amid the larid

My griefs disregarded by tbee :

Oh ! Maria look not withdisdain, skies, Descending now the watery valleys

For that would be killing to me. wide,

But the days of my youth will soon Now rising slow, as slow the billows

close, rise.

Whilst I think of and sigh for the Pleased I behold thee, and think blest past;

I look to the grave for repose, Like thee, the dark seat dauntless to And hope that each day is my last. explore;

CYN VYN. Like thee, to toil unwearied, and to

dare, Nor with a coward's haste, to seek Articles found in a Kitchen Drawer.

it were,

the shore : Tempt while I please, the fortunes of Three aprons, two dusters, the face of the day,

a pig, Then spread the wing, and bear at will A dirty jack-towel, a dish-clout and




A foot of a stocking, three caps and a Epitaph in Downton Churck-yard, on frill,

a Young Lady, who died of a A busk and six buttons, mouse-trap

Consumption. and a quill zout

Here in the cold embrace of death, A comb and a thimble, with Madona

What once was elegance, and beauty bands,

lies; A box of specific for chaps in the Mate is the music of her tuneful breath, hands;

And quench'd the radiance of her Some mace and some gloves tied up in

sparkling eyes. a rag,

A prey to ling'ring malady she fell, An empty thread paper and blue in a

Ere yet her form had lost its rernal bag;

bloom ; Short pieces of ribbon, both and

greasy black,

Her virtues, Miscry oft relieved, may

tell,-A grater and putmeg—the key of the

The rest let silent charity entomb. jack; An inch of wax candle, a steal and a Nor suffer busy unrelenting zeal,

E’en here her gentle frailties to purA bundle of matchesma parcel of

sue ; mint ;

Let enyy turn from what it cannot feel, A lump of old suet, a crimp for the

And malice reverence, what it never paste,

knew. A pair of red garters, a belt for the waist;

But should the justice of the good and

wise, A rusty bent skewer, a broken brass cock,

Condemn her faults with judgment. Some onions and tinder, and the draw'r

too severe ;

Let mild-eyed Pity, from the heart
A bag for the pudding, a whetstone arise,
and string,

And blot the rigid sentence with
a tear.

T, G.
A penny cross-bun and a new curtain.

ring; A print' for the butter, a dirty chemise,


The Editors feel very much fatterTwo pieces of soap and a large slice

fed by the acquisition of numerous of cheese;

Correspodents many of whose contriFive tea-spoops of tin, and a large butions are original. And they prelump of rosin,

sume to hope that their Subscribers. The feet of a hare, and corks by the and Friends will co-operate with

them in producing a Pamphlet wholly

original. A card to tell fortunes, a sponge and a “P. P.F." with many others, are uncan,

avoidably postponed till next publica

tion. A pen without ink, and a small patty

We shall feel happy in “ Jacobus's" pan;

proposed communications. A rolling-pin pasted, and a common T. G.” “ J. D.” Qæstor.” prayer book,

“Veritas,” and “Non-Ædipus,” are.

under consideration. Are the things which I found in the

We highly approve of the lines by draw'r of the Cook.

E. A. Kendall, Esq. and we hope for a continuance of his favours.


dozen ;


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