Musci Exotici: Containing Figures and Descriptions of New Or Little Known Foreign Mosses and Other Cryptogamic Subjects, Volume 1

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1820

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Page xxxiii - Numerous are the species (if such they may be really called) of Grimmia, bordering upon G. ovata and pulvinata, differing from each other in the various modifications of the leaves, the fruitstalk, the capsule and operculum.
Page lxviii - Leskea caule erecto superne ramoso, ramis pinnatis, foliis undique imbricatis erectis appressis ovato-cordatis acutis striatis, ñervo attingente, seta breviuscula, capsula cylindracea sulcata, operculo rostrato.
Page xlvi - Occidenlalis ; but no figure of it having ever appeared, I have thought right to subjoin one here ; and I have done so the more willingly, since I have been so fortunate as to possess specimens with the fructification, which Swartz never saw.
Page lxxxix - Icevibus. 4. !.. concinnai caule erecto bipinnato inferne nudo, foliis bifariis verticalibus stipulisque oblongis brevi-acuminatis marginatis ápice serratis, ñervo attingente, seta brevi, capsula erecta, operculo subulato.
Page xci - J, fálcala; caule subrepente, ramis erectis attenuatis insigniter falcatis, foliis erectis appressis, rotundatis denticulatis, calyce lateral!
Page lxxxvii - Peristomium duplex: ext. e. dentibus 16, erectis, liberis; int. e ciliis totidem cum externis alternantibus.
Page xciii - J. clavigera; caule repente bipinnatim ramoso, foliis rotundatis acutis integerrimis, auriculis bifidis, segmento uno claviformi, altero •'" . oblongo planiusculo, stipulLs quadrifidis margine revolutis integerr\rn\s,ramorum segmentis duobus interraediis claviformibus saccatis, calyce axillari folioso, foliis integerrimis.
Page xcii - J. lanata; caule erecto compresse pinnatim ramoso, foliis bifariis horizontalibus, lobis- conduplicatis stipulisque ciliato-multifidis, calyce oblongo pubescente.
Page xvi - Hypnum arbosculo. caule erecto bipinnatim ramoso, foliis undique imbricatis ovatis concavis integerrimis basi obsolete binervibus, seta brevi, capsula erecta ovata. Hook.

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