The Dramatic Works of Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh, and Farquhar: With Biographical and Critical Notices


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Pagina 241 - Looking tranquillity ! It strikes an awe And terror on my aching sight ; the tombs And monumental caves of death look cold, And shoot a chilness to my trembling heart.
Pagina 277 - I'm married; positively I won't be called names. Mirabell Names! Millamant Ay, as wife, spouse, my dear, joy, jewel, love, sweetheart, and the rest of that nauseous cant, in which men and their wives are so fulsomely familiar...
Pagina 146 - I live a rent-charge on his providence. But you, whom every Muse and Grace adorn, Whom I foresee to better fortune born, Be kind to my remains ; and, oh defend, Against your judgment, your departed friend ! Let not the insulting foe my fame pursue, But shade those laurels which descend to you : And take for tribute what these lines express ; You merit more, nor could my love do less.
Pagina 146 - em not mistake my patron's part, Nor call his charity their own desert. 50 Yet this I prophesy ; thou shalt be seen, (Though with some short parenthesis between), High on the throne of wit ; and, seated there, Not mine, that's little, but thy laurel wear. Thy first attempt an early promise made ; That early promise this has more than paid. So bold, yet so judiciously you dare, That your least praise is to be regular. Time, place, and action, may with pains be wrought, But genius must be born, and...
Pagina 146 - Great Jonson did by strength of judgment please ; Yet, doubling Fletcher's force, he wants his ease. In differing talents both adorn'd their age ; One for the study, t'other for the stage.
Pagina liv - Dear Bob, — I have not anything to leave thee, to perpetuate my memory, but two helpless girls ; look upon them, sometimes ; and think of him that was, to the last moment of his life, thine, — GEORGE FARQUHAR.
Pagina 278 - ... tea-table talk— such as mending of fashions, spoiling reputations, railing at absent friends, and so forth— but that on no account you encroach upon the men's prerogative, and presume to drink healths, or toast fellows...
Pagina lxvii - When we are among them, we are amongst a chaotic people. We are not to judge them by our usages. No reverend institutions are insulted by their proceedings, for they have none among them. No peace of families is violated, for no family ties exist among them. No purity of the marriage bed is stained, for none is supposed to have a being.
Pagina 227 - Husbands and wives will drive distinct trades, and care and pleasure separately occupy the family. Coffee-houses will be full of smoke and stratagem. And the cropt prentice, that sweeps his master's shop in the morning, may, ten to one, dirty his sheets before night. But there are two things that you. will see very strange; which are wanton wives with their legs at liberty, and tame cuckolds with chains about their necks.
Pagina 268 - Ay, ay, suffer your Cruelty to ruin the object of your Power, to destroy your Lover — And then how vain, how lost a Thing you'll be? Nay, 'tis true: You are no longer handsome when you've lost your Lover; your Beauty dies upon the Instant: For Beauty is the Lover's Gift; 'tis he bestows your Charms Your Glass is all a Cheat.

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