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Pagina 65 - An Address delivered at the Celebration by the New York Historical Society, May 20, 1863, of the Two Hundredth Birth Day of Mr.
Pagina 44 - Grand lodge of the most ancient and honorable fraternity of free and accepted masons of Pennsylvania, and % masonic Jurisdiction thereunto belonging: annual.
Pagina 47 - Genealogical collections relating to the families of Noblet, Noblat, Noblot, and Noblets, of France; Noblet and Noblett, of Great Britain; Noblet, Noblett, Noblit and Noblitt, of America; with some particular account of William Noblit, of Middletown Township, Chester County, now Delaware County, Pa., USA John Hyndman Noblit.
Pagina 55 - Asylum for the Relief of Persons deprived of the Use of their Reason.
Pagina 62 - A Petition Presented by Capt. Alexander Patterson to the Legislature of Pennsylvania during the Session .of 1803-4, for compensation for the monies he expended and the services he rendered in defence of the Pennsylvania Title against the Connecticut Claimants...
Pagina 52 - I have sent to General Marshall Judge Addison's charge to the grand juries of the county courts of the Fifth Circuit of the State of Pennsylvania...
Pagina 54 - An Account of the Trial of Thomas Cooper of Northumberland on a Charge of Libel Against the President of the United States; Taken in Short Hand, with a Preface, Notes, and Appendix, by Thomas Cooper (Philadelphia, John Bioren, printer, 1800).
Pagina 60 - An Act to enable the Governor of this Commonwealth to incorporate a Company for making an artificial road by the best and nearest route...
Pagina 46 - Law association of Philadelphia. Addresses delivered March 13, 1902, and papers prepared or republished to commemorate the centennial celebration of the Law association of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Pagina 53 - American bravery displayed, in the capture of fourteen hundred vessels of war and commerce, since the declaration of war by the president.

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