“ His soul refin'd beyond the common race,
“ Was cultivate by nature, art, and grace.
“ He brightly shone, even in his private sphere,
$ Ere he possest the ministerial chair.”

Were we to view him in his public station,
His match we scarce could find in all the nation.
God's word's the sacred source from which doth flow,
Knowledge divine to mortals here below :
This word he search'd with diligence and care ;
Gave to each foul its portion and its hare.
For, to divide aright God's word of truth,
He was instructed early in his youth,
His insight into truth's abyss was great;
And could explain beyond the common rate.
. Seraphic principles and graces bright,
In him conspired to display their might. . .
In public work he taught with folemn awe,
The pieceful gospel and the fiery law.
Heav’n form’d his mind great gospel-truths to trace,
His mouth to found the silver trump of grace;
To speak the grandeur of the Saviour God;
To blaze his righteousness divine abroad. I
His view of every facred line was bright;
Each fermon was a lamp of gospel-light.
The holy theme was trim'd with holy bait;
Each word was massy, and each sentence great,
His language fhew'd a judgment most profound,
A depth too great for common lines to sound.
His frame was still divine, his words exact;
Saints heard the voice which did their hearts attract."
An holy humble course of life he steer'd,
That all might see the doctrine which they heard.
His presence grave did rev’rence great command,
And crave profound respect from every hand. '.
His very look could vanity reclaim,
His countenance put levity to shame.”
A disputant most bold for truth appear'd ;
And 'gainst all errors conqu’ring trophies rear'd:
“ His words gave all antagonists a wound,
!! Which did them foon convince, or foon confound.

55 His public spirit was of such a pitch,
66 That few in zeal for God were found fo rich."

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Hark! you who remind him, surely will allow,
That grace triumphant sat upon his brow.
Won't you confess his mind was much refin'd, .
Beyond the common nials of human kiud ?
The lovely graces in his bosom found,
Diffus'd ambrohal odours all around.
His lofty mind, ne'er drench'd in earthly things,
With ease could mount to heav’n, with out-stretch'd
Spy out the glory of the realms of light, (wings;
Unfold the grandeur unto mortal fight.
His pious soul, fram'd to furniount the skies,
With winning charms did stoop to vulgar eyes,
Diffuse that knowledge giv'n him from above,
To all mankind, with fervency and love.
Heav'n still indulgent to his pious niid,
Display'd her glorious rays purely refiuid. .
The amazing wonders fhew'n to him from thence,
He could, with ease, to others soon dispense.
Thus heav'n and earth in him, did joyful ieet;
Natúre and grace their lovely charms unite.

His works now extent *, happily display,
How well he understood the gospel way.
Th' attentive reader and judicious mind,
In ev'ry page inay a rich treasure find..
These volumes elegant contain the scheme'
Of gospel doctrine; his beloved theme.
Christ is the theme, whose robe of righteousness, ..
He publishı'd, as the saints adorning dress.-- .
To forin just sentiments of this great man,
'Tis proper carefully his works we scan.
There we will find both law and gospel taught;
The first to rouze, the last with bliss is fraught.
He study'd first the finner's case to thew ;
And then presents the balsam to his view.'

* Alluding to that beautiful edition of his Practical Works, in two volumes.. folic, printed annis 1764, 1765.

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Is this the Man whom Heav'n defign'de

With honours full to load ? . With what enliv’ned souls Mhould we ..

Adore and serve our God?

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: S E R M O N I. The Sword of Justice awakened against God's Fellow,


Zech. xii, 7, Awake, O fiord, against my Shepherd, and against the

man that is my fellow, faith ihe Lord of bojts.

After a brief intraduciion, clear analization, and succinct explication

of ti. words, the following general topics of discourse are treated

of, viz. 7. The character of the person against whom the sword doth awake, enquired into,

35 2. The nature and quality of this sword opened up

501 3. The manner how this sword did a vake, and the import of it, 58 4. The special band Jehovah had in calling this sword to awake against this glorious person evinced,

60 5. The reasons of the doctrine adduced, wliy the Lord of hosts order

ed the sword of justice to awake against his Shepherd, . 6. The application of the subject in fundry interences,

70 (1.) The nature of the facrament opened (2.) Who stand debarred from it,

: ibid. (4.) Who are invited to it,

95 (4.) In what manner believers should come to it,

102 S E R M O N. II.



The Rent Vail of the Temple; or, Access to the Holy

of Holies by the death of Christ,


Blat. Axvii. 15. And, bebold the wail of the temple was rent in twain,

from ibe'top to the bottom.

The words being analized and explained, and their proper signification being ascertained, the following general heads of method are illui

trated, viz. 1. What that vail is that interposed between God and us enquired

into, 2. How the death of Christ hath rent that vail,

116 3. In wirat manner the vail is rent,

119 4. For what end the vail is rent, narrated, 5. Inferences reduced for application,



The best Match; or, the incomparable Marriage be.

tween the Creator and the creature,


Isa, liv. 5. Thy Maker is thy Husbandó

The words being viewed in their connexion and scope, and wrapt up

in a doctrinal propofition, the following general topics are illuftrata

ed, viz.

3. That there is a marriage-relation betwixt Christ and believers, prove

2. The nature of this marriage opened up,


3. Reasons alligned wliy Christ comes under such a relation,

4. Application of the whole, in sundry uses,


S E R M O N IV, V. ..

Christ the People's Covenant, 174

Isa. xlii, ba I will give thee for a ccvenant of the people.
The connexion of the words being traced, viewed in their scope, die
vided, explained and summed up in a compendious proposition, the

following gencrai heads of method are prosecuted, viz.

1. Some remarks offered concerning the covenant in general, 179

2. How Christ is the covenant, and in what rcfpects he bears that name,

pointed out,


3. For what benefit he is fo; and thus flew that he is the covenant of

the people,


4. By whose authority he is. fo ; and here his divine ordination, and

being given of God for that end, are spoken of,

5. Some reasons of the doctrine offered, why he is given to be a cové.
pant, and why a covenant of the people,


6. Inferences are deduced for the application of the subject, 203


The World's Verdict of Christ and his Followers; or,

the truly devout ridiculed and reproached by the pro-

; fane,


Isa. viii. 18. Behold, I and the children whom the Lord hath given me,

are for signs and wonders in Israel ; from the Lord of Hojis, which

dwelleth in mount Zion.

After a copious introduction, in which the scope of the prophet, both

in the preceding and subsequent context, is taken notice of, the pro-
per sense of the words ascertained, an analization and explication
essayed, and a doctrinal proposition laid down, the following genea
ral topics are handled, vizio

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